Second Term Examination Academic Year Primary Six Basic 6


1. The tax deducted on the taxable income of a citizen is 15k on every naira. Find the tax paid by a man whose taxable income is N3000 (a) N1500 (b) N450 (c) N2000 (d) N15000

2. I have N1000. How many 40k shares can I buy? (a) 4000 (b) 25 (c) 400 (d) 30

3. A man holds 600 shares which he bought for 50k. The company declares a dividend of 4 ½ k per share. How much does he get as dividend? (a) N36.00 (b) N40.00 (c) N177.80K (d) N100

4.The index form of 49 x 225 is ____(a) 72 x 32 (b) 72 x 3 x 52 (c) 7 x 25 (d) 72 x 32 x 52

5. Find the value of (a) (b) (c) 2 (d) 1

6. The cube root of 64 is ___(a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) 64

7. Write 3.30pm in 24hour clock system (a) 03.30hrs (b) 20.45hrs (c) 15.30hrs (d) 20.00hrs

8. A train depart Ede at 20.45 hours and arrived at offa at 04.20hrs. How long did the journey from Ede to Offa last? (a) 4hrs 20min (b) 3hrs 45min (c) 7hrs 35mins (d) 2hrs 45min

9. A bus travelled 8km in 1/6hrs. What is to speed? (a) 2 ½ km/hr (b) 72km/hr (c) 6km/hrs (d) 48km/hr

10. Habib went to bed at 11.45pm and woke up 5.40am. For how long did he sleep (a) 18hrs 55mins (b) 5hrs 55mins (c) 6hrs 5mins (d) 10hrs 40mins

11. what is the distance travelled by a motorist travelling for 1hr 40min at a speed of 48km/hr?

(a) 100km (b) 80km (c) 50km (d) 30km

12. How long does it take a bus travelling a distance of 8km at 48km/hr? (a) 1/6hr (b) 16hr (c) 61hr (d) 6hours

13. Express 25cm in cm and mm. (a) 2cm 5mm (b) 5cm 2mm (d) 10cm 55mm (d) 20cm 5mm


x 5cm Find the length of side X in

this triangle


15. Using the right -angled triangle below, Pythagoras rule state that ________

a c


(a) a2 + b2 = c2 (b) a2 b2 = c2 (c) a2 x b2 = c2

(d) a2 – b2 = c2

16. Convert 4.26litres to milliliters (a) 4.26m (b) 42ml (c) 426ml (d) 4260ml

17. A trader bought 2.5kg of rice, 625g of sugar, 65g of salt and ¼ kg of onions. What was the total weight of her load? (a) 3.5kg (b) 4.1kg (c) 6.2kg (d) 3 ¼ kg


(a) 196t 528kg (b) 60t 7kg (c) 189t 679kg

(d) 100t 200kg

t kg

225 8

  • 59 329
  1. The number of degrees between North and east is ______(a) 270o (b) 180o (c) 90o (d) 45o
  2. Starting at North, turning clockwise, angle 90o ends in what direction. (a) east (b) west (c) south (d) North
  3. If the minute hand on a clock starts on 12, how many degrees does it move through to 2 . (a) 180o

(b) 60o (c) 90o (d) 270o

  1. A pool of water is 12cm long, 9cm wide and 50cm deep. What is the weight it holds when full? (a) 5.4kg (b) 4.5kg (c) 450cm3 (d) 1000litres
  2. 0.350kg 5g (a) < (b) = (c) > (d) none of the option
  3. 8

15 y

Find the length of y (a) 16 (b) 46 (c) 525

(d) 17

  1. Find the value of this leaving your answer in index form 34 x 27 x 35 x 28

SECTION B (fill in the blanks)

  1. when a share is sold above the nominal value, it is said to be sold at a ____________________
  2. The square of 8 added to the square root of 100 is ______________________
  3. The _____________________ of a number is the number of times the number is multiplied by itself
  4. Pm Pn = Pm-n . True or false ___________________
  5. = _______________________
  6. Convert 1week to hours __________________
  7. My watch is 25minutes late. What time is it when my watch shows 07.40hrs? ___________________
  8. If the shorter sides of a right-angled triangle are 5cm and 12cm long. Find the length of the hypotenuse.
  9. A train leaves Kuta at 1430hours and arrives at Dirije 420km at 01.40hrs. Calculate its average speed.

  1. The formular for finding distance is _____________
  2. Convert 6litres to cubic centimetres (cm3)

  1. Add 4m 7m to 8m 997mm. _____________________
  2. Subtract 75l 502cm3 from 433l 76cm3. ___________
  3. Express 74000mg in grammes ___________________
  4. ________________ income is the part of income on which tax is paid.


1a. What is the nominal value of a share? _______________________________________________

b. What does it mean when a share is sold at par?

2a. Find the value of 132-72. _____________________

b. Write the value of 9 x 93 in index form

92 x 1

  1. +

( + )2

  1. A lorry weighs 1.5ton when empty. If it carries 60bags of rice each weighing 125kg, what is the total weight of the lorry and its load?

5a. If the scale used in a drawing is 1cm=10m, what is the actual length of these scale drawing

(a) 5cm (c) 0.6cm



Instruction: Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions on the passage.

The vulture and the tortoise were close friends. But it was the vulture who usually paid visits to the tortoise.

Nevertheless, their friendship blossomed though the tortoise never knew the home of the vulture in the trees.

One day, the vulture’s mother kicked the bucket. The hawk was sent to the tortoise who, as custom demanded, had to attend the funeral. “My dear friend,” the tortoise told the hawk, “ come back tomorrow morning and I’ll accompany you to the vulture’s house”.

“ Are you sure that you can go with me?, asked the hawk. “Yes, “ replied the tortoise, “but if you come and I’m not at home, you’ll see a sack full of things that I intended to give the vulture. Take it to him and tell him I’m on my way to his house”.

The hawk returned the following morning only to see the sack without the tortoise. Satisfied with what the tortoise had told him the previous day, the hawk took the sack to the vulture together with the tortoise’s message.

“How can the tortoise fly over here?” asked the vulture. Immediately, he opened the sack the tortoise crept out and shouted, “Here I am!”


