Read the passage carefully and answer and answer the questions that follow.
The following day was a market day at Anikoro village. As soon as the market was full, the dreadful leopard jumped from a nearby bush into the market. At once hell broke loose. There was a general stampede. Market women and men screamed and ran away in panic, leaving their own children behind. Even animals (dogs and goats) joined in the mad race. People collided with one another. Goods like pepper, salt, fish, garri, meat and groundnut were trampled upon and scattered.
Tanigorowas nearby when the leopard jumped into the market. At one he jumped on top of the leopard and grabbed it by the neck with his bare hands. The leopard kicked about wildly but Tanigoro tightened his grip more and more. It was a tough battle which ended in a victory for Tanigoro.
1) According to the passage, the Leopard appeared when4 the market was ___________________________________
2) What happened in the market when the Leopard appeared? _______________________________________________
3) They ran away in panic means they ___________________________________________________________________
4) Who did not take part in the mad race? ____________________________________________________________________
5) What finally happened to the Leopard?____________________________________________________________________
6) How would you describe the actions of Tanigoro? _________________________________________________
7) How did Tanigoro attack the Leopard? ___________________________________


Complete the table below
Positive Comparative Superlative
8) quickly
9) Soon
10) Fast
11) Often
Choose the appropriate answers from the options given
12) In an informal letter there is /are only address(es) (a)One (b)two (c)three (d)none of the option
13) The address in an informal letter is the address of the (a)the receiver (recipient) (b)writer (c)the postman (d)none of the options
14) One of these do not fit as a proper ending in an informal letter (a)Your sincerely (b)Yours ever (c)Best wishes (d)Yours faithfully
15) The part of a written letter where such expressions as Dear Taiwo is known as the (a)Salutation (b)body (c)address (d)Ending
16) An informal letter always has a title, yes or no.
17) Damola is good mathematics (a)in (b)at (c)to (d)by
18) He met his friend the airport (a)in (b)over (c)off (d)at
19) A king lives a palace (a)by (b)at (c)in (d)into
Complete the table below
Singular Plural
20) Potatoes
21) Goose
22) Piano
23) oases
24) belief
25) workman

State the types of sentences each of these are
26) Have you seen the book? (
27) What an interesting game! (
28) Good afternoon, sir. (
29) Femi can’t beat Ngozi. (
30) Close the door! (
32) The superlative form of ‘happy’ is
33) The comparative form of ‘well’ is
34) The positive form of ‘most quietly’ is
35) A preposition is a
36) An adverb is a
What preposition would complete this sentence
37. my sister got married ____________________June.
38) The plural form of ‘axis’ is
39) The singular form of ‘wolves’ is
40) An informal letter is a letter written to
Write a meaningful composition on any of these topics
1) Write a BIOGRAPHY of someone you know very well.
2) Write a letter to your friend in another school telling him or her why you like you school.
3) My Favourite Sport
4) Village life is better than City Life


Below is the calendar for January 2005. Look at it and answer questions 1 to 5












1) If today is 1st January, what was the day before yesterday? (a)Monday (b)Wednesday (c)Thursday (d)Saturday
2) What day will be the 2nd February, 2005 (a) Sunday (b)Monday (c) Tuesday (d) Wednesday (e) Thursday
3) What day was December 30th, 2004? (a)Sunday (b)Thursday (c)Tuesday (d) Saturday (e)Friday
4) If today is January 10th 2005, what will be the day after tomorrow? (a)Wednesday (b)Tuesday (c)Monday (d) Friday (e)Sunday
5) If today is 4th January, 2005, what will be the date in a week time? (a)10th Jan (b)11th Jan (c)12th Jan (d)17th Jan (e)5th Jan
In each of the following questions, underline the word that does not belong in the same group.
6) Football Table tennis Volleyball Basket Running
7) Head Short Leg Eye Neck
8) Solid Water Milk Petrol Liquid
9) Cinema Hospital Doctor Patient Nurse
10) Land Gold Bronze Silver Marble

