Primary 3 Second Term Examination ENGLISH STUDIES


Attempt all the questions.

Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunction’s to make meaningful sentences.

  1. Would you like something to eat ________ drink?

(and , or)

  1. I will go to the party ____you come with me (if, and)
  2. Taiwo is kind ____helpful (and, but)
  3. She was extremely careful ________she made mistakes (but, yet)

Fill in the simple past tense of the verbs in the brackets

  1. He ________ his toy (break)
  2. We _____ not like the food yesterday (do)
  3. I ______ the rubbish into the dust bin just now (throw

Rewrite the following sentences in the future continuous tense.

  1. We shall paint the house before shifting in

  1. He will help us to pack out things.

  1. They will do their homework after school.

Use your own words to form compound words below.


  1. moon _________________ = moonlight
  2. rain _________________ = raincoat
  3. traffic ___________________
  4. note = _____________________
  5. net = _____________________
  6. tea = ______________________
  7. key = _____________________

complete the sentences below with the correct

  1. ____________________ book do you want?
  2. ____________________ is your birthday?
  3. _____________________ is your ambition?

Fill in the blanks with the present continuous tense of the verb given in brackets.

  1. My neighbours _____(make) a lot of noise.
  2. They _______(go) to India


Fatima was walking to school when she heard a loud noise. She turned to look. She saw an old car and some men.

They were wearing masks. One was holding a gun.

Fatima was afraid . She hide behind a lorry and waited.

While Fatima was waiting behind the lorry, she saw the door of a bank open quickly.

It was the men again. The were running out of the bank. They were bank robbers! They jumped into a car.

She read the number of the car. She said the number. She said it again and again. She didn’t want to forget the number.

While she was saying the number the car drove away quickly.


  1. Where was Fatima going when she heard the loud noise? __________________________________________
  2. What was one man holding?

  1. What did Fatima do when she saw the men?

  1. Why did Fatima think they were bank robbers.

  1. How did she remember the number of the car?


Choose and write on one of the following (Ten sentences).

  1. My classroom
  2. My class teacher
  3. My best friend

Underline the correct answer

  1. One who works on a ship (farmer, sailor)
  2. One who tests eyesight and prescribes spectacles

(optician , nurse)

  1. One who sell meat in a market (seamstress, butcher)
  2. One who sells fish (fishmonger, fish driver)
  3. One who serves in an army (teacher, soldier)
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