  1. The vulture’s mother kicked the bucket means __________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Who were the two that were close friends? _________________________________________________
  3. “Are you sure you can go with me?” who said this? _______________________________________________

To whom? ______________________________________

  1. When the tortoise received the message he knew he had to attend the funeral. __________________________

Why? ___________________________________________

  1. which of the following proverb would be a suitable title for the passage? (a) once bitten, twice shy (b) the early bird catches the worm (c) one man’s meat is another man’s poison (d) necessity is the mother of invention
  2. The synonym of ‘puny’ is ____(a) weak (b) strong (c) ill (d) miserable
  3. The antonym of ‘miser’ is _____ (a) motorist (b) hostile (c) spend thrift (d) old
  4. Which of these is the proper prefix for ‘legal’ ? (a) dis (b) ir (c) il (d) un
  5. Which of these is the correct sounding word for ‘knight’ (light, night)? ___________________

Which of the words in the bracket is the same as the one underlined in the sentence.

  1. The does are really beautiful (singular form of ‘do’; female deer)
  2. I want to watch the move tonight (an instrument that tells the tune; look at)

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words( 12 and 13) (square , glance)

  1. She ______ at her watch as she hurried to the bus station.
  2. Fair and __________________
  3. First come, _________(a) want not (b) better than one (c) first served (d) think alike
  4. ‘A block sheep’ means _____(a) one who disgraces the family (b) caught in an act of crime (c) a notable or fortunate day (d) cowardly
  5. ‘a chip of an old block’ means ____ (a) with justice and honesty (b) friendly and in harmony with (c) in very good health (d) very like the father
  6. ‘Crocodile tears’ means ____(a) false tears (b) extremely cheap (c) act crazily (d) be frightened

Give the full meaning of the following

  1. AD: _______________________________________
  2. CD-RW: ___________________________________

State the part of speech of the words underlined

  1. Segun lives in this house (a) noun (b) verb (c) pronoun (d) adverb
  2. He hit the dog hard (a) verb (b) pronoun (c) adverb (d) noun

Complete this table[mediator_tech]

Noun Adjective

23 anger ___________________

  1. ______________ careful/careless

Choose the correct pronoun

  1. My father gave (I, me) a present
  2. (Their, theirs) books are over there.
  3. Who is ____________? (a) she (b) they (c) I (d) me
  4. He is as tall as _________ (a) me (b) their (c) i

(d) none of the option

  1. The proper suffix for ‘hope’ is (a) dis (b) less

(c) port (d) fy

  1. One of these can take the prefix ‘un’ (a) behave

(b) conscious (c) discipline (d) legal

  1. which of the following can take the suffix ‘less’

(a) happy (b) fire (c) accurate (d) care

  1. Beck and _____ (a) call (b) cry (c) sit (d) blow
  2. In and ____(a) soul (b) over (c) out (d) tear
  3. time and ____(a) again (b) soul (c) parcel (d) downs

35 To ‘have a blue blood’ mean (a) the blood in one’s body is blue (b) to be of noble birth (c) to be a coward (d) to be jealous

  1. A ‘red letter day’ is a ____(a) a notable or fortunate day (b) a day when people write letters with red ink (c) a sad day (d) a day when one gives another a letter
  2. Absence makes the heart ___(a) die (b) shrink

(c) go bad (d) grow fonder

  1. A bird in the hand is _____(a) deserve the fair

(b) worth two in the bush (c) begins at home (d) out of mind

  1. VAT mean (a) very attractive teacher (b) value added tax (c) veronica at the theatre (d) valuable always and timeless


Choose any one of the following topics and write a meaningful composition on it

  1. Farmer are more important than teachers (support)
  2. Write a letter to a friend in another school telling him/her how you are preparing for your forthcoming entrance and primary school leaving examinations.
  3. The last inter-house sports competition in my school.


SAMPLE A (1-5)

















  1. 2.



  1. 4.











Sample: B (6-10)








    1. 8.



  1. 10.



Sample C: (11-15)

10 16 22

9 18 27


8 8

4 12

5 7 9

0.3 0.5

  1. 12.


16 29

8 8

  1. 14



3 9

Sample D: (16-20)

5 < 2 = 32 10 < 5 = 55 12 < 7 = 57

  1. 8 < 2 =
  2. < 6 =
  3. 20 < 9 =
  4. 23 < = 149
  5. < 3 = 63

Sample E (21 – 25)

4 3 = 12 5 7 = 35/12

6 4 = 12 10 1 = 10/11

  1. 8 3 = 22. 19 6 =
  2. 9 ______ = 72 24. (6 2) ___ = 11/5
  3. ______ ½ = 3/2

Sample F










7 1/2


    1. 28.

12 ½

10 ½








  1. 30.





Below are the marks for five boys in an examination . The pass mark for each subject is 40. Answer question 1 to 5.

Name Maths English French Physics Biology
Clement 70 80 38 90 80
Charles 60 50 40 70 60
William 25 27 50 40 37
Amos 80 90 75 45 35
Ajanekoro 90 80 65 42 15


  1. How many subject did Amos pass? (a) one (b) three (c) two (d) four (e) five
  2. Who beat Ajanlekoro in French (a) clement (b) Amos (c) Charles (d) William (e) All
  3. Who is the worst in English (a) Amos (b) Clement (c) Charles (d) Ajanlekoro (e) William
  4. In which subject did Clement and Ajanlekoro have the same score? (a) Maths (b) English (c) French (d) Physics (e) Biology
  5. In what subject did William beat Charles by ten marks? (a) Maths (b) English (c) French (d) Physics (e) biology

Study the pair of words and complete the rest.

