The reward of honesty


CLASS:::: Primary 3

SUBJECT:: English -Comprehension

TOPIC::: Ajibola , the honest boy.




Ajibola was an orphan. He was in JSS 1 when his two parents died in a road accident. He had nobody to take care of him except an old uncle, who fed,housed,and clothed him and also paid his school fees.


Ajibola was hardworking and honesty. His teachers

loved him especially because of his honesty. He also did well at school.His classmates loved and he loved them.One day,while returning home from school, Ajibola found a bag containing money by the roadside. He looked around, but he didn’t find anyone to claim the money. So he took the bag of money to the police station.


The police were happy and praised Ajibola for his honesty. The police announced on the radio that the owner should come to the station and collect the money with something to prove that he was the true owner.


After some time, Chief Ojo ,the owner of the bag of money, came it.The police told him it was Ajibola who brought the money to the station.


Two weeks later, Chief Ojo sent for Taire with his uncle. He greeting them warmly and gave them some money.He also gave Ajibola a scholarship up to university level for his honesty.



(1) ln what class was Ajibola when his parents died?


(2)How did his parents died ?


(3) Who took care of him after his parents death?


(4)Where did Ajibola find a bag?


(5) What was inside the bag??


(6)Who was the owner of the money.?


(7)What did Chief Ojo give to Ajibola ??.


(8)What lesson have you learned from this story.??.

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