Home Economics Third Term Revision Methods of Food Preservation


Third Term Revision





Read the following questions and pick the correct answer from the given alternatives

1.) _________ is a method of looking whereby the food is put in a pot enough water.

(a) frying (b) roasting (c) boiling


2.) Mattress should be shaken at least once a week to ________

(a) invite bed bugs (b) maintain its shapes (c) dry up the urine


3.) __________ is the room where all cooking activities are done.

(a) bedroom (b) kitchen (c) parlour


4.) We can maintain good hygiene by __________ twice a day.

(a) eating our food (b) taking our bath (c) wearing our shoes


5.) _______ diet involves taking in or eating all the classes of food in the right quantity.

(a) adequate balanced (b) fully balanced (c) well balanced


6.) The sense organ of sight in mammals is the _____ (a) eye (b) nose (c) lung


7.) ___________ involves cooking in an open pan with fat or oil.

(a) frying (b) boiling (c) roasting


8.) The way we move or carry our body is known as __________

(a) action (b) swagger (c) posture


9.) Foods like vegetables and fruits are rich in _____________________

(a) carbohydrates (b) proteins (c) vitamins


10.) A fully grown male adult will have a complete set of _______ teeth in his upper jaw

(a) sixteen (b) thirty two (c) forty


11.) __________ can be prepared by steaming (a) rice (b) moin moin (c) orange


12.) _____________ involves the use of heat from charcoal to prepare food.

(a) roasting (b) frying (c) boiling


13.) ________ is an example of skin injury. (a) tooth decay (b) cramp (c) bruise


14.) Meals eaten at night are called _______ (a) lunch (b) dinner (c) breakfast


15.) We can take care of the kitchen floor by __________ it.

(a) mopping (b) boiling (c) frying


16.) Examples of floor covering are _________ (a) mats (b) tiles (c) paper


17.) Examples of house hold pest is ______ (a) cockroach (b) cat (c) dog


18.) _______ can be used to kill household pest (a) insecticide (b) perfume (c) mineral


19.) A _______________ is a woman who sews clothes.

(a) trader (b) fishmonger (c) seamstress


20.) Butter and margarine are sources of _________________

(a) carbohydrate (b) fats and oil (c) mineral


21.) A period when two people of opposite sex study each other before marriage is called _____________ (a) courtship (b) dating (c) friendship


22.) The Christian marriage is usually done in the _____________

(a) church (b) court (c) mosque


23.) A state of relaxation where one is conscious of his environment is _______

(a) fatigue (b) nervousness (c) rest


24.) The process of choosing among alternatives is called _________

(a) action taken (b) decision making (c) management


25.) Voice breaks and become deepen in boys is a sign of ___________

(a) adolescence (b) illness (c) manhood


26.) Budget is based on __________ income (a) future (b) total (c) net


27.) When the morning sun shines on the skin, vitamin __________ is produced.

(a) A (b) B (c) D


28.) Clothes are worn to _____________

(a) look weak (b) protect our nakedness (c) help us sleep


29.) A pregnant woman should avoid __________ clothes.

(a) clean (b) comfortable (c) tight


30.) The care required by a pregnant woman before child birth is __________ care.

(a) ante-natal (b) birth (c) normal


Section B

1.) Mention two sources of family income

2.) Mention two factors that affect growth

3.) Mention two benefits of breast feeding

4.) What is balanced diet

5.) List six classes of food


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