1st Term Examination CIVIC EDUCATION 16 Basic 5

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


  1. National Honour Award is an award on members of the society for their __________ (a)misbehaviours (b)mischievous activities (c)contribution towards national development (d)disastrous deeds
  2. MON stands for (a)Member of the Order of Niger (b)Minister of Organization Nation (c)My Officer in Nigeria (d)Member of the other Nigeria
  3. National Honours are conferred on people for hard work and patriotism TRUE/FALSE
  4. A disobedient and disloyal citizen can be given a national honours award TRUE/FALSE
  5. Which of this not a Nigerian goods? (a)Indomie (b)Milo (c)bournvita (d)pathfinder jeep
  6. Encouragement of small industries in Nigeria can help to generate ________ (a)poverty (b)disease (c)employment (d)terrorism
  7. Over dependence on importation or foreign goods is good for Nigeria TRUE/FALSE
  8. __________ is a state of freedom from war or disturbance (a)famine (b)violence (c)peace (d)bondage
  9. All these are values of peaceful co-existence except _____ (a)unity (b)cooperation (c)tolerance (d)dishonesty
  10. Which of these is not a characteristic of tolerance? (a)respect for each other (b)forgiveness (c)hatred (d)accommodating
  11. __________ is the act of doing together or of working together with others towards a shared aim (a)tolerance (b)co-operation (c)unity (d)humanness
  12. Co-operation is a required value in promoting peace TRUE/FALSE
  13. Another word for unity is _________ (a)oneness (b)disunity (c)humility (d)separation
  14. The ability of the people of a country to co-exist as one inspite of differences in culture, language etc of its citizens is called _______ (a)national disparity (b)national unity (c)nation disarray (d)national disunity
  15. Which of these values does not promote peace? (a)pride (b)moderation (c)humanness (d)self control
  16. For peace to reign in a community, ________ is indispensable (a)forgiveness (b)retaliation (c)anger (d)revenge
  17. The desire by a group of people who share the same race, culture, language etc to form an independent county is called __________ (a)nationalism (b)patriotism (c)citizenship (d)registration
  18. All these are attributes of patriotism except _________ (a)love for one’s country (b)loyalty to the nation (c)plotting coups (d)defend of the nationhood
  19. There are about _______ ethnic groups in Nigeria (a)2 (b)27 (c)250
  20. All these are some of the causes of ethnic crisis in Nigeria except _________ (a)love (b)religious differences (c)language differences (d)political instability


Instruction: Answer four questions only

  1. Write the full meaning of each of the followings:
  2. GCER
  3. CON
  4. OFR
  5. MFR
  6. GCON
  7. (a). What are Nigerian – made goods?

(b). Mention any three reasons why we should value made in Nigeria goods

  1. (a). What is peace?

(b). Mention three characteristics of tolerance

  1. Mention any five values that promote peace in society
  2. (a). Define nationalism or patriotism

(b). List three problems caused by ethnic and state loyalty to the detriment of

National unity