  1. (time, emit) ; (dial, laid) ; (net, _________)

(a) note (b) teen (c) ten (d) net (e) lent

  1. (our, tour); (own, town); (ill, _______)

(a) hill (b) till (c) gill (d) mill (e) feet

  1. (torture, true); (prized, pie); (siesta,______)

(a) sister (b) setter (c) rest (d) set (e) sat

  1. (mental, meal); (verbal, veal); (deal, ____)

(a) dent (b) deal (c) dale (d) dealt (e) dean

  1. (denounce, announce); (subject, project); (construct, _________)


In each of the numbers 11-15 , you are given a statement . The statement may be true (A) , false (B) or not always tru (C). A B C

  1. Children grow to be adult T F NAT
  2. Hardworking people are

rich T F NAT

  1. Policemen are all dishonest T F NAT
  2. Slim people run faster than

Fat people T F NAT

  1. People die according to

Their ages T F NAT


Which of the words in each of question 16-20 will come first in the dictionary


  1. ablution abdicate abandon access acclaim
  2. Bait badge bazooka bell billions
  3. Chop Coast Croak Catholic cave
  4. dada draw deflect degree discern
  5. encounter eagle editor eleven enter

SECTION E: Choose from option A to E the one that gives the correct order of the sentences.

21 1. Spoke passionately.

  1. to the church members
  2. the preacher

(a) 1,2,3 (b) 2,1,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 1,3,2 (e) 3,1,2

    1. My uncle puts his money in the bank
  1. My uncle collects big interest on his money
  2. My uncle has a lot of money

(a) 1,2,3 (b) 2,3,1 (c) 3,1,2 (d) 3,2,1 (e) 1,3,2

    1. Olaolu worked hard throughout yesterday
  1. he went to bed early yesterday evening
  2. he was very tired

(a) 1,2,3 (b) 3,2,1 (c) 1,3,2 (d) 2,3,1, (e) 3,1,2

    1. My wife has travelled for over a month
  1. I pray for her safe return
  2. I miss my wife a great deal

(a) 1,3,2 (b) 1,2,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 2,3,1 (e) 2,1,3

    1. The boy cut
  1. with the sharp knife
  2. the yam

(a) 2,3,1 (b) 1,2,3 (c) 3,2,1 (d) 3,1, 2 (e) 1,3,2


Study each word and its code word careful and work out how the code for the rest will be written

Example if WHAT means JUNG, then HAT is UNG

  1. If MEANT means LANES the ANT is ____________
  2. If WARD means MANK, then WAD is _______
  3. If JUMP means CODE, then PUMP is ______
  4. If CUP means RAT, the UP is ______?

(a) TA (b) UP (c) AR (d) RT (e) AT

  1. If BOOK means CPPL, then KOO is _______?

(a) CPP (b) CPL (c) LPP (d) BOO (e) OOK[mediator_tech]


  1. Air in motion is known as _________(a) wind (b) air pressure (c) harmattan (d) season
  2. The instrument used for determining the direction of wind is called ________(a) anemometer (b) barometer

(c) wind vane (d) speedometer

  1. In Nigeria, the south-west wind brings _________

(a) dry season (b) rainfall (c) harmattan (d) wind

  1. One of these is not a type of wind (a) calm wind

(b) breeze (c) gale (d) shower

  1. When air is cooled, water vapour condenses into tiny droplets of water which form ______(a) cloud (b) wind (c) breeze (d) temperature
  2. The temperature at which air is cooled and its water vapour is changed or condenses into tiny droplet of water is called ______(a) rain-point temperature (b) dew-point temperature (c) gale-point temperature (d) none of the options
  3. The instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure is known as ___(a) wind vane (b) barometer (c) anemometer (d) thermometer
  4. One of these is not a climatic belt in Nigeria.

(a) Northern belt (b) middle belt (c) western belt (d) southern belt

  1. Nigeria’s vegetation zones are divided into

(a) mangrove and fresh water zones

(b) rainforest and tall grass savanna zones

© woodland and tall grass savanna zones

(d) forest and savanna zones

  1. The vegetation type of the Northern belt of Nigeria is ______(a) mangrove (b) rain forest (c) fresh water (d) short grass and marginal savanna
  2. The vegetation type of the Southern belt of Nigeria is _______(a) short grass and marginal savanna

(b) woodland and tall grass savanna (b) mangrove, fresh water swamp and rainforest (d) marginal savanna

  1. Plantain, banana, cocoyam, oil palm are found in the ______ (a) short grass savanna zone (b) marginal savanna (c) mangrove and fresh water swamp zone

(d) woodland and tall grass zone

  1. Which of the vegetation zone has the highest amount of rainfall, highest duration of rainfall and lowest temperature (a) short grass savanna (b) woodland and tall grass savanna (c) mangrove and fresh swamp water (d) marginal savanna zone
  2. Pre-planting activities involve all the following except

(a) watering (b) choice of good site (c) land clearing and stumping (d) preparation of nursery beds

  1. One of these is a post-planting activity.

(a) sowing of seeds (b) selection and transplanting seeding (c) application of fertilizers (d) choice of good site

  1. The pre-planting activity that involves the removal of grasses, stubborn root and stumps is known is (a) sowing of seeds (b) choice of good site (c) selection and transplanting seedlings (d) land clearing and stumping
  2. _____is the process of removing seedling from the nursery to a permanent plot (a) watering (b) mulching (c) staking (d) transplanting
  3. The post- planting activity that involves the covering of soil surface with grass leaves or crop remains to reduce evaporation is called ___(a) watering (b) sowing

© mulching (d) staking

  1. ___________is the use of stick to prop up, or provide support to crops with creeping stems (a) mulching

(b) staking (c) weeding (d) choosing a good site

  1. Cassava tuber can be processed into one of the following except (a) rice grains (b) garri (c) starch

(d) tapioca

  1. ___________is the removal of unwanted plants competing with crops for nutrients (a) weeding (b) staking (c) mulching (d) watering
  2. NPK is a type of _________ (a) crop (b) pre-planting activity (c) fertilizer (d) post-planting activity
  3. One of these is a way of reducing evaporation (a) staking (b) mulching (c) weeding (c) choosing a good site
  4. Transplanting can b e done using one of the following (a) cutlass (b) trowel (c) tractor (d) rake
  5. _______ is the amount of water vapour in the air

(a) temperature (b) cloud cover (c) atmosphere vapour (d) humidity

SECTION B (Fill in the blanks)

26__________________wind is a strong wind which moves in circle or circular form.

