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Colours of Rose and their Meanings

Red rose is given to a person to show great liking, respect, care and support. If it is a deep red rose, it can be given to show feeling of sadness. Also, because red is the colour of blood, red rose shows family relationships.

White rose, like any other white flower, shows a new beginning and freedom from evil. It also shows something good. It is used by brides on their wedding day.

Yellow rose reminds one of the sun. A yellow rose is given out to show joy, happiness, friendship and welcome.

Pink rose is used to show respect and liking for someone. It also shows joy and feeling of being thankful.

Orange rose reminds one of bright and strong fire. It represents very great liking and energy.

Lavender rose represents a feeling of great happiness and satisfaction.

Blue rose represents calmness and peace.

Green rose represents a new life. It is given to school good wishes for new life or wishes of good health.

Black rose, i.e dark rose, shows the death of something e.g an idea, friendship etc

Answer the following questions:

  1. Which colour of rose shows that one is sad? __________________________________

  2. Which colour of rose stands for members of the same family? ____________________

  3. State the colour of rose usually used by brides ________________________________

  4. Which rose reminds one of the sun? _________________________________________

  5. Which one reminds one of fire? ____________________________________________

  6. Which colours of rose show respect ad liking? ________________________________

  7. What does blue rose represent? ____________________________________________

  8. Which rose represents new life? ____________________________________________

  9. If you no longer want to be someone’s friend, which types of rose will you give that person?

  10. Which of the colours do you like best and why do you like it?



Use should or shouldn’t

(a) When you are tired, you _____________________________ rest

(b) When you are being corrected, you __________________ get angry

(c) If your ear is aching, you ___________________ see a doctor.



Write the opposite adjectives

(a) Old ____________________

(b) Beautiful ____________________

(c) Weak ____________________

(d) Slow ____________________

(e) Kind ____________________



Write the –ing forms of the verbs

(a) Wash ____________________

(b) Write ____________________

(c) Buy ____________________



Fill in the spaces with “behind”, “on”, “between”, “under”, “in”

(a) A bird is __________________ the root

(b) Your tongue is __________________ your mouth

(c) He hid himself _____________ the house

(d) The children ran __________________ two houses

(e) There is a cat ________________ the table



Join the sentences use “but”

(a) They are poor. They are honest.

(b) She reads hard. She fails examinations.


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