Unskilled labour rewards are referred to as ___


Class: Primary 6



Subject : Home Economics



Topic : Revision




Read the following sentences and pick the right answer from the given alternatives.


1.) _______ is the money that we receive when we work (a) promotion (b) income (c) selection



2.) Unskilled labour rewards are referred to as ______ (a) money (b) salary (c) wages



3.) ____ is what is accrued to you from investment, savings or jobs (a) loan (b) income (c) capital



4.) _______ are also known as daily or weekly sources of income (a) salaries (b) bonus (c) wages



5.) _____ is mostly paid to skilled workers at the end of the month (a) wages (b) bonus (c) salary



6.) Savings lead to ________ (a) investment (b) debt (c) bankruptcy



7.) ___________ are all those things you wish you can have at a particular time

(a) delight (b) desire (c) want



8.) ___________ are those things that are required or necessary at a particular time to perform a particular task (a) needs (b) size (c) house



9.) A _________ is the food we cook and eat at different time of the day (a) diet (b) meal (c) food



10.) Egusi and iyan are examples of ______ food (a) Hausa (b) Igbo (c) Yoruba


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