1st Term Examination 16 SOCIAL STUDIES Basic 5

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


  1. Nigeria was colonized by _______ (a)United State of America (b)Great Britain (c)Benin Republic
  2. All these are foreign religion now being practiced by many Nigerians except _______ (a)Christianity (b)Islam (c)traditional religion
  3. A marriage between people from different ethnic groups is called ______ marriage (a)polygamous (b)intra – ethnic (c)inter – ethnic
  4. Inter – ethnic marriage promotes all the following except ________ (a)national unity (b)sexual immorality (c)communal peace
  5. Which of these is not a value of intra and inter – ethnic marriages? (a)affection (b)hatred (c)trust
  6. All these are reasons for marriage failure except __________ (a)love (b)tolerance (c)childlessness
  7. Which of these factors is the most important in preventing marriage failure? (a)love (b)money (c)sex
  8. What do we call an unmarried man? (a)brother (b)spinster (c)bachelor
  9. Pre-marital sexual relationship is sexual relationship between _______ People (a)unmarried (b)married (c)divorced
  10. Pre-marital sexual relationship can lead to _______ (a)good health (b)unwanted pregnancy (c)marriage
  11. Which of these is not a healthy Boy – Girl relationship? (a)saying yes to sex (b)saying no to sex (c)saying no to negative peer pressure
  12. All these can help in promoting our culture except _________ (a)criminal activities (c)cultural festival (c)school programmes
  13. Which of these is not a disadvantage of foreign culture on our culture? (a)goo health system (b)violence (c)destruction of our traditional values
  14. The mass media and the preservation of our artifacts cannot help in promoting our culture TRUE/FALSE
  15. All these are causes of religious intolerance except _________ (a)love and unity (b)ignorance (c)selfishness
  16. Labour simply refers to _________ (a)frictional force (b)work force (c)unemployed youths
  17. An ______ is a person employed by another to work in return for wages (a)employer (b)employee (c)executor
  18. The higher our wages the less our standard of living TRUE/FALSE
  19. When people who are willing and able to work are not employed there is ________ (a)employment (b)unemployment (c)progress
  20. Positive attitude should be shown towards people living with HIV and AIDS TRUE/FALSE


Answer any four questions

  1. Mention five (5) foreign influences on Nigeria values
  2. (a)Differentiate between intra and inter marriage

(b)What is pre-marital sexual relationship

  1. Discuss any major religion in Nigeria, giving a minimum of five points
  2. (a)What is employment

(b)Mention three (3) causes of unemployment

  1. (a)What is labour?

(b)Give the full meaning of the following:

  1. ASUU
  2. NLC
  3. NBA


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