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Underline the correct answer

1. ____ may be defined as composition presentation and performance of play. (a) theatre (b) drama (c) story

2. _____ always have more longer appearance on stage with longer speeches. (a) major characters (b) minor characters (c) flowing characters

3. ___ always have very limited speeches and appearance on stage. (a) flowing characters (b) major character (c) minor characters

4. Characters can be classified into _____in a play (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4

5. An act of giving a particular role to a temporary character is known as ___(a) improvisation (b) impersonation (c) mobilization

6. Plan or outline of events of a drama is referred to as _____(a) written tory (b) written plot (c) written fun

7. A man who act on the stage, drama or play is known as ___(a) Bachelor (b) actor (c) gentleman

8. Woman who act on the stage , drama or play is known as ____ (a) spinster (b) ladies (c) actress

9. A structure or platform on which the play or drama is performed is known as ___(a) after (b) stage (c) stadium

10. The clothes worn on stage to achieve the theatrical presentation is known as ____(a) local apparel

(b) costumes (c) dashiki

11. Rhythm is the arrangement of _______________ notes in different patterns.

12 .Rhythm can also be generated by divisions of the _______________.

13 .Composers arrange rhythms so that the flow of the _______________ can be _______________.

14 ._______________, _______________, and _______________ are the foundational procedures on which music compositions rest.

15 .There are _______________ divisions of beats.

16. Music is created when two or more objects _______________.

17. There are _______________ elements of sounds which are found in music.

18. Pitch means ______________________________________________________________

19 ._______________ is the pattern or placement of sounds in time and beats in music.

20. _______________ refers to the tune of a song or piece of music







1.What is choral music?
2.Explain the four different kinds of voices.

3.Mention five types of singing.

4.Identify the melody pattern in a given song.

5.List and explain five elements of the theatre.

6. Mention five people involved in the theatre and explain their roles.

8.What is casting?

9 .What is the importance of casting in drama?

10. Who is responsible for casting a play?

11. What is rehearsal?

12. How many types of rehearsals do we have?

13. List and explain the types of rehearsals.

14. Why is it necessary to rehearse a play?

15. Name five personnel involved in casting and rehearsing a play.



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