Section A: Objective Test

  1. __________ is the washing away of the top soil on the surface of the earth. (a) Pollution (b) Erosion (c) Emotion (d) Empty
  2. The following are causes of erosion except ____________ (a) wind (b) rain (c) ice (d) sun
  3. Erosion can be controlled by ____________ (a) Bush burning (b) pouring oil (c) packaging sand (d) playing
  4. __________ means making environment unsafe for plants and animals. (a) mulching (b) Grazing (c) pollution (d) Erosion
  5. There are _________ types of pollution (a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 2
  6. One of these is not a cause of pollution. (a) Waste dumping (b) Bush burning (c) Dumping human faeces and dead animals (d) sweeping the floor
  7. __________ are unwanted materials that are harmful to the environment. (a) Wallet (b) Wall nut (c) Wastes (d) Wrapper
  8. Wastes can be categorised into ________. (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 6
  9. __________ and __________ are the types of wastes. (a) refuse and sweat (b) refuse and sewage (c) sewage and dustbin (d) refuse and sand
  10. ___________ is the solid form of waste materials. (a) Refuse (b) Reduce (c) Reading (d) Refuge
  11. ___________ is maintaining balance between human activities and the healthy condition of the environment. (a) Environmental sanitation (b) Environmental quality (c) Environmental quantity (d) Environmental growth
  12. ___________ is a place in the body where two or more bones meet. (a) Joinb (b) Jione (c) Joint (d) Join
  13. __________ are substances which are capable of changing blue litmus paper to red. (a) Acids (b) Action (c) Asking (d) Actids
  14. _________ are substances which react with acid to form salt and water only. (a) Branches (b) Basis (c) Bases (d) Basics
  15. ___________ and __________ are the types of Acids. (a) Inorganate and Organate (b) Organic and Inorganic (c) Organizing and Unorganizing (d) Ordinate and Inordinate
  16. __________ is a state of preventing danger or accidents. (a) save (b) safe (c) safety (d) saving
  17. ____________ is the process whereby waste products are removed from the body. (a) Respiration (b) Excretion (c) Reproduction (d) Growth
  18. __________ is the air we breathe in. (a) Sodium (b) Oxygen (c) Chloride (d) breeze
  19. ___________ is a purposeful human activity which involves designing and making products as diverse as clothing, food, artefacts, machines, structures, electronic devices and computer systems. (a) Technic (b) Technique (c) Techno (d) Technology
  20. __________ is a liquid substance that circulates in the body. (a) water (b) sugar (c) blood (d) salt
  21. __________ is a cleansing agent which produces foam or lather when mixed with water. (a) supply (b) soap (c) soup (d) sand
  22. There are ______ types of soap. (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 6
  23. The following are uses of soap in the home except ___________. (a) washing clothes (b) washing our bodies (c) washing cooking utensils (d) for drinking
  24. __________ is a state of preventing danger or harm to ourselves or somebody. (a) safe (b) save (c) safety (d) saving
  25. __________ is the ability to do work. (a) Energy (b) Hard work (c) Sleeping (d) Conversion
  26. The following are examples of farm animals except _________. (a) sheep (b) pigs (c) goats (d) dog
  27. _________ and _________ are reared mainly for meat. (a) Sheep and goat (b) pig and dog (c) cattle and chickens (d) rabbits and snail
  28. Animals that feed on grasses, legumes are called _________. (a) herbivores (b) carnivores (c) herbicides (d) homicides
  29. __________ is the picture representation of object or an ideas. (a) Drawing (b) Dragging (c) Dumping (d) Digging
  30. ___________ are tools used in drawing. (a) Drawing instruments (b) Digging tools (c) Dumping tools (d) Drawing inventory

Section B: Theory

1a. Define the term rocks

b. List and explain the types of rocks

2a. What is Erosion?

b. List four causes of erosion

3a. State three uses of Acids and two properties of Acids.

b. List three uses of Bases and two properties of Bases

4a. Define the term Excretory system

b. List four organs of excretion and explain two.

5a. List five importance of blood

b. Define the term Blood

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