CRK Primary 3 Second Term Examination


Underline the correct answer

  1. Jesus is the only way to ____and _____ (a) school and farm (b) God and father (c) care and table
  2. Sin ______ us from God . (a) separated (b) joined

(c) builder

  1. Jesus says, I am the way, the ____ and the ____

(a) truth & life (b) money & house (c) father & mother

  1. Jesus told the ___ to fill six pots with water

(a) Grooms (b) servants (c) teachers

  1. Jesus turn water into ______(a) wine (b) food

(c) cake

  1. We should always be ____to help (a) weak (b) afraid (c) willing
  2. The Iame was sick for ______ years(a) twenty

(b) thirty-eight (c) sixty-eight

  1. _____prayed for the people who were stoning him.

(a) Sunday (b) James (c) Stephen

  1. When we suffer for what is right we should _____

(a) cry (b) sleep (c) rejoice

  1. Nicodemus was one of the rulers of the _____

(a) Jews (b) Elias school (c) senate

  1. Jesus our ____ knows all our needs. (a) good shepherd (b) bad enemy (c) good parent
  2. _____ planned to kill the baby Jesus (a) king Jaja

(b) King Herod (c) King David

  1. The ______ followed the new star until it should over the place where baby Jesus was laid (a) sheep

(b) farmers (c) wise men

  1. _____ appeared to the shepherds in a great light and they were afraid. (a) An angel (b) a soldier (c) an officer
  2. There was a marriage feast in a town called _____

(a) Ghana south (b) south Africa (c) Cana of Galilae

  1. Which of the disciples of Jesus asked him to show them the way to God? (a) Isaiah (b) Thomas (c) Victor
  2. Jesus was a _____from God. (a) trader (b) painter (c) teacher
  3. When we are born again we would have a deeper ____with God . (a) relationship (b) separation (c) dislike
  4. The lame man lied down by a pool of water called ______ (a) London (b) Niger (c) Bethsaida
  5. The bread which is the word of God is the ____ (a) textbook (b) Holy Bible (c) document

Complete These With The Right Words.

  1. Jesus fed five thousand people with _______loaves of bread and _____________ fishes
  2. The parents of Jesus are _______________ and __________
  3. _________________ came to Jesus by night and said, that, Jesus was a teacher from God.
  4. At the same time Jesus was born, three wise men saw a ____________________
  5. Jesus told Nicodemus, You must be ______________
  6. ______ appeared to Mary and told her that she would give birth to a son whom to be called Jesus.
  7. God warned the wise men in a _______not to return to King Herod.
  8. The bread of life is the _____________________
  9. Light represent ___________________________
  10. Darkness represent __________________________

Supply the correct answer to the following questions.

  1. Mention two state of a Christians as the salt of the earth when he/she joins bad people

a. _________________________________________

b. ________________________________________

  1. List three qualities of a good shepherd

i. __________________________________________

ii. _________________________________________

iii. _________________________________________

  1. How an we become a member of God’s family?

i. __________________________________________

ii. _________________________________________

iii. _________________________________________

  1. State three Characteristic of light

i. __________________________________________

ii. _________________________________________

iii. _________________________________________



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