Person who directs and makes other people to do what he or she wants them to do for the benefit of all

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CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                         




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1.)   A __________ is a physical structure with roof, doors and window. (a) home (b) hoof (c) house


2.)   There are ________ types of houses. (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4


3.)   The types of houses are _____________ and ______________.                 (a) village and  city houses (b) Travelling and moving houses                      (c) Traditional and modern houses


4.)   The following are reasons why many people do not own a house except _____________ (a) poverty (b) Low cost of building materials (c) difficult terrain


5.)   ____________ are those ideas and belief which guide people’s decision and action. (a) Verve (b) Value (c) Valuing


6.)   All the following are examples of good value/ positive value except ___________ (a) Hard work (b) Accountability (c) dishonesty


7.)   A person who directs and makes other people to do what he or she wants them to do for the benefit of all is called ___________                     (a) Leader (b) Monitor (c) Captain


8.)   Leadership means the ____________ which directs and guides others to do things. (a) position (b) posting (c) postman


9.)   The followings are problem of bad leadership except _____________ (a) poor health (b) insecurity (c) productivity


10.)                     ____________ is a very bad accident or misfortune, where many people are killed or injured. (a) Disaster (b) Duster (c) Disestar


11.)                     Disaster can be classified into how many? (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 5


12.)                     The types of disaster are ____________ and ______________ (a) Natural and Unnatural disaster (b) Nation and Unnation disaster (c) National and Unnational disaster


13.)                     ______________ are disaster that are caused by natural forces. (a) Natural (b) Nation (c) National


14.)                     ______________ are disasters that are caused by activities of man. (a) Natural (b) National (c) Man-made


15.)                     One of the following is not a cause of Natural disaster.                     (a) Heavy rain (b) Climate change (c) Dancing


16.)                      All of the following are human causes of disaster except _____________ (a) Blocked drainage (b) Deforestation (c) Afforestation


17.)                     ____________ is that branch of learning that enables us understand the activities of government, our right as citizens and duties and responsibilities we owe ourselves and society. (a) Social studies (b) cultural education (c) civic education


18.)                     All of the following ,are basic rights of citizens except ____________ (a) right to life (b) right to move (c) right to dance


19.)                     The .following are duties and responsibilities of citizens except _____________ (a) payment of  taxes (b) respect to the constitution (c) fighting


20.)                     There are _______ components of Civic Education. (a) Five  (b) Seven (c) Eight  


Section B: Theory


1a.) Define a house.


1b.) Mention the two types of houses.  


2a.) Mention five values in the construction of house.


2b.) List three government’s main services  


3.) List four reasons why many people do not own a house.


  4.) List four ways of making people own a house  


5.) List four good quality of Services.        

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