From the alternatives, choose the word which gives the group or general name for all the others.
11) Chief Oba Obi Emir Ruler
12) Beans Grain Rice Millet Cowbeans
13) London Lagos Accra Cairo Capital
14) Stephen Name Rose Sola Ngozi
15) Coal Fuel Wood Kerosene Petrol
Study the first two pairs of words and then complete the third
16) Far, fear; Ban, bean; Mat, (a)met (b)meat (c)meet (d)team (e) make
17) Cast, cat; Fist, fit; best, (a)bet (b)belt (c)but (d)bit (e) pet
18) Mid, dim; Keel, leek; reed, (a)dear (b)beer (c)leer (d)tear (e)deer
19) Phone, cones; phut, cuts; phase, (a)crane (b)case (c)cases (d)crates (e)cites
20) Shank, thank; Faster, father; base, (a)bata (b)bake (c)bate (d)bank (e)bases
In numbers 21 to 25, you are given sentences. Read each of them carefully and decide how true it is
Shade A if it is ALWAYS true
Shade B if it is OFTEN true but not always true
Shade C if it is RARELY true
Shade D if it is UNDECIDED to say how often it is true
Shade E if it is NEVER true
21) A rule is longer than a yard . ( ______________________________________________)
22) Women born on Sundays grow up to become doctors. ( )
23) January has thirty-one days ( )
24) February has twenty-eight days ( )
25) There are only five planets our Solar system. ( )
In each of the following questions, pick out the word that is NOT connected with the one in capital letter.
26) PROFESSION (a)Bible (b)Musician (c)Football (d)Lawyer (e)Dentist
27) COURT (a)Bible (b)Wig (c)dock (d)Judge (e) Manager
28) HOTEL (a)Water (b)Reception (c)Restaurant (d)Beer (e)Drug
29) BUILDING (a)Window (b)Toilet (c)door (d)lintel (e)Aeroplane
30) HIGHWAY (a)Patient (b)Car (c)motorcycle (d)pedestrians (c)Bicycle








1) A/an is a sudden event that is not planned or intended causes damage or injury to people and things. (a)Safety (b)accident (c)magnetism (d)Friction
2) are those rules and regulations put in place or taken to prevent accident or injuries (a)safety (b)maintenance (c)accident (d)punishment
3) A/an is a small white box containing materials that can be used to treat mild accidents or injuries (a)Jewellery box (b)Juke box (c)Match stick box (d)First Aid box
4) All of these are safety equipment or devices except (a)Laboratory goggles (b)Helmet (c)laptop (d)Nose mask
5) A is a simple machine that turns around a fixed point to do work or overcome a force called load. (a)sharpener (b)crane (c)lever (d)Pulley
6) A is a wheel around which a rope or chain passes used in lifting heavy loads. (a)Pulley (b)lever (c)see-saw (d)an inclined plane
7) A nutcracker, a wheelbarrow and a bottle opener are examples of (a)pulley (b)1st class lever (C)2nd Class lever (d)3rd class lever
8) A scissors, a shovel and a claw hammer are examples of (a)1st class lever (b)2nd class lever (c)3rd class lever (d)inclined plane
9) All of these are types of pulleys except (a)fixed pulley (b)movable pulley (c)inclined plane (d) compound pulley
10) A is a pulley that is free to move up and down on the rope (a)fixed pulley (b)combined pulley (c)moveable pulley (d)an inclined plane
11) One of these is used to pull water from the well (a)A pulley (b)A lever (c)An inclined plane (d)A magnet
12) A/an is a simple machine with a slanting surface used to raise or lower an object over a vertical height (a)inclined plane (b)lever (c)a pulley (d)wrench
13) is used to carry loads that cannot be carried with bare hands onto a raised height (a)levers (b)An inclined plane (c)hands
14) A wedge is a type of a/an (a)lever (b)pulley (c)inclined plane (d)None of the options
15) A slide and an escalator are examples of (a)movable pulleys (b)fixed pulleys (c)levers (d)inclined planes
16) A number of levers joined together is called a (a)crane (b)linkage (c)complex machine (d)compound pulley
17) A/an is a force produced as a result of rubbing to flat surfaces together (a)Magnetic force (b)electrical force (c)frictional force (d)gravitational force
18) occurs when a round surface like a ball or wheel moves over a surface (a)A rolling friction (b)A fluid friction (c)A dry friction (d)none of the options
19) In friction, the objects are not moving (a)kinetic (b)static (c)none of the option
20) One of these is a proper way of reducing frictional force (a)The use of lubricant (b)the use of sand (b)the use of air (d)the use of heat
21) The force that pulls object towards the earth or moon is called (a)magnetic force (b) gravitational force (c)frictional force (d)electrical force
22) All of these are magnetic materials except (a)iron (b)feather (c)steel (d)nickel
23) A magnet attracts through a force called (a)friction (b)gravity (c)magnetism (d)tension
24) Similar poles of a magnet each other (a)repel (b)attract (c)burn out (d)break
25) All of these are ways of making magnet except (a)Stroking method (b)induction method (c)Heating method (d)electrical method
1) Two examples of levers of the second order/class are and
2) The three major component of a lever are , and
3) A sugar tong, a force and a crowbar are examples of the class of levers
4) The three types of pulleys are , and
5) A block and tackle pulley is a type of pulley.
6) A simple machine that requires an object to move on a SLOPY surface is called
7) A wheel chair ramp is an example of
8) force attracts magnetic materials
9) A gravitational force is a
10) Two examples of magnetic materials are and
11) An advantage of friction is
12) The two poles of the magnet are called and
1) Using diagrams, show the three classes of levers






