Pry 5 English Exams First Term

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Section A: Comprehension Passage


Bunmi loves visiting her oldest sister, Tayo in Onikan. Tayo worked very hard at school and was promptly admitted to University of Ibadan, where she read Business Administration. She now lives in a modern flat and has an important job in a shipping company. Several times a year Tayo travels overseas to discuss business with her colleagues who live in Europe. She always invites Bunmi to stay with her during the school holidays and Bunmi is very pleased that Tayo has a computer in her home.

Tayo has been very kind and has shown Bunmi all the things she can do on her computer. When Bunmi first sat down at the computer, Tayo explained that the pictures on the screen are called ICONS. ‘What are they for? Asked Bunmi. ‘Well, with that icon, I open the application for writing letters and reports. And this icons turns my email on an lists my messages. She also showed her a bin where she moves everything.

Bunmi has so much to learn about the computer, but she can already find different websites on the internet and send and receive emails.



1.) Where does Bunmi’s sister live? _________________________________________________


2.) Why does Tayo travel overseas sometimes? ________________________________________


3.) What course of study did Tayo read? _____________________________________________


4.) What are icons? ______________________________________________________________


5.) What can Bunmi do on the computer? ____________________________________________



Section B: Grammar

Read the sentences carefully and choose from the options lettered a – d, the one that best fills the gap


6.) The boys made the ridges ______________

(a) themselves (b) theirself (c) themselves (d) ourselves

7.) Mr. Tayo took Margaret, Alice and _______________ round the factory

(a) me (b) we (c) I (d) they

8.) My pencil ____________ stolen before I woke up

(a) have been (b) has been (c) is been (d) was being




9.) Audu says that he ____________ up at 6.00 every morning

(a) wake (b) wakes (c) woke (d) has woken

10.) The bird is ____________ in the sky now (a) flew (b) flies (c) flying (d) flown

11.) I saw two ____________________ in the forest (a) deer (b) deers (c) deer’s (d) deeres

12.) David watched over his father’s __________ of sheep (a) herd (b) brood (c) flock (d) bunch

13.) The plural form of the word ‘potato’ is ___________

(a) potato (b) potatos (c) potaties (d) potatoes

14.) Of the three girls, Yetunde is the ________________

(a) most beautiful (b) more beautiful (c) beautifullest (d) too beautiful

15.) I think Mathematics is _____________ than English

(a) most difficult (b) much difficult (c) more difficult (d) too difficult


Section C: Composition

1.) Write composition on “My School”


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