  1. One importance of wind in Agriculture is ________________________
  2. North –East winds bring ___________________ season to Nigeria.
  3. North-East winds come from the _________________
  4. _____________________is force per unit area

(i.e Force Area)

  1. The instrument used for measuring humidity is _________________________________
  2. High relative humidity causes the ________________of milk, egg and meat production.
  3. _____________________ and ___________________ are the two main types of vegetation zones in Nigeria
  4. Mangrove and fresh water swamp zones are found in the _______________________belt of Nigeria.
  5. Short grass (sudan) savanna and marginal (sahel) savanna zone are found in the ______belt of Nigeria.
  6. Mulching is __________________________________
  7. Staking is ___________________________________
  8. Weeding is __________________________________
  9. __________________________ and _____________ are two examples of pre-planting activities.
  10. ________________________and ________________ are two examples of post-planting activities.[mediator_tech]


  1. Draw a cup anemometer

2a. What is transplanting? _________________________

b. When is transplanting best done? _________________________________________________

  1. What are tuber crops? ________________________

b. Give the first 4 steps involved in planting tube crops

i. _____________________________________________

ii. ___________________________________________

iii. ___________________________________________

iv. ___________________________________________

4i. What is the full meaning of IITA? _________________

b. Cassava tubers can be processed into ______________________, ________________ and ______________________

  1. How do we harvest maize crops? _________________

b. Maize grains separated from the chaff can be stored in air-tight contained such as _________________,

______________________ and ____________________



1.Conflict means ________(a) cooperation (b) non-cooperation (c) support (d) meeting

  1. All of these are causes of conflict except (a) failure to tolerate one another (b) respect of others opinions and culture (c) failure to supply promised goods and services (d) a fight over land space
  2. One of these is a value needed in solving international conflict (a) concern for others (b) intolerance (c) dishonesty (d) fear
  3. The African Union (AU) was formed on (a) June 20,1961 (b) January 4, 1981 (c) May 25, 1963 (d) December 31, 1920
  4. If was formerly called __________ (a) PAU (b) BAU (c) NAU (d) OAU

6.All of these are organs of the AU except (a) the council of ministers (b) the general secretariat (c) the local government (d) the assembly of heads of state and government

  1. United Nations Organisation (UNO) was formed on (a) October 24, 1945 (b) September 20, 1967 (c) August 27, 1988 (d) June 1, 1938
  2. One of these is an agency of UNO (a) EFCC (b) ICPC (c) UNESCO (d) SON
  3. All of these are objectives of NEPAD except (a) eradication of poverty (b) to encourage slavery (c) to help African countries grow
  4. ______ is the practice of denying someone his or her rights just because that person is a male or female (a) man-woman disagreement (b) gender discrimination (c) non-cooperation (d) international conflict
  5. All of these are effects or consequences of the practice mentioned in question 10 except (a) education for all people (b) denial of equal opportunities

(c) demoralization (d) denial of fundamental human rights

  1. This practice in question 10 happens in all these areas except (a) education (b) hospital (c) employment (d) family roles
  2. _______ is a human agent of production (a) Labour (b) wages (c) manufacturing (d) ASUU
  3. All of these are trade unions except (a) ASUU (b) NLC (c) NURTW (d) EFCC
  4. The form of strike action in which workers stop going to work is ______(a) sit down strike (b) total strike (c) partial strike (d) riot
  5. All of these are causes of wage increase except ____(a) promotion at work (b) higher educational qualification (c) national election (d) when there is inflation
  6. We manage income properly through all of these except (a) shopping spree (b) savings (c) investment (d) family budget
  7. ______________ is a condition in which people’s skills are used and paid for

(a) slavery () production (c) employment (d) unemployment

  1. One of these is a labour saving device (a)washing machine (b) CD (c) TV

(d) Electric metre

20.One of the social problems caused by labour saving devices is ____(a) unemployment (b) education (c) solving problems (d) they are cheap to buy

  1. One of these is not a natural resource __(a) tin (b) fuel wood (c) vehicle (d) wild life
  2. Our natural resources are developed and managed through all these except ___

(a) production of raw materials (b) refining raw materials (c) distribution and sale of raw materials (d) wasting raw materials

  1. Natural resources are used for _____(a) improving the welfare of people in the society (b) enslaving people (c) fighting wars (d) none of the option
  2. An example of a renewable resources is ___(a) crude oil (b) water (c) tin (d) columbite
  3. HIV/AIDS affects labour force in the following way except (a) promotion at work

(b) loss in the labour force (c) reduction in man power (d) low self-esteem


  1. Conflict between or among nations is called ___________________________________
  2. UNICEF stands for _________________________________________________
  3. The first chairman of OAU was ____________________________________________
  4. The palm leaves in the AU’s symbols stands for ______________________________
  5. NEPAD stands for _________________________________________________
  6. One of the principles of NEPAD is __________________________________________
  7. Two value that promote peace are _____________________________ and __________________________
  8. One way of promoting national unity is _______________________________________
  9. Two examples of trade unions are ________________________ and ________________
  10. ____________________ are paid regularly on a weekly basics while _______________ is paid regularly but on a monthly basis.
  11. The opposite of employment is __________________________________
  12. One way of solving unemployment is ______________________________________
  13. One example of a labour saving device is ____________________________________
  14. Two examples non- renewable resources are ____________________________ and ________________________________
  15. Two examples of renewable resources are _______ and


On the map above use to mark the a place where Gold can be found; to mark the place where petroleum and be found, and to mark the area where tropical rainforest is.

