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(NURSERY & PRIMARY) Tapa street , LAGOS.  



CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                  





1.)   Who was delivered from the den of lion?  (a) Shedrach (b) Meshach (c) Abednogo (d) Daniel

2.)   Jesus died on the cross with two _______ beside him. (a) lawyer               (b) thieves (c) thiefs (d) friends

3.)   God provided _________ and _________ for the Israelites in the desert. (a) bread and butter (b) manner and quails (c) manual and quays (d) bread and fishes

4.)   The Egyptians and their chariots perished in the __________ sea.               (a) red (b) blue (c) green (d) rough

5.)   The only means through which we can talk to God is through __________. (a) praises (b) prayer (c) prouding (d) singing

6.)   The greatest gift God gave to mankind is ________. (a) thief (b) cloth (c) Jesus Christ (d) Angel

7.)   Jesus had twelve ____________. (a) soldiers (b) bankers (c) disciples (d) workers

8.)   Any physical or mental activity aimed at doing or making something is ____________. (a) power (b) energy (c) work (d) stress

9.)   What did God create on the first day? (a) Heaven and Earth (b) Day and Night (c) trees and Gardens (d) man and woman

10.)                     Who did God create in His own image? (a) man (b) Angel                (c) prophet (d) sun

11.)                     When God created the earth, it was _________ (a) full                   (b) empty (c) fine (d) boisterous

12.)                     On the second day God created the ________ (a) moon (b) sea (c) animals (d) sky

13.)                     The day God created all kinds of animals that live on land on _________ day. (a) fourth (b) fifth (c) sixth (d) seventh

14.)                     One of the following is not created by God (a) sun (b) moon  (c) horse (d) water

15.)                     Who did God save from death? (a) Isaac (b) Mary (c) Abraham (d) Jacob

16.)                     The things that God provides for us are the following except ____________ (a) air (b) trees (c) good health (d) trouble

17.)                     The story of ,the prodigal son is an example of God’s ____________ (a) mercy (b) sadness (c) happiness (d) wickedness

18.)                     Who did David kill with a string of a stone? (a) Daniel (b) Saul (c) Golliath (d) Jonathan

19.)                     God created and also wants us to ___________ (a) create                (b) destroy (c) push (d) pull down

20.)                     The Sabbath day is meant to be kept ________ (a) holy                   (b) dirty (c) ungrateful (d) shallow  


Section B: Theory


1a.) List five types of work that people can do.


1b.) Why should we work?  


2.) List ten things that are created by man.  


3a.) Mention three names of people God used to save others


3b.) Mention four disciples of Christ  


4a.) What should we do when people that wrong us come for forgiveness?

4b.) Give a brief account of the creation story.   5.) Mention five things that God provided for us.