Basic Science and Technology Primary 5 Third Term

Scheme of work


Third Term


Primary 5


Basic Science and Technology


Weeks. Topics


1.           Revision of second term work


2.            Identification and Uses of material of materials


3.             Safety. Accident. Causes of Accident and how to prevent accidents 



4.            Meaning of Maintenance. Importance of Maintenance 



5.           Drawing instruments, identification and care



6.           Heat and Energy conversion. Concept of energy conversion



7.           Heat and Temperature. Meaning and Differences



8.          Heat and Temperature. Symbols, conversion and relationship



9.          Basic Electricity  Form of Electricity Types of Electricity. Cell or Battery



10.      Basic Electricity. Conductor and Non

Components of an electric circuit 

Uses of electricity 



11.        Revision 




12.        Examination








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