Primary 3 Examinations Third Term English Language




l live at number 8 Tapa street, off Freeman road. There is a football field at the end of my street . So my street is the most popular street in my area.

Every Saturday, the boys from neighboring streets play on the football field. Children from the same streets make teams. Then they play football together.

Every boy plays his best to ensure his street wins the match. The girls are not left out. They cheer the teams, skip ropes or play “ oga “. We clap our hands and stamp our feet in different patterns. l think that girls should be able to play football too.


a. Why is the street a popular place to visit ?

b. When do they on the football field ?

c. How are the teams formed to play in the football competition ?

d. What do the girls do while the boys play ?

e. Do you think that girls should play football ?


Attempt all questions in this section

1. The ball is _________________ the tree

[a] inside [b] for [c] under

2. We must speak _______________ to our elders

[a] rudely [b] politely [c] arrogantly

3. The dog ran __________ the thief.

[a] before [b] on [c] after

4. Taiwo is kind __________________ helpful

[a] so [b] and [c] they

5. The football match was cancelled _________________ it was raining

[a] if [b] because [c] while

6. My brother is going to ___________________ united states of America

[a] a [b] an [c] the

7. She bought _____________ box of chocolate for _____________ dollar

[a] a , a [b] a, an [c] a, the

8. ldris is as ______________ as his father

[a] fat [b] fatter [c] fattest

9 l am afraid of my teacher. She is as fierce as a _________________________

[a] lion [b] cat [c] dog

10. One who owns or works on a farm is a ________________

[a] farmer [b] nurse [c] teacher

11. l ______________ sitting on the back seat of the car

[a] am [b] is [c] are

12. Chidi __________________ writing a letter to his teacher

[a] was [b] were [c] is

13. l ______________ fed the horses

[a] have [b] has [c] is

14. My _______________ hurt

[a] teeth [b] tree [c] bag.

15. Yakubu is very ___________________. His brother is ______________ than him.

[a] noisy [b] noisier [c] noisiest

16. Will shola come to school tomorrow ?

[a] Yes, he willn’t [b] No sir [c] No, he won’t

17. Shall we go to the house warming party next week ?

[a] No, we shalln’t [b] Yes, we shalln’t [c] No, at all

18. l have lived in Mowe ……………… two years

[a] since [b] for [c] about

19 She has liked dancing …………………….. she was small

[a] about [b] since [c] for

20. The cat ……………….. fish with rice everyday

[a] eat [b] eats [c] eating

21. Evelyn is my ________ sister (a) smaller (b) younger (c) junior

22. The clothes are outside __________are dirty (a) which (b) who (c) whose (d) why

23. The bird i____________ yesterday had flown away (a) catches (b) catch (c) cash (d) caught

24. When you grow up, you will get ____________ (a) marry (b) married (c) marries (d) marrying

25. As soon as school is over you may ___________ home(a) went (b) go (c) gone (d)goes

26. If I______ a girl I would marry you.(a) were (b) is (c) was (d) am

27. If I _________ known I would have solved it. (a) have (b) has (c) had (d) be.

28. The mangoes that we plucked today have been __________ (a) sale (b) sold (c) sell (d) selled

29. How many addresses are in informal letter? (a) One (b) two (c) three (d) none

30. You can write an informal letter to _______(a) A president (b) A Governor (c) your parent (d) your Boss


2. Complete each of the comparison

a. Early _________________ earliest

b. Hard _________________ _________________

c. ___________ sooner _________________

d. Well _________________ _________________

e. Quickly _________________ _________________

3. Use these words to form a sentences

i. Classroom ii. Important iii. Festivals

iv. Village v. Nigeria

4. Choose an adverb from the boxes to complete each sentence below.

happily, hard, aloud, neatly, today, quickly

a. She likes drawing _______________

b. Uncle Obafemi bakes his cakes and pies ______________

c. Mr Lamidi liked to work __________ in the garden.

d. He missed the bus ___________

e. She teaches children to read ___________ and write ___________

5. Complete these sentences. Use have or has

a. The cat ____________________ caught a mouse

b. The mother pig ___________________ fed her babies

c. We _______________ feteched the goats

d. The lambs ___________________ missed their mothers

e. l _______________ trained the horses




CLASS: BASIC 3 Write a composition about “ my classroom “ or “ my self “,



Choose the correct answer

Underline the correct transcribe words

1. / / [a] mother [b] method [c] mate

2. / / [a] think [b] though [c] thing

3. / / [a] move [b] brother [c] bag

Underline the words that sound o

4. [a] method [b] met [c] well

5. [a] bag [b] bath [c] bed

Which sound is made in these words

6. Head [a] / d / [b] / s / [c] / ea /

7. Seat [a] / t / [b] / r / [c] / i : /

Underline the correct sound

8. Wrist [a] / lism / [b] / rist / [c] / s : d /

9. Top [a] / / [b] /k t / [c] / t p /

10. Teeth [a] / / [b] / / [c] / /

Underline the transcribed words

11. / ‘b k i t / [a] buy [b] bought [c] bucket

12. / ‘k m / [a] check [b] come [c] chair

13. / s u p / [a] soap [b] soil [c] snail

Underline the words that sound ‘ th ‘

14. [a] / m n 0 / [b] / saed / [c] / keik /

15. [a] / ‘beibi / [b] / 0ru : / [c] / maet /


Attempt all questions

1. Write three words that make / I : /

a. _______________________

b. _______________________

c. _______________________

2. Write the transcribed word

a. / p u : l / _________________________

b. / b l u : / _________________________

c. / st o p / _________________________

d. / a:ft / _________________________

3. Transcribe the words

a. Mother ___________________

b. Bucket _________________

c. Play ___________________

d. Seat ________________

4. Write four words with / u : /

a. ____________________________

b. ____________________________

c. ____________________________

d. ____________________________

5. Write the correct expression of these sentences

a. Have you written your homework


b. You matched me


c. Return back the book


d. Give me one minute


e. Who messed ?




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