Practice Questions on civic education Third Term

CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                      
1.)   The eldest university in Nigeria is the university of ______ (a)  Abuja (b) Ibadan (c) Kano (d) Lagos  
2.)   The main implement that is used for mechanized farming is _____ (a) tractor            (b) hoe           (c) rake          (d) sickle
  3.)   The following is not our National symbol _______________ (a) the Coat of Arms (b) the National Flag      (c) The Birth Certificate      (d) The National Anthem  
4.)   A brother to your father is your ______ (a) brother  (b) daddy  (c) uncle  (d) nephew
5.)   What is the meaning of OAU (a) Organization of African Unit (b) Organs of Africa Unity (c) Organisation of Africa Unity (d) Organs of Africa United  
6.)   What is the slogan for Lagos State ____ (a) Centre of Peace (b) Centre of Excellence (c) the Gateway State         (d) Centre of Unity
  7.)   Every _____ in a year is celebrated as democracy day in Nigeria. (a)  27th May        (b) 1st May     (c) 29th May              (d) 5th May  
8.)   The Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria were amalgamated in ____ (a) 1960               (b) 1950                     (c) 1914                     (d) 1963
  9.)   The Eagle in the Nigerian Coat of Arms represent ____ (a) unity               (b) shield                   (c) wealth                  (d) strength  
10.)          The Coat of Arms is a National Logo and Symbol of _____ (a) authority        (b) sign           (c) weakness                         (d) flag  
11.)          Livestock production is associated with _________________ (a) cash production (b) animal feeds                   (c) animal production          (d) tubers  
12.)          The legal union between a man and a woman is known as ______ (a) relationship   (b) dating       (c) marriage   (d) courtship  
13.)          A place where two rivers meet is called a ______ (a) junction         (b) delta        (c) confluence          (d) joint  
14.)          The Tier of Government that operates at grassroots is known as ____ government (a) Tier                (b) Local        (c) State         (d) Federal  
15.)          ___________________________ is the Senate President (a) Senator David Mark (b) Senator Olubukola Saraki   (c) Chief Evans Emwern    (d) Dr. Chuba Okadigbo  
16.)          Another name for moving is_____ (a) current (b) wind (c) humidity (d) pressure
17.)          The class of food that gives energy is _____ (a) water (b) carbohydrates     (c) protein     (d) vitamin  
18.)          When the National Anthem is being played, we usually respect it by _______ (a) prostrating     (b) kneeling down    (c) standing up at attention                (d) crouching  
19.)          The silver “Y” on the Nigerian Coat of Arm stand for river _____ (a)  Niger and Imo (b) Niger and Benue (c) Niger and Ogun (d) Niger and Gongola  
20.)          In the traffic light, the red light means _____ (a) stop  (b) go   (c) slow  (d) jump
21.)          The head of the Senate is called the Senate _____  (a) clerk              (b) registrar   (c) speaker   (d) president  
22.)          The following are man-made sources of water supply except ____   (a) dam                 (b) tap            (c) ocean        (d) well  
23.)          Going to church to pray and worship the Almighty God is a show of _____ (a) faith or belief            (b) traditional           (c) Christian              (d) political Islamic
  24.)          Mecca is to Muslims as _____ is to Christians (a) Rome              (b) Bethlehem           (c) Jerusalem            (d) Italy  
25.)          The factory where iron goods are manufactured is called ____ (a) refinery          (b) foundry    (c) laundry    (d) confectioney  
26.)          The factory where petroleum is changed into other kinds of oil is called _____ (a) refinery          (b) deport      (c) oil well                 (d) petrol station
  27.)          Goods that are brought into Nigeria from another countries are called _____ goods (a) local            (b) foreign     (c) imported              (d) exported  
28.)          Which of the following is not a good value _____ (a) honesty          (b) integrity   (c) cheating               (d) discipline
  29.)          When the National Flag is flown at half-mast it is a symbol of (a) national victory        (b) war           (c) honour                 (d) mourning  
30.)          The only Nigerian currency with a portrait of a National Hero is ____ Naira Note (a) ten             (b) twenty      (c) fifty          (d) one hundred  
Part B
1.)   Mention four organs of A.U.
2.)   Write out four members of OPEC
3.)   Write out four fundamental human rights
4.)   Define democracy
b.) Mention two features of democracy
5.)   Write out in full AIDS
b.) Write out two ways by which people with AID or HIV may be helped or assisted 
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