SUBJECT: Music                            CLASS: JSS ONE           DURATION: 2HOURS        

Instruction: Section (A).   Answer all questions in this part.

  1. Which of these letters can be used to represent the treble clef?(a)D (b)Y(c)G  (d)X
  2. All Cow Eat Grass is the acronyms for spaces on the __clef (a )treble (b) bass (c) alto   (d)all                          
  3. The line immediately after space ‘A’ on the treble clef is __(a) B    (b) G    (c) A      (d) D
  4. The musical staff has ______ spaces      (a) 4       (b) 6       (c) 3       (d) 8
  5. GF Handel was born in the year _______  (a) 1945   (b) 1930   (c)   1865     (d) 1756
  6. The second line on the treble clef is called_____   (a) G       (b) E      (c) D       (d) F
  7. ______ music is known as a religious music (a) vocal     (b) sacred (c) pop  (d) reggae
  8. Which of these musical instruments is not part of the group?      (a) flute     (b)   saxophone   (c) violin        (d) trumpet  
  9. The African musical instrument called ‘sekere’ is made up of calabash and _________    

     (a) beads             (b)  peads             (c) feads               (d)  meads

  1. There are __types of clef signs used in pianoforte (a) two (b) five (c) three (d) four
  2. Music is used during the following activities except ___ (a) sport      (b) festivals 

      (c) Ceremonies        (d) clever

  1. Which of the following is a musical note?   (a) Quartet (b) crotchet (c) belt (d) none
  2. The musical note with two beat duration is __(a) minim (b) quaver (c) breve (d) none 
  3. The __sign raises the pitch of a note by a semitone in pitch (a) natural (b) Sharp (c)    

      melody         (d)  none

  1. The piano keyboard has black and the __keys   (a) blue (b) yellow (c) white (d) green 
  2. The letter name of fifth line on the treble clef is ___ (a)   F     (b)   D     (c)    A      (d)   G 17.  On the piano keyboard, semitone occur between B and ___(a) G (b) C    (c) E  (d) A
  3. The musical scale consists of _______ note    (a) six    (b) eight   (c) Nine  (d) Twelve
  4. What is the name of this note?  ‘          ‘ (a) Semibreve (b) minim (c) quaver (d)  breve
  5. Major scale consists of Tones and ___(a) semitones  (b) circle    (c) Notes     (d) Tones
  6. The musical note with four (4) beats duration or value is ___________ (a)   Semibreve 

      (b)  Semiquaver             (c) Crotchet             (d) Minim

  1. The 2nd line on the treble Clef is _____   (a)    F      (b)   G       (c)    A           (d)   C
  2. ________ is a short line written above or below the staff to accommodate extra notes   

        (a) Leger line             (b) straight line         (c) middle line         (d) margin line

  1. The musical or Italian term ‘Allegro’ means_____(a) slow  (b) fast (c) end  (d) loud
  2. Which of these African musical instruments belong to IDIOPHONE family?  (a)  Gong 

       (b) bata drum       (c) Ekwe          (d) Algaita 


  1. PITCH in music is known as the depth and the ______ of a musical sound   (a) middle 

      (b) Height          (c)   base         (d) frequency 

  1. The space immediately after line D on the treble clef is called?(a) E   (b) G   (c) D   (d) B
  2. in every major scale which of these notes is repeated twice? (a) reh  (b)  doh  (c) fah (d) soh
  3. The fifth (5th ) degree of a scale is pronounced __ (a) soh   (b) lah  (c) teh    (d) reh
  4. Another name for the bass clef is __ (a) D Clef     (b) F clef     (c) A clef       (d) M clef
  5. ______ is not used while writing semibreve
  6. Shaded note head with a stem is called ______
  7. Ledger lines written above or _____ the musical staff
  8. How many quavers note can be found in a minim note?
  9. The first line on the treble clef is _______
  10. _____ is one of the qualities of sound
  11. The musical note with 8 beat counts is known as_____________
  12. How many beat is breve note?
  13. The first ledger line above the bass clef is called _________
  14. In writing music, the stem is attached to the _________


PART B : Answer three (3) questions from this section

  1. (a) Define musical scale   

    (b) Mention 2 broad categories of scale            (c) state 3 kinds of minor  scale

  1. Write short note not less than ten line on G F Handel  OR  Ayo Bankole
  2. Identify the notes below
  1. Write the symbol or note to the following
  2.     minim   ________________    ii.      ____________ quaver

       iii.    Crotchet _______________  iv .   _______________ Semibreve

  1.   Semiquaver _______________
  2. Explain the following terms:     (i) musical note      (ii) Ledger line      (iii) bar line        

      (iv)Accidental signs   (v) Musical staff