Examination Pry 6 First Term CIVIC EDUCATION Week 12


CLASS: PRIMARY 6                             





1.The most essential condition for becoming a citizen of a country is by ________

(a) age              (b) birth                (c) wealth


2.Which of the following is not a god value (a) cheating  (b) discipline  (c) patriotism


3.When the national flag is flown at half mast; it is a sign of national ___________

(a) education              (b) consciousness            (c) mourning


4.May 27th every year is celebrated in Nigeria as ___________ day.

(a) children’s             (b) democracy                 (c) independence

5.The only naira note that has no picture of a hero on it is ___________ note

(a) N50            (b) N100               (c) N200


6.Nigeria operates a ________ constitution (a) political   (b) federal           (c) confederal


7.The idea of democracy as a system of government started in ______________

(a) China                   (b) Greece             (c) Rome


8.The personality who has ruled the country twice is _________________

(a) Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa       (b) Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

(c) President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan

9.A Nigerian is qualify to vote at the age of _______ (a) 18          (b) 19                  (c) 20


10.The organ of government that is responsible for making laws _____________

(a) legislative              (b) executive                   (c) judiciary


11.Performing our duties brings out ________ (a) progress    (b) civil war         (c) conflict

12.The right of individuals are always written in the ________________

(a) bill              (b) constitution     (c) book


13.The two horses in the coat of arm stand for _______________

(a) gallantry                (b) strength           (c) pride


14.The minimum voting age in Nigeria is ______ years. (a) 17     (b) 18      (c) 20

15.One of the qualities of a good leader is ____________________

(a) abusing people      (b) impatience       (c) kindness to his people


16.The primary duty of a government is to ________

(a) conduct elections            (b) protect lives and properties (c) protect subsidy


17.Nigeria became a republic in the year ________ (a) 1960    (b) 1962    (c) 1963






18.The two horses on the Nigerian coat of Arms symbolize _____________

(a) beauty                   (b) dignity             (c) strength


19.One of these will not promote good value system in the society _____________

(a) favouritism           (b) integrity           (c) trust

20. Who was the pioneer chairman of EFCC

(a) Ibrahim Lamorde            (b) Mal. Nuhu Ribadu    (c) Mrs. Farida Waziri



Part B

  •     State                                                 Slogan

Delta State

Adamawa State

Ogun State

Lagos State


  • Write out these abbreviations in full






  • Write short notes on

The Executive Arm of Government

Local government


  • What is family?

b.) Write out two major differences between nuclear family and extended family

  • What is importation?

b.) Write out two goods that we import in Nigeria.

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