2) Using a diagram, draw the magnetic lines of force of a magnet



3a) Give two advantages of Friction
Give two disadvantages of Friction
4) State the three method of making a magnet
5) State three properties of a magnet




1) All of these are component of physical fitness except (a)Agility (b)Time (c)flexibility (d)balance
2) is the physical ability which enables an individual to rapidly change body position and direction in a precise manner. (a)Agility (b)flexibility (c)Coordination (d)Speed
3) is the ability to do forceful and muscular activity at a fast speed (a)Balance (b)Agility (c)flexibility (d)Power
4) Bean walk and stock stand are activities for measuring (a)flexibility (b)Agility (c)balance (d)speed
5) Situp and crab walk are examples of (a)Computer games (b)Tumbling activity (c)stuny activities (d)Dance
6) Forward roll and cart wheel are example of (a)Tumbling activities (b)Dance (c)Computer games (d)Stunt activities
7) activities are the continuous smooth and rhythmic movement where the body turns and rolls in different position or direction. (a)stunt (b)Tumbling (c)balance (d)flexibility
8) All of these are examples of local dance in Nigeria except (a)Bata (b)Salsa (c)Apala (d)Konso
9) One of these is one of the reasons people dance (a)To kill someone (b)To show sadness (c)To entertain (d)To abuse someone
10) One of these is used as a costume for local dance. (a)Bullets (b)air (c)Paw paw leaves (d)cushion chair
11) Computer games are also known as (a)Pc games (b)GD games (c)DT games (d)OO games
12) All of these are types of computer games except (a)Ayo (b)Play station (c)Bounce ball (d)forbidden treasures
13) All of these are components of computer games except (a)Keyboard (b)cockpit (c)monitor (d)Joystick
14) Karate was originated by young Buddhist monk called (a)Jet li (b)Buddha (c)Bodhidharma (d)Jackie chan
15) The modern form of Taekwondo was established by (a)General Li Quan Yun (b)The Zing Dynasty (c)General Ganga (d)General Choi Hong
16) Taekwondo was introduced into Nigeria by a French man from Cote D’Ivoire named (a)Kofi Anan (b)Aikpa Aime (c)Haile Selassie (d)Francais Cape
17) One of these is a basic swimming skill (a)The western roll (b)the eastern roll (c)Gliding (d)run up
18) All of these are swimming strokes except (a)coordination (b)front crawl (c)Back stroke (d)Butterfly
19) The FIRST basic swimming skill is (a)Breast strokes (b)Breathing (c)Gliding (d)Diving
20) All of these are disease PATHOGENS except (a)measles (b)virus (c)bacteria (d)pneumococci
21) One of these is a disease (a)swange (b)Typhoid (c)scrabble (d)Apala
22) One of these is a pathogen for cholera (a)virus (b)Bacteria (c)Female anopheles mosquito (d)MTB
23) Pneumococci is a pathogen for (a)Herpes (b)Tetanus (c)Pneumonia (d)Poliomyelitis
24) One of these can be contracted from animals (a)measles (b)TB (c)Cold (d)Rabies
25) Drinking dirty or contaminated water may cause (a)Babies (b)Malaria (c)Cholera (d)Small pox
1) Two components of physical fitness are and
2) Two activities that can be used to measure power are and
3) is the ability of an individual to make a steady posture while standing or moving
4) Two examples of PARTNER stunts are and
5) Two examples of Tumbling activities are and
6) Two examples of local dances in Nigeria are and
7) Two examples of costumes used in local dance in Nigeria are and
8) Forbidden Treasures and Bounce ball are examples of games.
9) Two of the components of computer games are and
10) Karate uniform is called
11) In Taekwondo, the term “Kyong” means
12) Two examples of basic swimming skills are and
13) Two examples of swimming strokes are and
14) are diseases that can be spread from one person to another through direct contact.
15) The pathogen for malaria is
SECTION C : 1) Complete the table below
Disease Pathogen
a) Female anopheles mosquero
b) Cholera
c) MTB
d) Pneumonia
2) Complete the table below terminologies in Taekwondo
Terms English
(a) Jun-bi
(b) begen
(c) Haechyo
(d) bow
3) State 4 reasons why people dance
(i) _________________ (ii) ______________________
(iii) ________________ (iv) _________________________
4) State 4 stunts : (i) ____________ (ii) __________________
(iii) _____________ (iv) ___________________
5) State 4 tumbling activities
(i) _______________________ (ii) _____________
(iii) ________________________ (iv) ____________

