Instructions: Choose from options provided the answer that best suits the questions asked. Answer all.

  1. The process of acquiring or imparting knowledge is known as a. Safety b. Hoping c. Education d. Emergency
  2. The act of protecting anything valuable is a. Security b. Awareness c. Protective d. Proactive
  3. Which of these crimes is not common in Lagos State? a. Burglary b. Rape c. Kidnapping d. Bombing
  4. The killing of a person without intent is known as a. Manslaughter b. Murder c. Self defence d. Accident
  5. The process of writing examination on behalf of another person is called a. Abuse b. Alteration c. Malpractice d. Falsehood
  6. Which of these cannot be found in our schools? a. Security guard b. Staffs c. Toilets d. Drones
  7. _____ means to take a careful look at objects or persons around your environment. a. Security b. Observation c. Suspicion d. Inspection
  8. To raise an alarm, an individual will do one of these, a. Sing loud b. Shout c. Jump d. Dance
  9. A person who is conscious of his environment can be said to be a. Stupid b. Active c. Wise d. Factual
  10. Which is the correct spelling? a. Survelliance b. Survalance c. Survellance d. Surveillence
  11. Which of these students can easily notice a criminal act in the school? a. Rich students b. Gentle students c. Brilliant students d. Vigilant students
  12. Which of these is an example of a crime scene in the school? a. Rope skipping b. Gisting c. Fighting d. Playing games
  13. Security agents can be deployed using the following except a. Helicopters b. Boats c. Vans d. Drones
  14. An example of a common crime in Nigeria that is punishable by the law is a. Drones b. Backbiting c. Theft d. Cursing
  15. Which of these agencies observe crimes at the border of a country? a. NPF b. NM c. Custom officers d. SON
  16. An example of a professional security agency is the a. NPF b. NN c. NM d. All of the above
  17. When the principal or teachers are unavailable, crimes can be reported to a. Army b. Civil Defense c. Police d. Vigilante
  18. The subject security education helps us to be a. Security possessed b. Security confined c. Security foolish d. Security alert
  19. Students can involve in crime prevention in the school by a. Keeping calm b. Opening their eyes c. Reporting crimes d. Skipping school
  20. Security Education help develop a _____ mind. a. Happy b. Lazy c. Humble d. Conscious
  21. Love can be expressed through a. Adultery b. Compassion c. Conjugation d. Decorum
  22. Which of the following is an acceptable societal value? a. Merriment b. Praise c. Selfishness d. Selflessness
  23. Citizenship education focuses on a. Civil service b. Man in his environment c. Political ambition d. Social enlightenment
  24. The importance of Olympics symbolizes a. Agitation b. Alignment c. Integration d. Politics
  25. The art of intentionally setting a building on fire is a. Arson b. Banditry c. Insurgency d. Terrorism
  26. The current chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission is Professor a. Abel Guobadia b. Attahiru Jega c. Mahmood Yakubu d. Maurice Iwu
  27. The Nigerian constitution is important because it a. Represents our culture b. Is expensive for citizens to purchase c. Is for the President’s use only d. Is above every citizen
  28. The art of working together in harmony for the purpose of achieving a common goal is a. Cooperation b. Dependence c. Perseverance d. Reliance
  29. Freedom from violence and confusion will attract a. Conflict b. Danger c. Love d. Peace
  30. The following are safety measures for motorists except a. Answering calls while driving b. Keeping within speed limit c. Use of safety belt d. Using signal light while making a turn
  31. Prevention against external attacks is a responsibility of the a. Army b. Civil Defense c. Police d. Vigilante
  32. The organ of government responsible for the interpretation of the law is the a. Executive b. Judiciary c. Legislature d. Army
  33. Which of the following values is in deviance to societal norms? a. Contentment b. Fairness c. Indolence d. Loyalty
  34. The Nigerian constitution is a. Rigid b. Unwritten and rigid c. Written and flexible d. Unwritten and flexible
  35. The first Governor-General of Nigeria is a. Frederick Lugard b. Hugh Clifford c. James Robertson d. Arthur Richard
  36. What attribute promotes good value in society? a. Desperation b. Doubt c. Discipline d. Greed
  37. The consequence of relegating our civic duties and responsibilities leads to a. Consolidation b. Discipline c. Harmony d. Lawlessness
  38. Which of the following constitution was established after independence? a. Clifford b. Lyttleton c. Macpherson d. Republican
  39. The special inborn gift that gives someone the ability to acquire skills with little practice is a. Apprenticeship b. Education c. Resilience d. Talent
  40. Being mentally alert to happenings around us is an attribute of a. Harmony b. Vigilance c. Knowledge d.Peace
  1. With love and honesty to grow” is a verse from the a. National Anthem b. National Pledge c. Nigerian Constitution d. Nigerian Motto
  2. The freedom to choose one’s religion is constituted in a. Economic rights b. Political rights c. Procedural rights d. Social rights
  3. The apex court in Nigeria is the a. Court of Appeal b. Customary court c. High court d. Supreme court
  4. The rights and privileges of citizens are enshrined in the a. Acts of parliament b. Byelaw c. Constitution d. Decree
  5. A constitution can easily be amended is a. Democratic b. Flexible c. Rigid d. Unitary
  6. The international peacekeeping body headquartered in New York is the a. African Union b. European Union c. United Nations d. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  7. The minimum age for an aspirant to the position of Nigeria President is a. 21 b. 35 c. 60 d. 45
  8. A Togolese married to a Nigerian can acquire citizenship by a. Birth b. Descent c. Registration d. Adoption
  9. Which of the following lacks a representation of national identity? a. Beliefs b. Values c. Cultural practices d. Politics
  10. Which of the following is a voluntary security outfit? a. Nigerian Customs b. Nigeria Military c. Nigeria Police d. Vigilante Group
  11. The third tier of government in Nigeria is a. Federal b. Local c. Regional d. State
  12. How many naira notes are in Nigeria currency? a. Five b. Seven c. Eight d. Nine
  13. Which of the following is an obligation of a citizen? a. Infrastructural development b. Prompt payment of tax c. Security of lives and property d. Building schools
  14. The upper legislative chamber in Nigeria consists of a. 36 b. 109 c. 360 d. 774 Senators
  15. The International Court of Justice is located in a. America b. Britain c. Hague d. Paris
  16. The Vice President of Nigeria is a. Atiku Abubakar b. Namadi Sambo c. Kashim Shettima d. Goodluck Jonathan
  17. Which of the following diseases is the most recent pandemic? a. COVID-19 b. Ebola c. HIV/AIDS d. Flu
  18. A legally recognized member of a state is a/an a. Alien b. Ambassador c. Citizen d. Refugee
  19. Nigeria celebrates her democracy day yearly on a. January 1 b. May 29 c. June 12 d. October 1
  20. The lower legislative chamber in Nigeria consists of a. 36 b. 109 c. 360 d. 774 House of Representatives

THEORY: Answer six questions in all from this section

1a) What is work?

1b) Define right attitude to work.

1c) Identify seven legitimate professions.

2a)Define community service.

2b) State seven forms of community service.

3a) Define negative behavior.

3b) Identify eight negative behaviors.

4a) What is drug abuse?

4b) State four causes of drug abuse.

4c) Identify four effects of drug abuse.

5a) State five importance of the right attitude to work.

5b) State five consequences of having a negative attitude to work.

6a) Define examination malpractice.

6b) State four causes of examination malpractice.

6c) State four forms of examination malpractice.

7a) Define pillars of democracy.

7b) Identify eight pillars of democracy.

8a) Define election.

8b) State five types of election.

8c) Identify three importance of election in the modern-day political system.

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