Differences between modern and traditional toilets.


Class: Basic 2.


Subject:Civic Education.


Topic: Differences between modern and traditional toilets.


The toilet is a place where we pass waste materials from our bodies. These waste materials can be urine faeces.

There are different types of toilet in our homes, schools, villages, and towns. These toilets can be grouped into modern and traditional toilets.

Differences between modern and traditional toilets.

Modern Toilets:

1.They are built inside the home for convenience.

2.People sit on when using it.

3.They are found in cities and other  

modern cities.

4. Water is used to

flush after use.

5.They are used nowadays.


Traditional Toilet:

1.They are outside the home.

2.People squat over it when using 

it. e.g.bucket and pit latrine.

3.They are found in villages and rural areas.

4.Water may not be needed.

5.They are mostly used in the olden days.



a. List two examples of a toilets.



b.Mention three 

 differences between modern toilets and traditional toilets.


2. ———————-

3. ———————–

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