I .C.T simply means



Section A

1   I .C.T simply means ___________ (a) internet communication technology

(b) information communication technology    (c) introduction comes then

2.A __________ is made up of eight bits  (a) kilobytes  (b) bytes  (c) terabytes

3. Binary system is a number system in base _______  (a) four  (b) eight  (c) two

4. The two primary main memory of the computer are _______ and _______

(a) ROM & RAM (b) TOM & COW (c) DRUM & DRAM

5. A mouse is an __________ device  (a) software  (b) hardware  (c) input

6. The inter-connection of computers within a limited geographical location is_______

(a) WAN (b) LAN   (c) FAN

7.The process of turning off the computer is known as __________ (a) booting

(b) warming (c) shutting down


8.The smallest unit of information used in computer to store data is _______________

9. Which of the following is a graphical application package (a) Microsoft word

(b) Microsoft excel (c) CorelDraw


10 .__________ device displays the result of a processed data in a computer

(a) system storage (b) input (c) output


11. The arrangement of computer on a straight line is referred to as _____ topology.

(a) Ring (b) bus (c) star


12. When the left mouse button is pressed twice quick and released, it known as ____

(a)  Dragging (b) double clicking (c) clicking


13. One of the following is an example of large scale application in computer.

(a) Wrist watches (b) word processing (c) auto piloting


14. All the following are examples of graphical application packages except ___________.(a) Internet explorer  (b) CorelDraw  (c) instant artist


15. _____ tools can be used to draw a straight line, curves and basic shapes. Free hand (a) paint (b) colour (c) pallete


16 . There are basically _____ types of computer network. (a) 2 (b) 5 (c) 3

17. The following are software’s used for typing except ___________ (a) word pad (b) Microsoft word (c) Photoshop


18 .Before carrying out any command on a text, you must first ____________

highlight (b) drag take  (c) permission


19 .The term O.S.  means _______________(a) open statement (b) operating system (c) operation state


20 . Micro computers are also known and _____________ (a) personal computer (b) personal certificate (c) master computer


21. Development of computer from one period to another is called _____ (a) computer age  (b) computer generation (c) computer stage


22. A computer system which supplies other remote computers with processed information is called ____ (a) client (b) server (c) processor


23. Microsoft word is primarily used for _____ (a) calculation (b) typing (c) drawing

24. When a text is moved from one document to another, it is called _____________ (a) copy and paste (b) cut and paste (c) delete


25. Corel draw is basically used for _______ (a) typing (b) drawing (c) calculation

26 . A document printed on a paper is called __ (a) hardcopy (b) softcopy (c) hardcopy

27 .Files can be saved and reopened at a later time on Microsoft word.

(a) True (b) false (c) none of the above


28. The _______ is normally used to work on CorelDraw applications keyboard

(a) mouse (b) light (c) pen


29 .The brain of the computer is the ______ (a) C.P.U (b) U.P.S (c) V.D.U

30 . A computer room must be well ventilated  (a) true (b) false (c) I don’t know

Section B

  1. What is networking? _________________________________________________


b.) List two types of networking

(    a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________

2, Mention three types of word processing packages

(a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________

(c)  _______________________________

b.) List five features of word processing packages

(a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________

(c)  _______________________________ (d) ______________________________

(e) ______________________________

3. Define graphical packages? ________________________________________


b.) Give five examples of graphical packages

(a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________

(c)  _______________________________ (d) ______________________________

(e) ______________________________


4. List two examples of

Small scale application of computer

(a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________


Large scale application of computer

(a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________


5.) Mention four careers in computer

(a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________

(c)  _______________________________ (d) ______________________________


6. What is computer abuse? _____________________________________________

b.) Give three examples of computer abuse

(a)  _______________________________ (b) ______________________________

(c)  _______________________________

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