Rhymes Words that sound alike . Primary 6. Verbal Reasoning

Section A


Circle the odd one




Orange Mango Cassava Apple


Ans = Cassava


11.) Hen Duck Cock Goat



12.) Table Fork Knife Plate



13.) Hyena Elephant Lion Tiger



14.) Bus Boat Car Trailer



15.) Lake River Spring Storm



Section B




16.) KEEN: To murder (a) kiln (b) kill (c) king (d) kilt



17.) SIN: To succeed (a) fin (b) bin (c) win (d) pin



18.) BACK: Opposite of white (a) sac (b) black (c) rack (d) dark



19.) FROZEN: A set of twelve (a) cousin (b) dozen (c) dozy (d) dark



20.) BLOUSE: Singular of mice (a) louse (b) mouse (c) wise (d) dice



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