2a. What are labour saving devices? ___________________________________________

b. Give two disadvantages of labour saving devices

i. ______________________________________ ii. ______________________________

  1. List four causes of wage increase

i. ___________________________________

ii. ________________________________

iii. __________________________________

iv. ________________________________

4a. The two forms of Industrial action or strike action are

i. __________________________________

ii. __________________________________

b. Give the full meaning of these

i. ASUU:__________________________________________ _________________________________________________

ii. NLC:__________________________________________ _______________________________________________

5a. Give 2 areas in which gender discrimination can occur

i. __________________________________

ii. _________________________________

b. Give two agencies of UNO

i. _________________________________ _________

ii. _____________________________________[mediator_tech]_____



  1. A _______ is an individual who has the legal right to live permanently in a particular country, enjoying the full right (a) Nigeria (b) citizen (c) president (d) senator
  2. Foreigners acquire or obtain the citizenship of a particular country by the process of __________

(a) citizenship (b) natioalisation (c) naturalizations (d) slavery

  1. Foreigners are also called ___(a) aliens (b) E.Ts (c) slaves (d) nationals
  2. Foreigners are in our midst for the following reasons except ___(a) economic reasons (b) vacation (c) tourism (d) assassination
  3. The following are foreigners in Nigeria except

(a) Americans (b) aliens from outer space (c) Europeans (d) Ghanaians

  1. All of these are not reasons why foreigners are in our midst except (a) slave trade

(b) destruction of our societies (c) tourism (d) to chase us away

  1. All of these are advantages of having foreigners in our midst except (a) to spy on us (b) to promote development (c) to promote diplomatic relationship (d) to promote professional skills
  2. All of these are disadvantages of having foreigners in our midst except

(a) introduction of harmful culture (b) smuggling out our natural resources (c) to improve education (d) crimes

  1. One of these is NOT a foreign Christian priest or evangelist (a) Thomas Birch Freeman (b) pastor E.A Adeboye (c) father Coquard (d) Reenhard Bournke
  2. All of these are conditions necessary for a foreigner to meet before becoming a Nigerian citizen except

(a) He or she must have no respect for Nigerian culture (b) He or she must have good and legal means of livelihood (c) He or she must have contributed to the growth and development of Nigeria’s economy (d) He or she must have displayed good character and behavior

  1. Before becoming a citizen of Nigeria, a foreigner must have lived for _______ years. (a) 2 (b) 10 (c) 15 (d) 20
  2. Having a good and legal means of live hood means ____ (a) having a good and acceptable job (b) having a nice and standard house (c) having a good voice for singing (d) having a good life
  3. One of these is not a Nigerian government policy and programme (a) UBE (b) ASUU (c) Due process (d) NEEDS
  4. All of these are importance of UBE except ___ (a) provide compulsory education for all Nigerian children (b) promote manipulation and life skills among learners

(c) promotes moral and Civic values in children and adolescents (d) to encourage illiteracy in Nigeria

  1. U.B.E was launched in _____________ by ___________ (a) 30th September, 1999 ; chief olusegun Obasanjo (b) 30th November, 1999; Former senate president , David Mark (c) 30th of September,1999; Atiku Abubakar (d) 30th of November, 1999; Goodluck Jonathan
  2. ______ is a Nigerian government policy that ensures rules and regulations of the government are followed.

(a) citizenship (b) NEEDS (c) Naturalisation (d) Due process

  1. NEEDS serves the following purposes except

(a) Reduction of poverty in Nigeria (b) wealth generation (c) arresting criminals (d) provide basic services for the people

  1. U.B.E stands for ____ (a) Union basic expenses (b) universal basic expenses (c) universal basic education (d) unity by education
  2. One of these government institution ensure food and drug safety in Nigeria. (a) EFCC (b) ICPC (c) NAFDAC (d) S.O.N

20.One of these fights economic and financial crimes in Nigeria (a) NAFDAC (b) S.O.N (c) EFCC (d) NEEDS

  1. The full meaning of ICPC is (a) independent community protection commission (b) independent corrupt practices commission (c) international crime practices commission (d) none of the options
  2. S.O.N stands for (a) sons of Nigeria (b) solutions of Nigerians (c) standard organization of Nation (d) standard organization of the Nation
  3. S.O.N ensures ____ (a) the standardizing and regulation of the quality of every product in Nigeria

(b) that all Nigerian children are educated (c) that financial and economic crimes are stopped (d) that jobs are created

  1. One of these is a Nigerian government agencies that fight corrupt practices in Nigeria (a) UBE (b) I.C.P.C (c) NEEDS (d) none of the options
  2. All of these Nigerian government institutions except _____ (a) NAFDAC (b) ICPC (c) EFCC (d) FBI


  1. _______________________ is a process by which a person becomes a citizen of another country.

27.An ALIEN in a society is also called a ________________________________

  1. One reason why foreigners are in our midst is ______________________________
  2. One advantage of having foreigners in our midst is __________________________
  3. One disadvantage of having foreigners in our midst is ____________________________
  4. One of the conditions for a foreigner to become a Nigeria citizen is _______________
  5. A foreigner must have lived _____________________ years in Nigeria before becoming a Nigerian citizen.
  6. Due process means _________________________ ____________________________________________
  7. One importance of NEEDS is ____________________________________________
  8. One importance of U.B.E is ___________________________________________
  9. One importance of EFCC is ____________________________________________
  10. One function of ICPC is ______________________________________________
  11. One function of S.O.N is ______________________________________________
  12. Two of the Nigerian government institution you studied this term are _____________________ and _______________________


1a. What is citizenship? ____________________________

b. What is naturalization? __________________________

  1. State 4 conditions necessary for a foreigner to become a citizen of Nigeria.

i. __________________________________ ii._______________________________

iii. _________________________________

iv. _______________________________

3a. What year was S.O.N established? ______________

b. What year was EFCC established? _________________

c. What is the full meaning of NDLEA? ______________

  1. State the full meaning of each of these abbreviations.

i. ICPC:- ________________________________________


iii. S.O.N: ________________________________________

iv. NAFDAC:______________________________________

5a. State 2 functions of NEEDS.

i. _________________________________________

ii. ________________________________________

b. State 2 functions of UBE

i. _________________________________________

ii. ________________________________________[mediator_tech]




  1. The ____pumps blood to all part of the body.

(a) kidney (b) heart (c) brain (c) liver

  1. _____ are blood vessels carrying oxygen-rich blood away from the heart to other parts of the body

(a) capillaries (b) veins (c) arteries (d) vena cava

  1. Blood circulation in human is regarded as ____________ circulation (a) single (b) double (c) triple (d) multiple
  2. The male reproductive system are made up of the following organs except ___(a) testis (b) penis (c) sperm duct (d) oviduct
  3. _____ is where the zygote develops (a) testes

