English Grammar Primary 4 Examination First Term






Answer all the questions in this section:

1.) __________________ speaks louder than words (a) acted (b) actual (c) action

2.) My mother was overcome with ____________ when she found out I had played truant

(a) angry (b) anger (c) angrying

3.) Pupils must pay ______________ in class (a) attend (b) attention (c) attended

4.) All the children were told to leave the playground before _____________ fell

(a) dark (b) darken (c) darkness

5.) Lantana is married to Yetunde’s brother. She and Yetunde are ________

(a) siblings (b) sister-in-law (c) sister-in-laws

6.) There are too __________ chairs in this room. Take some away (a) few (b) many (c) much

7.) The pupils are making ___________ noise in their classroom (a) many (b) plenty (c) a lot of

8.) “I am sure that he is not telling _______ the truth”, said Bilal to Sakinah (a) me (b) us (c) we

9.) I was so tired that I had to drag _______________ up the stairs to get to my room

(a) me (b) mine (c) myself

10.) We put up the tents _____________ nobody helped us (a) ourself (b) ours (c) ourselves


Part B: Theory

Underline the correct form of the pronoun in the brackets

1.) (She, her) told (I, me) to give this book to (your, you).

2.) Is (he, him) going to the library with (them, they)?

3.) What’s the matter with (he, him)? (He, Him) has been shouting at (us, we) all morning.

4.) When (they, them) told (we, us) the tragic news, (we, us) were too shocked to say anything to (they, them).


5.) (She, Her) gave each of (us, we) a gift on Christmas morning.


Give the correct plural to the following nouns

Singular Plural

1.) Country

2.) Half

3.) Tooth

4.) Louse

5.) Crisis



Give the correct plural to the following uncountable nouns

Singular Plural

1.) A loaf a bread

2.) A liter of petrol

3.) A rate of progress

4.) A bag of rice

5.) A bunch of banana


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