Values that promote peace in Nigeria. Pry 6 Week 4



Class :Basic 6

Values that promote peace

Term : First Term
Week : Week 4
Previous Knowledge : The pupils have the previous knowledge of Reasons for giving national honors
Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson , pupils should be able to
  • define peace
  • mention values that promote peace .

Instructional materials :

  • Sample or picture of Nigeria coat of arms with the inscription of PEACE and UNITY
  • Pictures of Dove or white clothes that signifies Peace during war

Reference Materials :

  • Textbooks on Civic Education book 6
  • Workbook on Civic Education
  • Lagos State Scheme of Work on civic Education
  • Online links , materials and webpages that are related to this topic
Content Development 
What is Peace  :  Peace is the state of spiritual , emotional and physical calmness without fear or war . It is the absence of troubles or worries within oneself , ones friends, ones neighbour or ones country . Peace is a situation of tranquility, calmness or freedom from emotional or physical disturbance .


What are the values that promote peace

For peaceful coexistence among ourselves as brothers and sisters of this great country Nigeria , We must give room for these values and factors that enshrine peace among various nations and counties . These are the values that promote peace .

  1. Justice
  2. Fairness
  3. Equity
  4. Tolerance
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Love
  7. Respect
  8. Sincerity
  9. Hardwork
  10. Perseverance
The topic is presented step by step
Step 1 : The class teacher introduces the new topic
Step 2 : The class teacher introduces the new topic
Step 3 : The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own contributions and he or she corrects them when the needs arise
The class teacher gives out a short note and he goes round to mark .
He or she does the necessary corrections
1. What is the meaning of peace
2. Write out five values that promote peace .
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