(b) ovaries (c) oviduct (d) womb

  1. In human beings, both males and females produce sex cells called ____(a) gametes (b) fertilization

(c) platelet (d) haemoglobin

  1. When ____sets in, the physical appearance of boys and girls begin to change in preparation for reproduction (a) reproduction (b) germination (c) puberty

(d) pollination

  1. One of these changes occur in girl during _____ the stage mention in question 7 (a) the shoulder becomes broader (b) The voice ‘cracks’ and becomes deeper

(c) the hips become broader (d) semen production starts

  1. All of these are consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior except (a) unwanted pregnancy (b) dropping out of school (c) risk of being infected with STDs

(d) long life and intelligence

  1. All of these are ports in Nigeria except ___

(a) Lagos ports (b) Port-Harcourt port (c) Calabar ports (d) none of the options

  1. One of these is a place through which imports and exports come into or move out of the country (a) Dams (b) ports (c) lakes (d) streams
  2. Water transportation can take place through any of these except _____(a) hills (b) rivers (c) seas (d) ocean
  3. Wind is ____ in motion (a) air (b) water (c) sand particles (d) sound
  4. A ____ is used to generate electricity (a) vehicle

(b) match stick (c) wind will (d) bellow

  1. Air pressure does one of the following (a) makes things to fly in air (b) pumps blood through the human blood vessels (c) makes our vehicles move (d) makes us stand firmly on the ground
  2. One of these is a solid mineral (a) crude oil (b) natural gas (c) coal gas (d) columbite
  3. ____ is used for making ornaments and jewelleries (a) Gold (b) sulphur (c) Aluminium (d) graphite
  4. ____ is used for making safety matches, gun powder, ointments and to make rubber hard. (a) lead (b) iron (c) sulphur (d) copper
  5. One of these mineral is found in Udi hills near Enugu, Enugu state. (a) Aluminium (b) Gold (c) coal (d) crude oil
  6. ____is the removal of minerals from their sources under the earth surface (a) exploitation (b) exploration (c) expiration (d) excommunication
  7. Continuous and persistent removal of mineral resources in a particular place for a long period of time is known as ____(a) over exploration (b) over exploitation (c) under exploration (d) under exploitation
  8. Light carries energy in tiny packets of electromagnetic radiation called ___(a) photon (b) ion (c) atom (d) proton
  9. The seven colours of the rainbow are abbreviated as _____(a) ROGBIV (b) ROBGIV (c) ROGVIB (d) ROYGBIV
  10. ____ are colours that can be mixed together to obtain other colours (a) primary colour (b) secondary colours (c) tertiary colours (d) none of the option
  11. Red + Yellow = ___ (a) green (b) orange (c) purple (d) none of the option


  1. The two upper chambers of heart are __________ and ________________________
  2. The three types of blood vessels are _____________,

_______________ and ____________________

  1. The left and right sides of the heart is separated by a thick muscular wall called ________________________
  2. ______________ are produced in the testes.
  3. Another name for the oviduct is _________________
  4. The female gamete is called ___________ while the male gamete is called ______________________
  5. An example of a responsible sexual behavior is _______________________________
  6. VVF is _______________________________________
  7. Which of these do menstruation? (mature boys or mature girls) __________________________________
  8. Two examples of dams in Nigeria are ____________________ and ______________________
  9. Two examples of lakes in Nigeria are __________________ and _____________________
  10. The three properties of air are _________________

____________________________ and _________________

  1. One of the use or application of air pressure is ______________________________
  2. Two examples of gaseous minerals are ____________________ and _______________________
  3. Three of the states where crude oil can be found in Nigeria are _________________,__________________ and


1.State one function of each of the following:

i. Tastes: _______________________________________

ii. uterus: ______________________________________

iii. Ovaries: ______________________________________

iv. sperm duct:- _______________________________

2a. Label the diagram below

i. _______________________________



3a. State 2 consequences of indiscrimination or irresponsible sexual behavior


ii. _____________________________________________

b. State two of the five categories into which WATER PROJECTS in Nigeria can be grouped


ii. _____________________________________________

4a. what are secondary colours? ____________________

b. List all the primary colour

i. _____________________________________________

ii. ____________________________________________

c. Red + Blue = __________________________________

5a. what is a natural environment? __________________

b. State what these minerals are used for

i. Aluminium: _____________________________________

ii. Graphite: ______________________________________

SUBJECT: P.H.E CLASS: GRADE 6[mediator_tech]


  1. Hockey is a game played by two teams of __________players each (a) 22 (b) 11 (c) 5 (d) 7
  2. In hockey, ____ are the goal poachers; they collect the ball from the mid fielders. (a) goal keeper (b) defenders (c) attackers (d) midfielder
  3. All of these are techniques in hockey except ____(a) throwing (b) dribble (c) push (d) drive
  4. Midfielders in hockey are also called ___ (a) forwards (b) full backs (c) half backs (d) none of the option
  5. A team of handball players consist of ____players (a) 10 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 7
  6. All of these are skills in handball except ____(a) roll in (b) throwing (c) catching (d) shooting
  7. In handball, the ability of moving the ball away from the opponent is ___(a) shooting (b) throwing (c) dribbling (d) catching
  8. ____ is the escape of blood from the blood vessels (a) wound (b) sprain (c) bleeding (d) dislocation
  9. ___ is a broken or cracked bone which occurs when pressure is applied to bones (a) haemorrhage (b) fainting (c) dislocation (d) fracture
  10. ______ is a brief loss of consciousness due to decreased supply of blood to the brain (a) drowning (b)fainting (c) sprain (d) bleeding
  11. Wounds caused by gunshot are called ____(a) punctured wound (b) avulsion wound (c) lacerated wound (d) incised wound
  12. All of these are type of wounds except ___(a) shock (b) bruise (c) abrasion (d) none of the options
  13. The part of the tooth that can be seen easily is called (a) crown (b) root (c) neck (d) none of the options
  14. ____ is a hole in the tooth caused by decay (a) periodontitis (b) halitosis (c) cavity (d) gingivitis
  15. Gum disease is also called ___(a) periodontal disease (b) halitosis (c) pneumonoultra microscopicsilico volcanocomosis (d) none of the options
  16. The early stage of gum disease is called ______

