Road Accident And Road Safety Rules



CLASS: Basic 3


SUBJECT: Social Studies


TOPIC: Road Accident


CONTENT: Road accident is an unexpected event on the road which causes great damage or loss of lives.

Accidents can hurt or injure us for a long time. Different accidents can lead to scrapes and scratches or broken bones but a fatal accident leads to death.

Accidents are caused by being careless. It is very important to be watchful and careful when using the road.


Road safety rules for children


  1. Little children should not cross the road on their own.
  2. Children should use the zebra crossing, if they must cross the road.
  3. If there is no zebra crossing then, they should carefully look on the left, look on the right and look on the left again and cross.
  4. Children can also use the pedestrian bridge (that is bridge for leg users)
  5. Children should ask an older person to take them across the road.



Answer the following questions.


1.What is road accident?


2.State two things different accident can lead to





3.Fatal accident leads to ____________________.


4.What causes accident?


5.List any three road safety rules for children.


6.Accident can ____________ or ___________ us for a long time.

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