Suggested End of the Term Comments on Continuous Assessment Cards

Dear colleagues, it is paramount and important that we are very careful when we write the end of the term comments on the pupils’ assessment cards.

Words are powerful as they can mar  or  break a child’s attitude.

Comments can also encourage or discourage the parents as well..

Suggested End of the Term  Comments

Behavior, General Conduct, and Social Skills


Okunnu’s in-class behavior is excellent.
Emmanuel __ has a positive attitude towards school.
_Bolujo _ is respectful and considerate.
_Akintayo _ makes a sincere effort and works hard in class
_Fidelis _ displays an enthusiasm for learning.
__ is a leader and a positive role model for other students.
_Grace_ demonstrates positive character traits.
_Keithia _ does well when he/she focuses on the task at-hand.
__ has difficulty completing class assignments in a timely manner.
Agboola __ requests a great deal of adult assistance when completing school work.
_Usman _ needs to work on sitting still and focusing on class lessons.
Akinrinade __ needs to work on organizing school supplies
_Akinbami _ needs to treat others with respect.
__…..  needs to use language that is appropriate for a __ grader.
I’m glad __…. is eager to participate in class discussions, but he/she needs to raise his/her hand when he/she has something to say.
_…… _ often forgets his/her books and assignments.
__ frequently comes to class unprepared.
__ needs to complete homework assignments on-time.
_________ needs to work on following written and oral directions.
_Kingsley _________ has difficulty concentrating.
___________ does well when he/she slows down and checks his/her work carefully.
When motivated, __________ does well on class assignments.
__________’s listening skills need improvement.
__ needs to keep his/her hands to himself/herself.
____—-_ needs to follow school rules in lunch and special areas.
I would like to see __ socialize with other students throughout the school day.
__ needs frequent reminders to stay focused throughout the school day.
________ has missed __ school days this year. Frequent absences are affecting __’s school work.
________ does not attempt to make up missing or late work.
I would like to see ________ become a more active participant in class discussions.
________ needs to follow teacher directions without complaining.
____—_ is becoming more independent when completing class assignments.





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