(a) pneumonoultra microscopicsilico volcanocomosis (b) halitosis (c) periodontitis (d) gingivitis

  1. All of these are methods of disposing waste except ____(a) locking them away in the kitchen cupboard (b) incineration (b) burying them at designated sites (d) reclaiming and recycling
  2. ____ is the release of harmful substances into water bodies (a) air pollution (b) noise pollution (c) water pollution (d) none of the options
  3. One of these is an effect of air pollution (a) it causes hearing impairment (b) it kills organism living in water (c) it causes difficulty in breathing (d) it can disturb sleep
  4. All of these are effects of water pollution except ___ (a) coughing (b) killing of organisms living in water (c) causing excessive growth of algae and other unwanted water plants (d) water soluble radioactive compounds can cause earner, birth defect and genetic disorder
  5. All of these are components of physical fitness except ____(a) swimming (b) agility (c) power (d) flexibility
  6. ____is the physical ability which enables an individual to rapidly change body position and direction in precise manner (a) agility (b) power (c) flexibility (d) balance
  7. One of these is an activity for measuring power (a) sergeant jump (b) beam walk (c) zigzag run (d) sit and reach
  8. _____is the ability of an individual to make a steady posture while standing (a) flexibility (b) agility (c) sit and reach (d) balance
  9. Straight knee toe touch and sit and reach are activities used to measure _____ (a) power (b) flexibility (c) agility (d) none of the options


  1. Two techniques in hockey are _____________ and ______________
  2. Two officials in hockey are _______________ and __________________
  3. Two basic skills in handball are ________________

and ________________________

  1. ______________, in handball, is getting the ball into the goal
  2. First Aid is ___________________________________
  3. Bleeding is also called _________________________
  4. Two types of wounds are ____________________ and _________________________
  5. Two types of fracture are ___________________ and _____________________
  6. In _______________________ fracture, the skin breaks causing open wound
  7. _______________ and _______________ health is defined as a state of having a balanced state of mind.
  8. One way to have peace at home is _____________

  1. One importance of environmental health is ________[mediator_tech]

  1. Bad breadth is also called ____________________

  1. ___________________is the ability to do forceful and muscular activity at a fast speed.
  2. ___________________ is an example of activities used to measure agility


1a. What is self-understanding? ____________________

b. State two things to do to have and maintain peace at school . i. ______________________________________

ii. _____________________________________________

2a. State 2 benefit of having good friends

i. ______________________________________

ii. _____________________________________

b. WHO stands for __________________________

3a. What is personal health? ____________________

b. State two player formations in hockey

i. _______________________________

ii. _______________________________

4a. State two officials in hockey

i. ____________________________________________

ii. ____________________________________________

b. What is dislocation? __________________________

b. Draw a hockey pitch showing one of the two player formation in question (3b)


  1. A ________ is what a person hopes to achieve . (a) keeper (b) goal (c) engineer (d) setting
  2. To achieve anything , there must be a (a) person (b) plan (c) number (d) king
  3. _______ refers to what we want to achieve in a short period of time (a) long term goal (b) important goals (c) short term goals (d) significant goals
  4. One of the ways to achieve our goals is

____(a) laziness (b) procrastination (c) fear (d) prayerfulness

  1. Which of these bible references talks about goal setting? (a) Luke 14:27-33 (b) Philippians 1:21 (c) Acts 13:1 (d) John 3:16-18
  2. The process of choosing what to do in any situation is known as ___(a) decision (b) decision making (c) goal (d) prayer
  3. ___is the choice that one makes after thinking about the best thing to do (a) decision making (b) decision (c) goal (d) goal setting
  4. ___ will help us make the best use of our time for God, ourselves and the society (a) gossiping (b) disobedience (c) watching TV

(d) goal setting

  1. Which of these will bring shame on us and our family (a) good decision (b) having good goals (c) excelling in our studies (d) bad decision
  2. One of these is not a situation in which decision making is required (a) what to eat (b) when to sleep (c) how to answer your name when called in class (d) when to do home work
  3. To choose to pray always, study lessons given in school and also help our parents at home are examples of (a) bad decision (b) useless decision (c) good decision (d) unimportant decision
  4. Which book of the bible says this: “ whatever your hands find to do, do it with your might for there is no work or device of knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going”? (a) Genesis (b) Ecclesiastes (c) Hosea (d) Habakkuk
  5. In Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians , he also urged them to ___ (a) work hard (b) avoid paying for anything they bought (c) practice an eye for an eye (d) burn down houses during protest
  6. “An idle hand is the ____ workshop” (a) angel’s (b) lions (c) devil’s (d) disciples
  7. What is the desire to do something wrong or have something that is considered immoral? (a)desire (b) goal setting (c) decision making (d) temptation
  8. Satan uses our ____to draw us to sin (a) strength (b) prayers (c) kindness (d) weakness
  9. ___is the dishonest use of power for personal gain (a) temptation (b) fasting (c) corruption (c) evangelism
  10. ___took twenty shekels of silver coins to betray Jesus (a) John (b) Judas Iscariot (c) Andrew (d) Jonathan
  11. One of these is a cause of temptation (a) keeping bad company (b) helping your neighbor (c) loving your parents
  12. We can overcome temptation through ____ (a) reading and understanding the word of God (b) watching daily news on TV (c) physical exercises (d) washing our pastor clothes
  13. One of these is a good attitude (a) over eating (b) coming home very late (c) laziness in our school work (d) moderation in everything
  14. One of these can lead to untimely death

(a) moderation in eating (b) drunkenness and drug abuse (c) self-control (d) cleanliness

  1. The bible cautions us to ___ our tongue

(a) cut out (b) tame (c) tie (d) burn

  1. Indecent dressing may lead to ____

(a) excellence in your studies (b) good health (c) wisdom (d) rape

  1. ____is the quality of being reasonable and not being excessive in whatever we do (a) corruption (b) temptation (c) moderation (d) sexual immorality


