Procedures of Micro Teaching Explained


Step 1: Orientation
Before we start the Micro-Teaching exercise, we begin with an orientation. This is done to grab the attention of student teachers and inspire them to engage in Micro-Teaching. We also discuss the theory behind the technique and explore its advantages and limitations.

Step 2: Discussion on Teaching Skills
We clarify the concept of teaching skills before practice. We choose specific student-teachers to be trained in observing their peers. Every skill that will be practiced should be discussed thoroughly.

Step 3: Presentation of Model Lesson
In this step, the model teacher demonstrates the skills to be practiced. This demonstration preferably covers subjects selected by the student-teachers.

Step 4: Preparation of Micro Lesson Plan
Each student-teacher is expected to plan a micro lesson. This involves selecting a teaching skill to practice.

Step 5: Micro Teaching Setting
Singh (1977) suggests the following timing and setting for the Micro-Teaching session:

– A. Teach: 6 minutes
– B. Feedback: 6 minutes
– C. Re-plan
– D. Re-teach: 6 minutes
– E. Re-feedback
– F. Number of Students: 10
– G. Supervisors: 1 or 2
– H. Feedback by Supervisors

Step 6: Stimulated Condition
In this step, student-teachers act as pupils, simulating a real teaching environment. The Micro-Teaching takes place within the college itself.

Step 7: Practice of Teaching Skills
Each student-teacher practices a set of skills, which can include techniques like Probing questions, Stimulus Variation, Reinforcement, Silence and non-verbal cues, Illustrating with examples, and Encouraging pupil participation.

Step 8: Observation of Teaching Skills
Classmates and college supervisors observe the student-teacher’s attempts. This provides valuable insights for improvement.

Step 9: Feedback
Immediate feedback is given to student-teachers individually. This helps them understand their strengths and areas needing improvement.

By following these steps, Micro-Teaching provides a structured and effective way for student-teachers to refine their teaching skills and gain confidence in the classroom.





Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Teaching



1. Orientation is done before the Microteaching exercise to attract the attention of ________.
a) teachers
b) students
c) student teachers

2. Discussions on the theory of the technique should be organized in relation to ________.
a) student behavior
b) teacher education
c) classroom management

3. The advantages and limitations of Micro-Teaching should be known by ________.
a) supervisors only
b) college administrators
c) student teachers

4. The concept of teaching skills is clarified before ________.
a) student observation
b) micro lesson planning
c) practice

5. Model lessons on the skills to be practiced are demonstrated by the ________.
a) student-teachers
b) college supervisors
c) model teacher

6. The student teacher is expected to plan for a ________.
a) macro lesson
b) micro lesson plan
c) model lesson

7. The suggested timing for “Teach” in Micro-Teaching is ________.
a) 10 minutes
b) 6 minutes
c) 12 minutes

8. The number of students recommended for the Micro-Teaching setting is ________.
a) 6
b) 8
c) 10

9. In the Micro-Teaching setting, student-teachers should act as ________.
a) college administrators
b) supervisors
c) pupils

10. ________ skills may be practiced by a student-teacher during Micro-Teaching.
a) Two
b) Five
c) Ten

11. The student can make use of skills such as Probing questions, Stimulus Variation, Reinforcement, Silence and non-verbal cues, Illustrating with examples, and Encouraging pupils participation during ________.
a) observation
b) practice
c) feedback

12. The student teacher’s attempts are observed by ________.
a) classmates
b) parents
c) external experts

13. Immediate feedback may be given to student-teachers ________.
a) after a week
b) individually
c) during holidays

14. The Micro-Teaching sessions are conducted in ________.
a) a school
b) a library
c) the college itself

15. Micro-Teaching helps student-teachers refine their ________.
a) cooking skills
b) teaching skills
c) writing skills

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