CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                                        
  NAME:…………………………………………………………………………………… Answer all questions
(1.)   National ____________ represent the entire country (a) school (b) symbols (c) rulers (d) king
(2.)   ___________ are examples of national symbols except (a) the mace (b) currency (c) food (d) the coat of arm
(3.)   Those that head a particular community are called ________ (a) Nigeria authors (b) Nigeria youth (c) traditional rulers (d) Nigeria children
(4.)   ___________ leaders are those who head different religious organization (a) school (b) traditional (c) family (d) religious
(5.)   The highway code contain ________ traffic signs (a) office (b) children (c) road (d) church
(6.)   A constituted authority is a person that act on behalf of a _______ and is backed by law (a) family (b) group (c) friend (d) enemy
(7.)   The king is called ______ in Yoruba land (a) Eze (b) Igwe (c) Sarki (d) Oba
(8.)   In Igbo land the king is called ________ (a) daddy (b) Oba (c) Eze (d) Mr. Man.
(9.)   The authority of religious leaders is derived from _____ (a) man (b) God (c) satan (d) mummy
(10.) Constituted authorities help to maintain _______ and _______ in the community (a) law and order (b) spoon and fork (c) food and drink (d) inside and outside
(11.) ___ is the way and manner a person takes care of himself or herself and his or her immediate surroundings (a) personal hygiene (b) personal body (c) personal food (d) personal friend  
(12.) It is good to take our bath _______ (a) weekly (b) monthly (c) daily (d) yearly
(13.) To promote personal hygiene our toilet must be flush regularly (a) maybe (b) yes (c) no
(14.) We must ______ ourselves to practice all healthy habits (a) fight (b) slap (c) discipline (d) bit
(15.) __________ is when we do what we are told to do (a) discipline (b) obedience (c) productive (d) promote 16.) _________ and _____________ can cause sickness and diseases (a) food and water (b) long sock and short sock (c) germs and bacteria (d) blouse and skirt
(17.) Modern toilets are built inside the___ for convenience (a) stone (b) class (c) home (d) kitchen
(18.) __________ is usually used to flush after use (a) water (b) oil (c) powder (d) salt
(19.) ___________ toilet are mostly used in the olden days (a) church toilet (b) traditional toilet (c) modern toilet (d) flush toilet
(20.) The bucket latrine must be emptied every time it is full (a) no (b) maybe (c) yes  
  Section B:
Answer all question
(1.)   Define constituted authority? ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________         
(b.) State two national symbols
(a) ________________________________           
(b) ________________________________  
(2.)   What is personal hygiene? ____________________________________________________         __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________       
( 3.)   List three factors that promote personal hygiene (a) ________________________________           
(b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________  (
(b.) List the types of toilet (a) ________________________________           
(b) ________________________________  
(4.)   State two ways of maintaining the toilet (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________  
(5.)   State two things a self-disciplined person will do____________________________________     
.   __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________   
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