Home Economics Third term Revision

Revision Test



Part A: Objectives

Fill the gap with the right option from the given alternatives

1.) At puberty girls _______________

(a) grow rapidly (b) begin menstruation (c) begin to have develop breast (d) all of the above

2.) It is important to maintain cleanliness during menstruation

(a) true (b) false (c) A and B (d) none of the above

3.) Food preservation makes food last long _______

(a) true (b) false (c) not sure (d) all of the above

4.) The state of becoming an adult is called _____

(a) infancy (b) maturity (c) nutrition (d) childhood

5.) The process of preserving food in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator is called ___

(a) smoking (b) salting (c) freezing (d) electroplanting

6.) Which of the following symbols or shape is found on the first aid box ___

(a) oval (b) cross (c) star (d) trapezium

7.) ______________ is taken when breakfast is eaten with lunch

(a) dinner (b) supper (c) brunch (d) combination

8.) One of these is type of meal service _______

(a) kitchen service (b) tray service (c) table service (d) all of the above

9.) ____________ is the process of preparing and serving balanced diets or dishes at the right time of the day (a) adequate meal (b) meal planning (c) mining (d) nourishing


10.) Menstruation starts at puberty (a) true (b) false (c) all of the above (d) none of the above

11.) _____________ is a stage at which the male and female sex organs develop

(a) childhood (b) infancy (c) puberty (d) death

12.) The best way to preserve food items like tomatoes and vegetables is by _____

(a) salting (b) smoking (c) freezing (d) melting

13.) The last meal of the day is called _______ (a) breakfast (b) dinner (c) lunch (d) menu

14.) The first treatment that is given to an injured person before the arrival of a medical doctor is called _____ (a) first aid (b) puberty (c) safety (d) income


15.) _____ is the absence of accident, hazard or injury (a) safety (b) first aid (c) injury (d) disease

16.) ____________ is not found in the first aid box (a) hammer (b) plaster (c) bandage (d) iodine

17.) The process by which we prevent spoilage of food is called _____

(a) packaging (b) food preservation (c) puberty (d) maturity

18.) A list of food that is to be served at a meal is called ______

(a) dessert (b) bunch (c) menu (d) adequate



19.) A __________ is a break in the bone (a) shock (b) fracture (c) joint (d) skull

20.) All of these are highly perishable foods except _______

(a) yam (b) vegetable (c) tomatoe (d) pepper


Part B: Theory

1.) What is food preservation? ____________________________________________________


2.) Mention two methods of food preservation

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________


3.) Mention two dishes common among the Yoruba tribe

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________


4.) Mention two sources of family income

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________


5.) Mention two examples of home accident

(a) ________________________________ (b) ______


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