How Political Parties are Formed

How Political Parties are Formed

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Subject   :  Civic Education


Class  : Basic  / Primary 2  / Class 2


Term : Second   Term


Week  : Week 7


Topic  :

How Political Parties are Formed


Previous Knowledge : The pupils have previous knowledge of

Disadvantages of choosing a leader

that was taught  in their previous classes

Behavioural  Objectives : At the end of the lesson , pupils should be able to

  • Explain the meaning of political parties
  • Explain how political parties are formed
  • Give examples of political parties in Nigeria .

Instructional Materials 

  • Wall charts
  • Pictures
  • Online Resource
  • Textbooks

Methods of Teaching 

  • Role modelling
  • Questions and Answers
  • Explanation
  • Discussion
  • Recitation
  • Imitation
  • Story Telling

Content :  

How Political Parties are Formed

Political Parties are groups of men and women  that have the objectives of contesting and winning elections


How Political Parties Are Formed 

Political parties are formed when men and women come together with the aim of contesting and winning elections . People gather regularly with the aim of winning elections . Primary elections are conducted and a candidate is presented for the general election .

Political parties may their intentions known to the general public by organizing rallies , campaigns and symposiums .

The first political party in Nigeria was The Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) which was formed by Herbert Macaulay in 1923 .


Examples of Political Parties In Nigeria 

  • Peoples Democratic Parties PDP
  • All Progressives Congress.
  • Action Democratic Party (Nigeria)
  • Labour Party (LP)
  • New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP)  etc.


The topic is presented step by step

Step 1 : The class teacher revises the old topic

Step 2 : The class teacher introduces the new topic

Step 3 : The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own contributions and gives room for pupils” participation


Class Teacher And Pupils Activities. Interaction or  Participation 

This involves class teacher  and pupils interaction , conversation , imitation or modeling through discussion , play method or just by recitation or asking and answering questions that are related to the topic that has just been taught

  • The class teacher tells the pupils to mention the names of various political the the know
  • A pupil may be dressed as a present or governor and make him or her to act or model as a president or governor
  • The class teacher may help the pupils to say the names  of traditional leaders in Nigeria


  1. What are political parties
  2. Mention three political parties in Nigeria
  3. What is the name of the first political party in Nigeria
  4. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria
  5. The traditional rulers of the Yoruba is called ________
  6. Mention  three way by which a bad traditional leader may be checked
  7. Mention three ways by which a bad political leader may be checked
  8. Mention one problem of a traditional ruler __________
  9. Who is the president of Nigeria . _____________
  10. Who is the governor of Lagos state ? ________
  11. How can a traditional ruler be removed from the throne ______
  12. Mention three problems of choosing a bad leader
  13. In which Local government council is your school located ? ______
  14. The traditional of the Igbo is called ___________
  15. What are the disadvantages of a bad leader. Mention three
  16. How does a traditional ruler come into power or position of office _____
  17. The traditional rulers of the Hausa is called __________
  18. What are customs and traditions ? ___________


The class teacher does the necessary corrections and he or she goes round to mark .



The class teacher should stimulate the pupils’ interest  on

Problems created by bad political leaders

and make them to read or learn about it as they prepare for the next lesson .


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