Primary 2 Second Term Examinations ICT

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Second Term Examinations

Information Communication Technology

Instructions : Answer the following questions


  1. Alignment are used to move _____to any directions that we want. A) paper b) object c) water

  2. There are……. types of alignment a) 3 b) 4 c) 5

  3. Database means record………. a) keeping b) writing c) searching

  4. A table is represented in a grid of column and………. a) row b) space c) box[mediator_tech]

  5. ……… alignment is used to spread the text to fill the space of a page a) justified b) duplicate c) matgin

  6. To merge a table means to … a) highlight b) join cells together c) duplicate

  7. To change the orientation of the text in a table, you can use…. à) merge text b) copy text c) highlight text

  8. …….. is an example of professional database software a) microsoft word b) access c) excel

  9. To safe any of your work that you have done on your computer, locate the……. icon on the file menu a) save as b) print c) home

  10. Microsoft……….. is the application that is use to type sentences on documents a) access b) word c) work station

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