Primary 5 Basic Science And Technology Second Term Examination

Subject : Basic Science And Technology

Class : Basic 5

SECOND Term Examination

Answer the following questions

  1. The medical treatment that is given to an injured person before the arrival of the medical doctor is known as…. A) Safety B) First Aid treatment C) marathon d) accident
  2. Something with no unique colour will look….. A) stained b) white c) transparent d) colourful
  3. ……… Is a lever à) seasaw b) lorry c) crowbar d) pair of scissors
  4. Which of the following water project is used for farming where is is little or no rainfall. A) tap. B) well. C) borehole d) irrigation
  5. Air is used for… À) burning. B) breathing. C) transportation. D) all the above[mediator_tech]
  6. The following are the properties of air except…. À) oxygen. B) water vapour. C) dust. D) hydrogen
  7. The ACRONYMS that can be used for the total numbers of colours that can be observed on a rainbow is… A) RAINCOLOR B) ROYGBIV C) BOWCOLOUR D) RADLAG
  8. The most popular coal city in Nigeria is…. A) Abuja. B) Port-Harcourt. C) Enugu    d) Lagos
  9. Valuable materials that are deposited in the earth which are free gift of nature are also known as… A) planets. B) Rocks. C) solar. D) mineral resources
  10. Moving air is also known as… A) go slow. B) wind. C) traffic. D) marathon


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