Basic science and Technology Third Term Primary 3 Examination


SUBJECT: Basic science and Technology Third Term Primary 3


CLASS: Primary 3


Term : Third Term


Week 10


Topic  : Examination


Instruction : Answer the following questions

Part A . Objectives

  1. Living things are things that have ___________ in them (a)  blood   (b) sweat     (c) action
  2. Non living things are not alive  . (a) True   (b) false    (c)  undecided
  3. Plants are examples of living things (a) True    (b) False   (c) Undecided
  4.  Mangoes , Bananas and apples are examples of ______ things (a)  living  (b)   non living  (c) dead
  5. Wild animals are the animals that live in the ________  (a)  wild  (b)mild  (c) slide
  6. Domestic animals are animals that live with us at _______  (a)  home   (b) forest     (c) school
  7. Dog, goats, cow, cattle, or  rabbit are examples of _________ animals  (a)  wild  (b)  domestic  (c) useless
  8. Elephant,tigers,hyenas,lions ,snakes or loins are examples of ______ animals (a)  wild  (b)  domestic  (c) useless
  9. Both  plants and animals are examples of living things (a) True    (b)  False   (c) Am not sure
  10. Plants do not have _______ (a) roots    (b)   shoots  (c) blood
  11. Some animals have _____ all over their bodies (a)  leaves   (b)  Chlorophyll  (c) hair
  12. Some animals have scales all over their bodies , plants do not have scales  (a) True    (b) False   (c) Undecided
  13. This Acronym  MR NIGER D is the the summary of characteristics of all living things  (a) True    (b) False   (c) Undecided
  14. In MR NIGER D , M stands for __________ (a)  Matter   (b) Magnet    (c) Movement
  15. The ability of living things to bring for young ones us known as _________ (a)  Revolution   (b) Resolution    (c) Reproduction
  16. ______ is the ability of living thing to move from one place to another in search of food , shelter and safety (a) Movement  (b) Irritability (c) Dance 
  17. ________is an irreversible increase in the size . weight or body of living things (a)  Growth  (b) Death   (c) Reproduction
  18. _________ is the application of science to solve human problems  (a) Technology   (b)The Internet.  (c) Princess
  19. The internet is an example of _______ technology (a) old    (b) modern    (c) outdated
  20. _______ is the ability to do work (a)  Energy  (b)Letter    (c) Force






Part B 


  1. What are living things
  2. Mention three examples of wild animals
  3. Mention four examples of wild animals
  4. Write out three similarities between plants and animals
  5. Write out four differences between plants are animals 
  6. What is force
  7. List four sources of force
  8. Write out three effects of force
  9. Mention three usefulness of force
  10. Mention the forms of technology
  11. State four examples of developed technology.
  12. List four examples of modern technology .
  13. Write out Four examples of traditional technology
  14. list five sources of light energy.
  15. mention three uses of light.
  16. uses mirror and shinny surfaces to reflect light
  17. list three things that reflect light.
  18.  mention the sources of light energy
  19. What is force
  20. List four sources of force






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