Primary 3 Examinations Third Term Social Studies


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. _______ can cause dysentery or diarrhea

[a] Good health [b] Food poisoning [c] Balanced diet

2. First Aid is given to ___________

[a] save life [b] injure life [c] Kill life

3. A person who gives first aid is called a __________________

[a] Samaritan [b] first aider [c] doctor

4. Road accident can lead to loss of life

[a] true [b] false [c] wrong

5. Which of these is not a security agency ?

[a] Army [b] Police [c] Boys Brigade

6. Reckless driving can cause road accident

[a] Yes [b] No [c] maybe

7. _____________ is an unexpected happening which causes injury or death

[a] Safety [b] probability [c] accident

8. _________ is not a road vehicle

[a] aeroplanes [b] motorcycle [c] car

9. The federal government agency in charge of road safety is _________


10. Accident can happen only at home

[a] True [b] False [c] All are correct

11. __________ is a source of income for the local government

[a] tenement rate [b] office rate [c] computer rate

12. One of the symptom of illness is …………………….

[a] eating [b] cold [c] laughing

13. Frequent stooling is …………………..

[a] dysentery [b] toileting [c] HIV

14. What is religion ?

[a] praying to satan [b] going to church

[c] the ways and manner we worship our creator

15. The total ways of life of our people is …………………………

[a] culture [b] behaviour [c] character

16) Which of these is an harmful drug (a) panadol (b) paracetamol (c) cocaine (d) syrup

17) Drugs are prescribed by ___________ (a) doctor (b) teacher (c) trader (d) police

18) ___________ is the standard behaviour considered acceptable by people (a) drug abuse (b) trafficking (c) violence (d) morals

19) Which of the following causes air pollution? (a) smoke (b) rainfall (c) sun (d) erosion

20) Poultry farming is the rearing of _______ (a) domestic birds (b) cattle (c) pigs (d) cattle’s

21) One of these is not a type of accident (a) bites (b) scalds (c) antiseptic (d) drowning

22) Noise pollution can cause ________ loss or deafness (a) eye (b) tongue (c) hair

23) Aquatic animals live on/in _______ (a) land (b) soil (c) water (d) air

24) One of these is not a beer (a) stout (b) guilder (c) harp (d) 7 up

25) A person who cannot do without taking hard drugs is a/an _______ (a) youth (b) addict (c) illiterate (d) servant


Attempt all questions in this section

1. What is capital resources ?

b. Mention 5 white collar jobs

2. Define savings ?

b. Mention 3 importance of savings

3. Define Accident ?

b. List 3 causes of road accident .

4. Give 5 example of home appliance

5. What is transportation ?

b. List 3 examples of modern and olden days transportation.



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