Examination PRIMARY 6 Agric First Term Week 12

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Week 12

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The pupils have previous knowledge of people in Agriculture 

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First Term Examination


Answer The Following Questions


CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                       





CLASS: PRIMARY 6                            SUBJECT: AGRIC SCIENCE


NAME: …………………………………………………………………………


  • When rocks are broken down, it result into __________
  • The process of breaking down of rocks into smaller piece to form soil is called ___________
  • Animals are classified into ________ according to their mode of feeding.
  • All of these are agents of soil formation except
  • Crops are classified into ___________
  • Crops that are rich in proteins are gotten from ___________
  • An examples of spice crops is ______________
  • Animals that have complex stomach are called __________
  • Animals that do not bring back already swallowed food are _________
  • Animals are classified according to habitat to be ____
  • An example of water or aquatic animals is ___________
  • A sheep is an example of __________
  • Animals are classified into _________ according to their uses.
  • Animals which are use in schools, laboratory for experiment is called _____
  • Animals which are used for clothing and belts are called ____
  • The best soil for planting is ______
  • We can make our soil fertile by adding _______
  • We can preserve our fish by ____
  • _______ is the uppermost part of the earth that support plants growth.
  • A person who takes care of flowers and plant flowers is called _____


Section B

  • What is soil formation?

b.) Define weathering?

  • List the classification of crops

b.) State 2 classes of crops with examples

  • List the classification of animals according to their mode of feeding

b.) Explain them

  • State the classification of animals according to their uses

b.) Explain 2 with examples

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