  1. _______________ and ___________ are two main types of goals.
  2. ___________ refer to what we want to achieve in a long period of time.
  3. One basic step of achieving goal is ______

  1. A daily or weekly goal is a ____________

____________________________ goal

  1. When to pray, when to do home work and when to go to school are examples of situations in which __________________________ is required
  2. One disadvantage of bad decision is _______

  1. A decision is _________________________

  1. Goal setting is _______________________

  1. To achieve our goals we must make the _____________________decision.
  2. _____________ urged the Thessalonians to work hard.
  3. One advantage of hard work is ________

  1. Jesus fasted for __________________days and nights
  2. Extreme love for money leads to __________ and ____________________
  3. A ____________ centred person only cares about himself/herself and is not bothered about his/her neighbours.
  4. One right way to use our money is ______________________________________


1a. What is temptation? __________________

b. List Jesus three temptations[mediator_tech]

i. _______________________________

ii. ______________________________

iii. _________________________________

2a. What is corruption?___________________

b. Give 2 causes of corruption

i. ______________________________

ii. ______________________________

3a. Give 3 examples of situations where decision making is required

i. ________________________________

ii. ________________________________

iii. _______________________________

b. State 2 importance of decision making

i. _____________________________

ii. ______________________________

4a. Give four basic steps to achieving goals

i. _________________________________

ii. __________________________________

iii. __________________________________

iv. ________________________________

b. Give two importance of goal setting

i. _________________________________

ii. __________________________________

5a. Give an example of a goal you would like to achieve ___________________________________

b. Give or state 4 important steps on how you are going to achieve that goal.

i. _________________________________

ii. __________________________________

iii. __________________________________

iv. ________________________________


  1. Tom dreamt that he killed a giant _____on his way to the stream (a) snake (b) rat (c) lion (d) squirrel
  2. Tom’s favourite soup was ____ (a) snail soup (b) fish soup (c) cow meat soup (d) snake soup
  3. Fred was Tom’s _____ (a) class mate (b) cousin

© dog (d) neighbor

  1. “Didn’t you hear me? I am old enough to be your father. My sister cast a spell on me!” Who said this? (a) Fred (b) the soldier (c) Tolu (d) the snail
  2. Did Tom’s parents believe him when he told them about his experience at the stream? Yes or No
  3. Who put Alfouso and everyone in the palace under a spell? (a) King Merius (b) Carolina (c) Fred (d) Tom
  4. Who lied to the King that Alfonso was dead?

(a) the princess (b) the prince (c) the guard (d) fathi

  1. “Alfonso tried to kill the King?” Who said this?

(a) Carolina (b) Tom (c) Tolu (d) Fathi

  1. Who tried talking to his father’s chicken? (a) Fred

(b) Tom (c) Tolu (d) Alfonso

  1. Who wanted to kill the snail? (a) the old man

(b) Tom (c) Alfonso (d) Tolu

  1. Who stopped the fight between Tolu and Tom?

(a) The Prince (b) Tom’s father (c) The old man (c) Tolu’s mon

  1. Who had fought to prevent the snail from being killed? (a) carolina (b) Tolu (c) the guards (d) Tom
  2. who claimed he could heal king Ilerius ? (a) Carol (b) Fred (c) Tom (d) The old
  3. One of Alfonso promise to the old man was ____ (a)to be in the council of elders (b) to be a chief in one of the villages (c) He is to be given ten million dollars

(d) To own a big farm land

  1. Was the spell on Alfonso removed? Yes or No ______
  2. Fathi felt Alfonso was still in danger is he (fathi) did not challenge and stop his ___(a) father (b) brother (c) sister (d) mother
  3. Fathi had a _____(a) black donkey (b) black stallion (c) black eagle (d) black monkey
  4. Wadu was ___(a) tolu’s brother (b) Tom’s brother (c) Fathi’s brother (d) Alfonso’s brother
  5. Who felt he needed to hurt people in order to survive (a) Carolina (b) Fathi (c) Wadu (d) King llerius
  6. What was the Crown Prince’s belonging that was used to create the spell (a) a piece of his clothes (b) a strand of his hair (c) a piece of his skin (d) a piece of his fingernail
  7. “…… please do me a favour. Don’t bury me in our sad little cemetery . Let the prince decide where to lay my body to rest!” Who said this? (a) Carolina (b) King IIerius (c) Alfonso (d) Wadu
  8. Did King IIerius believe that Carolina would have a change of heart? Yes or No?
  9. Who did the crown prince visit to invite him to his coronation as the next king? (a) Tom (b) Tolu (c) Lakunle (d) Adanma
  10. Who stole some mango fruits from his neighbour’s compound? (a) Tolu (b) Lakunle (c) Tom (d) Adanma
  11. Whose goals were stolen? (a) lakunle’s (b) Adanma’s (c) Tolu’s (d) Alfonso


  1. Wadu’s brother was _________________ (name)
  2. The author of the snail Prince is _______________
  3. Another book by the author is _______________
  4. The number of goats stolen was ______________ and the number recovered was_________________
  5. Alfonso’s sister was ______________ (name)
  6. _____________ was Tom’s friend who wanted to kill the snail
  7. One of Lakunle’s sons was __________(state name)
  8. The statement in question (21) was said to whom?

  1. The old man that helped to heal King IIerius was ____________________(state name)
  2. Did Carolina have a change of heart? Yes or No

  1. Who rushed to protect the crown Prince from the sword of Carolina? ________________________
  2. What happened to this person in question (37)

  1. “ I must stop my brother from harming people!” Who said this? ________________________
  2. who finally become the king? __________________

SECTION C[mediator_tech]

  1. What were Tom’s parents doing in the morning when he greeted them? ____________________________

2a. Who was Alfonso? ___________________________

b. Who was Alfonso’s sibling? _____________________

  1. What happened to king IIerius and Carolina in the end? _________________________________________

  1. Why did the old man visit Wadu? _____________

  1. What was the crown prince’s reward to Tom?


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