Advantages of Choosing a Leader

TOPIC: Advantages of Choosing a Leader

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Subject   :  Civic Education


Class  : Basic  / Primary 2  / Class 2


Term : Second   Term


Week  : Week 5


Topic  :

Advantages of Choosing a Leader


Previous Knowledge : The pupils have previous knowledge of

The way leaders are chosen in the locality

that was taught  in their previous lesson .

Behavioural  Objectives : At the end of the lesson , pupils should be able to

  • Explain the advantages of Choosing Good leaders

Instructional Materials 

  • Wall charts
  • Pictures
  • Online Resource
  • Textbooks

Methods of Teaching 

  • Role modelling
  • Questions and Answers
  • Explanation
  • Discussion
  • Recitation
  • Imitation
  • Story Telling

Content :  

TOPIC: Advantages of Choosing a Leader



Leadership is very key to community development as they are pivotal to community growth. If a leader is confused and not well learned, there is this possibility that such leader may lead the community astray. Hence it is a thing of necessity that elders of community come together when it is time to assign the position of leadership to any body in the community.

Advantages refer to benefits or merits that are there in when something is done right.

When we choose a good leader in our community, these are the possible benefits that we may enjoy

1. Job opportunities : As a good leader will always wants every member of his community, most especially the youth to be gainfully employed

2. Community development : Gainful employment leads to increase in economic activities which will eventually lead to community development

3. Health welfare : À healthy family is a healthy nation. A good leader will ensure that each member of his community enjoy good health care at the Primary health care centre

4. Peace and Unity in the community : Peace is not only the absence of war but the presence of cozy, friendly, enabling atmosphere for social, economic, political and religious growth and development

5. Maintenance of law and order : This is paramount as the good leader that is chosen will not want his or her community to be robbed by bandits or make the community desolate





The topic is presented step by step

Step 1 : The class teacher revises the old topic

Step 2 : The class teacher introduces the new topic

Step 3 : The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own contributions and gives room for pupils” participation


Class Teacher And Pupils Activities. Interaction or  Participation 

This involves class teacher  and pupils interaction , conversation , imitation or modeling through discussion , play method or just by recitation or asking and answering questions that are related to the topic that has just been taught

  • The class teacher tells the pupils to conduct election in the class just to show how leaders are chosen through elections
  • A boy may be dress like a royal father or like a king
  • The class teacher may help the pupils to say how leaders are chosen in Nigeria


  1. Mention two benefits of choosing a good community leader
  2. What is the meaning of desolate?
  3. _________is the key to community development
  4. When a president chooses the people that will work with him , this method of leader selection is known as ___________ ( election , Selection , Appointment )
  5. An oracle may be consulted before choosing an oba in Yoruba land . ( True , False , Undecided )
  6. The elders that coordinate how a new king emerge after the demise of the old one are known as the _____ makers ( king , trouble , peace )


The class teacher does the necessary corrections and he or she goes round to mark .



The class teacher should stimulate the pupils’ interest  on

Advantages of Choosing a Leader

and make them to read or learn about it as they prepare for the next lesson .


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