1. What is education?
    • Education is the process of learning and teaching.
  2. What does it mean to protect something valuable?
    • Protecting something valuable means keeping it safe from harm or damage.
  3. Which crime is not common in Lagos State?
    • Bombing is not common in Lagos State.
  4. What is manslaughter?
    • Manslaughter is accidentally causing someone’s death without intending to.
  5. What is malpractice?
    • Malpractice is cheating or breaking the rules, like writing an exam for someone else.
  6. What can’t be found in schools?
    • Drones cannot be found in schools.
  7. What does observation mean?
    • Observation means carefully looking at things or people in your surroundings.
  8. How do you raise an alarm?
    • You raise an alarm by shouting or making loud noises.
  9. What is a wise person?
    • A wise person is someone who is knowledgeable and makes good decisions.
  10. How do students prevent crime in school?
    • Students prevent crime by staying calm and reporting any crimes they see.
  11. Who can easily notice a criminal act in school?
    • Vigilant students can easily notice criminal acts in school.
  12. What is a crime scene in school?
    • Fighting is an example of a crime scene in school.
  13. How are security agents deployed?
    • Security agents can be deployed using helicopters, boats, and vans.
  14. What is a common punishable crime in Nigeria?
    • Theft is a common punishable crime in Nigeria.
  15. Which agency observes crimes at the border?
    • Customs officers observe crimes at the border.
  16. What is a professional security agency?
    • The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) is a professional security agency.
  17. Who can crimes be reported to when teachers are unavailable?
    • Crimes can be reported to the principal when teachers are unavailable.
  18. What does security education help us to be?
    • Security education helps us to be security alert.
  19. How can students involve in crime prevention?
    • Students can involve in crime prevention by reporting crimes they see.
  20. What kind of mind does security education help develop?
    • Security education helps develop a conscious mind.
  21. How can love be expressed?
    • Love can be expressed through compassion and decorum.
  22. What is an acceptable societal value?
    • Selflessness is an acceptable societal value.
  23. What does citizenship education focus on?
    • Citizenship education focuses on social enlightenment.
  24. What does the Olympics symbolize?
    • The Olympics symbolize integration.
  25. What is the art of intentionally setting a building on fire?
    • Arson is the art of intentionally setting a building on fire.
  26. Who is the current chairman of INEC?
    • Mahmood Yakub is the current chairman of INEC.
  27. Why is the Nigerian constitution important?
    • The Nigerian constitution represents our culture.
  28. What promotes good values in society?
    • Cooperation promotes good values in society.
  29. What does freedom from violence attract?
    • Freedom from violence attracts peace.
  30. Which is not a safety measure for motorists?
    • Answering calls while driving is not a safety measure for motorists.
  31. Whose responsibility is it to prevent external attacks?
    • It is the responsibility of the Nigerian Armed Forces
  32. What organ of government interprets the law?
    • The judiciary interprets the law.
  33. Which value goes against societal norms?
    • Indolence goes against societal norms.
  34. What type of constitution is the Nigerian constitution?
    • The Nigerian constitution is written and flexible.
  35. Who was Nigeria’s first Governor-General?
    • Frederick Lugard was Nigeria’s first Governor-General.
  36. What attribute promotes good values in society?
    • Discipline promotes good values in society.
  37. What happens if civic duties are neglected?
    • Neglecting civic duties leads to lawlessness.
  38. Which constitution was established after independence?
    • The Republican constitution was established after independence.
  39. What is a special inborn gift that helps acquire skills?
    • Talent is a special inborn gift.
  40. What attribute is being mentally alert?
    • Being mentally alert is an attribute of vigilance.
  41. What is the verse ‘With love and honesty to grow’ from?
    • ‘With love and honesty to grow’ is from the National Pledge.
  42. What freedom does the Nigerian constitution allow regarding religion?
    • The freedom to choose one’s religion is allowed by the Nigerian constitution.
  43. What is the apex court in Nigeria?
    • The Supreme Court is the apex court in Nigeria.
  44. Where are citizens’ rights and privileges enshrined?
    • Citizens’ rights and privileges are enshrined in the constitution.
  45. Is a rigid constitution easily amended?
    • No, a rigid constitution is not easily amended.
  46. What type of agreement is bilateral?
    • Bilateral agreements involve two parties.
  47. What is the minimum age for a Nigerian President aspirant?
    • The minimum age is 35 years.
  48. How can a Togolese married to a Nigerian acquire citizenship?
    • They can acquire citizenship by registration.
  49. What lacks representation of national identity?
    • Politics lacks representation of national identity.
  50. Which is a voluntary security outfit?
    • A Vigilante Group is a voluntary security outfit.
  51. What tier of government is the state?
    • The state is the third tier of government.
  52. How many naira notes are in Nigeria’s currency?
    • There are eight naira notes in Nigeria’s currency.
  53. What is an obligation of a citizen?
    • Security of lives and property is an obligation of a citizen.
  54. How many senators are in the upper legislative chamber?
    • There are 109 senators.
  55. Where is the International Court of Justice located?
    • The International Court of Justice is located in The Hague.
  56. Who is the Vice President of Nigeria?
    • Goodluck Jonathan is the Vice President of Nigeria.
  57. Which disease is the most recent pandemic?
    • COVID-19 is the most recent pandemic.
  58. What is a legally recognized member of a state?
    • A citizen is a legally recognized member of a state.
  59. When does Nigeria celebrate Democracy Day?
    • Nigeria celebrates Democracy Day on June 12.
  60. How many representatives are in the lower legislative chamber?
    • There are 360 representatives in the House of Representatives
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