Section A: Objective Test

  1. On the first day, God created __________ and ___________. (a) morning and afternoon (b) morning and evening (c) day and evening (d) day and night
  2. On the fourth day, God created ____________, _____________ and __________ (a) water, sun and sand (b) water, sun and soil (c) moon, sun and star (d) cloud, sun and moon
  3. On the fifth day, God created the __________ and the __________ that live in the sea. (a) birds and creatures (b) bee and creation (c) beak and croach (d) bead and chair
  4. __________ saves us from dangers. (a) God (b) god (c) devil (d) son
  5. God saved ___________ from the lion’s den. (a) David (b) Daniel (c) Deborah (d) Derick
  6. God saved __________ from death. (a) Isaac (b) John (c) Peter (d) Paul
  7. _________ means the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. (a) Pentecold (b) Pentehost (c) Pentecost (d) Pentelove
  8. When the Holy spirit came upon the Apostles they became ________ to preach the gospel. (a) afraid (b) bold (c) fearful (d) fair
  9. __________ is the power given to someone to encourage or to make him confident to a great thing. (a) Inspection (b) Inspiration (c) Insolvent (d) Insulting
  10. __________ means the willingness to forgive rather than punish or take revenge. (a) Merry (b) Marry (c) Mercy (d) Marcy
  11. __________ was one of the judges in the land of Israel. (a) Samuel (b) Deborah (c) Sammy (d) Sanwo
  12. __________ was a prophetess and a judge in Israel. (a) Deborah (b) David (c) Darius (d) Dada
  13. One of the role of the Holy Spirit is to ____________ (a) guide our utterances while spreading the good news (b) mislead us (c) make us to insult people (d) make us embarrass people, while spreading the gospel
  14. The third person of the Trinity is ___________. (a) Holy Spirit (b) Holy son (c) Holy God (d) Holy Micheal
  15. David’s father was _____________. (a) Joshua (b) John (c) Jonathan (d) Jesse
  16. _________ is the feeling of goodness and kindness towards another person (a) Live (b) Love (c) Kindness (d) Long life
  17. _________ is a statement that is right. (a) Trust (b) Tree (c) Truth (d) True
  18. __________ is what we get for whatever we do. (a) Rent (b) Rest (c) Reading (d) Reward
  19. Paul was brought up in Jerusalem by a Greek teacher called __________. (a) Gameliel (b) Ananias (c) Lucias (d) Manaen
  20. Paul was born in ___________. (a) Tarus and Cilicia (b) Tasus and Cilicia (c) Tarsus and Cilicia (d) Temple and Cilicia
  21. Paul journey from Troas to ____________. (a) Macedonia (b) Medisopotamia (c) Asia (d) Europe
  22. The capital of Macedonia is __________. (a) Kiaro (b) Philippi (c) London (d) America
  23. Paul’s preaching converted __________. (a) Lydia (b) Lilian (c) Lyde (d) Lemon
  24. The following are names of Paul’s Epistles except _________. (a) Roman (b) Philipians (c) Hebrew (d) Genesis
  25. _________ is what a person hopes to achieve. (a) goal (b) gold (c) good (d) group
  26. ___________ is a guide for achieving one’s plans. (a) setting goals ( b) goal setting (c) gold setting (d) good setting
  27. The following are importance of goal setting except __________________ (a) It helps us to accomplish what we want (b) It makes us happy when we achieve the set goals (c) It help us to live a fulfilled and unproductive life (d) It helps us to live productive life
  28. ___________ is the choice that one makes after thinking about what is the best thing to do. (a) Decide (b) Decision (c) Deride (d) Derive
  29. All of the following are advantages of good decision making except ___________ (a) Good decision saves time (b) It helps us to get good results (c) It helps us to achieve our goals (d) It makes us loose good things.
  30. __________ is not an importance of decision making. (a) It helps us to identify various options (b) It allows for ranking of choices (c) It allows you to set your goal (d) It allows you to sleep well.

Section B: Theory

  1. List 10 things man can do

2a. Define the term “work”

b. List five types of work

3a. Define mercy

b. Explain the story of the prodigal son.

4a. Define the term “Pentecost”

b. Explain the event of the day of the Pentecost

5. Write a brief note on Paul’s early life.