English Grammar Examination Primary 2 First Term


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The Lion and the Four Oxen

A lion used to move around a field. In this there were four oxen. Many times the lion tried to attack them. Whenever the lion came near, the oxen turned their tails to one another. This way the lion could not attack them because of their horns. At last, the oxen had a misunderstanding among themselves and each went off to live alone in separate corners of the field. Then the lion attacked them one by one and soon made an end of the oxen.


Answer these questions

1.) What used to move around a field? ________________________________________

2.) How many oxen were in the field? _________________________________________

3.) How did the oxen defend themselves? _______________________________________

4.) Why couldn’t the lion attack the oxen? _____________________________________

5.) What happened among the oxen? __________________________________________



Write countable or uncountable for the nouns

6.) Minute _______________________________

7.) Water _______________________________

8.) Page _______________________________

9.) Air _______________________________

10.) Teacher _______________________________


Fill in the blanks with the correct personal pronouns

11.) Lore has gone home. _______________ went home by bus.

12.) Adamu and Yusuf are brothers. _______________ stay near my house.

13.) I saw a cat in the drain. ____________ was wet and dirty.

14.) Ola is my friend. _______________ like to play basketball.

15.) Both the sisters look alike but _______________ are not twins.






Composition: Myself

My name is _____________________________________

I am _________________ years old

I am in primary ________________

The name of my school is _______________________________________________

I am ___________________ in complexion (dark, fair)

My parents are Mr. and Mrs. ___________________________

The name of my best friend is ___________________________

I would like to be a ________________________ in future


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