1. both computer and television are ___________ machines

(a) Magnetic (b) Electronics

2. Computer can be used to watch educational film

(a) True (b) False

3. Computer can be use for spelling Bee

(a) True (b) false

4. Computer can be used for bathing

(a) True (b) false

5. computer can be used for playing music

(a) true (b) false

6. Computer can be used in the hospital X – tray

(a) True (b) False

7. ____________ can be used as an instructional material in school

(a) car (b) Computer

8. ____ can be used in school to type examination question

(a) Television (b) computer

9. Computer can be used to kill people in the hospital

(a) true (b) False

10. we have computer in all these places except __________

(a) school (b) Hospital (b) BUSH 

11. Computer can be used for spelling Bee

(a) true (b) false

12. The monitor looks like television

(a) true (b) false

13. A. T. M is not useful in the bank

(a) True (b) false

14. The computer can be used for processing data

(a)True (b) false

15. Computer can be used for electronic banking

(a) True (b) false

16. Central processing unit means _________

(a) V D U (b) C P U

17. Computer can _________ and _______________ data

(a) Push and store (b) accept and store (c) Keep and store

18. What is keyboard used for

(a) To draw objects (b) To enter data (c) To paints object

19. Is a computer a Game

(a) True (b) false

20. computer can be used to fry plantain

(a) true (b) false

21. 1Computer is used in the _________a. tailor b. kitchen c. hospital

22.Computer is used to carry out sickness diagnosis. A. yes b. noc. not sure

23. Computer can be used to keep ______a. refuses b. school record c. food

24. Computer makes learning more ______a. slower b. easier c. nonsense

25. Computer is used for __________a. flooring b.sweeping c. calculation

26. __________is a multipurpose device a. Eraser b. chairs c. computer

27. Computer reduces workers ______a. book b. salaries c. stress

Circle parts of computer

28. Calendar kitchen mouse

29. Printer wires television

30. mouse looks like ____________a. call b. Lizard c. rat


1. Mention three (3) uses of computer

2. Mention four (4) part of the computer





















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