(1.)   Soap is a _____ agent    (a) drying       (b) cleansing    (c) water    (d) cooking



(2.)   Soap is produced from chemical reaction known as ________ (a) hydration    (b) esterification    (c) saponification    (d) production



(3.)   Soap is used for the following except __________ (a) for dyeing cloth    (b) for removing grease    (c) for removing dirt   (d) for removing heat



(4.)   There are ___________ types of soap (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 5



(5.)   Trade and production of flowers is called ________ (a) gardening    (b) floristry     (c) farming    (d) forestry



(6.)   ________ is a person who engage in growing and sale of flowers (a) flowerist    (b) gardener    (c) florist    (d) farmer



(7.)   Women’s hat are made by _________ (a) artist   (b) milliner   (c) hat maker   (d) hat designers



(8.)   Hat can also be called headdress (a) True (b) doubt (c) not sure (d) false



(9.)   The act of making hat is called _______________________ (a) shoe making    (b) hat drawing    (c) hat making    (d) hat designing



(10.) Flowers make our house __________ (a) ugly    (b) dull    (c) beautiful   (d) sweet



(11.) ___________ is used for the protection of hands in floristry (a) hand cover   (b) hand socks   (c) hand gloves    (d) napkin



(12.) ___________ is used for decorating flowers (a) balloon   (b) ribbon   (c) paint   (d) colour



( 13.) _____________ is used to transport flower from one place to another (a) polybags    (b) boxes    (c) cage    (d) travelling bag



(14.) ____________ is the art of arranging flowers in a creative way (a) flowers design    (b) floral design    (c) roses design    (d) bed



(15.) Shoes are made by _______ (a) cobbler   (b) manufacturer   (c) sculptor    (d) shoe shiner



(16.) ____ is added to soap to give it pleasant smell (a) glycerine (b) perfume (c) tallow (d) powder



(17.) The following are examples of materials used in hat-making except ____ (a) trimmings   (b) beads   (c) nails   (d) needles



(18.) Leather is derived from _______ (a) clay   (b) wood   (c) hide   (d) cloth



(19.) In early age, leathers are used as _______ (a) bed (b) clothing (c) laptop cases (d) plate



(20.) Which of the following animals is a good source of hide? (a) rat (b) cattle (c) dog (d) fish



  Section B



(1.)   What is hat making?


( b.) List two kinds of hat

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________


(2.)   Who is a florist ?  ___________________________________________________________________________

b.) State two uses of flowers




3.)   What is leather craft?  ___________________________________________________________________________

(b.) List three things leathers can be used to produce

(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________



(       4.)   What is shoe making?  ___________________________________________________________________________

b.) List two examples of footwear?  (a) ________________________________


(b) ________________________________


(5.)   What is soap? __________________________ ____________________________________________________   (

b.) Mention three things we can do with soap (a) ________________________________


(b) ________________________________ (


c) ________________________________

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