1) Rabbits are kept in (a)pens (b)hutches (c)kennels (d)sties
2) Rabbits are animals (b)herbivorous (b)carnivorous (c)omnivorous (d)ovivorous
3) All of these are feeding materials for rabbit except (a)Hay (b)Grasses (c)Cereal grains (d)Beans
4) The act of giving birth in rabbit is called (a)Mating (b)fertilization (c)kindling (d)pollination
5) In rabbits, pregnancy period last for days (a)50 to 54 days (b)40 to 43 (c)30 to 33 (d)20 to 25
6) A general term for birds such as turkeys, ducks, geese, hens, etc is (a)poultry (b)battery (c)litters (d)pride
7) involves the provision of heat to developing chicks (a)feeding (b)brooding (c)kindling (d)mating
8) Fowls reared for meat are called (a)layers (b)broilers (c)pullets (d)none of the options
9) The system of rearing fowls that involve the use of cage is called (a) Deep litter system (b)battery cage system (c)brooding system (d)none of the options
10) White leghorn and black leghorn are examples of breed (a)egg-laying (b)Heavy breed (c)Dual-purpose (d)Local breeds
11) Light Sussex is an example of (a)Dual purpose breeds (b)Heavy breeds (c)local breeds (d)egg-laying breeds
12) is used for defecting fertile eggs in poultry animals (a)Candler (b)DE beaker (c)nesting box (D)Egg tray
13) The is used to reduce the lengths of beaks in poultry animals (a)Candler (b)DE beaker (c)Drinkers (d)Feeders
14) One of these is an example of disease in poultry animals (a)Measles (b)Tuberculosis (c)New castle (d)Herpes
15) is the process of removing sick or unproductive birds from the flock. (a)Kindling (b)mating (c)brooding (d)culling
16) is a record of all the daily activities on a farm (a)farm inventory (b)farm diary (c)input record (d)production record
17) This record is a detailed list of all the assets and liabilities in a farming business (a)farm diary (b)production records (c)farm inventory (d)input record
18) The farm record that contains all the materials such as seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, feeds, drugs, etc. (a)input record (b)farm inventory (c)production record (d)farm diary
19) The farm record that contains the detailed account of the yield of the crops and products from the farm animals (a)farm dairy (b)farm inventory (c)production record (d)input record
20) One of these is a type of drug given to fowls (a)pipperazine (b)paracetamol (c)coflin (d)Aspirin
21) All of these are symptoms of a diseased bird(fowl) except (a)nasal discharge (b)bloody diarrhoea (c)swollen face (d)strong wings and legs
22) Rhode Island Redm (RIR) is a (a)Wild breed (b)Heavy breed (c)Dual –purpose breed (d)local breed
23) A young MALE fowl below one year is called (a)Pullet (b)Cock (c)hen (d)cockerel
24) The special box under which chicks obtain heat is called (a)brooder box (b)layer box (c)broiler box (d)none of the above
1) A male rabbit is called a
2) A female rabbit is called a
3) A male fowl is called a
4) A female fowl is called a
5) A young FEMALE fowl below one year is called a
6) An example of a fowl that is a HEAVY BREED is
7) Fowls reared for their eggs are called
8) The two main feeds of fowls are and
9) The two types of intensive system of rearing fowls are and
10) The type of intensive system of rearing fowls that involves keeping them in a large, well – ventilated and closed house is
11) The following materials are used in the (intensive) system of rearing fowls: straws or sawdust or wood shaving
12) Two examples of FEEDs for rabbits are and
13) Do we carry or lift up rabbit by their ears? Yes or No
14) are records of all the activities that take place on the farm within a period of time.
15) An example of drug that can be given to fowls is
1) State six types of farm records :
(i) (iv)
(ii) (v)
(iii) (vi)
2) State the three types of system of raising fowls
(i) (ii) (iii)
3a) What is culling?

b) State any two breeds of chicken
(i) _____________ (ii) _________________
4) State four qualities of a rabbit good for rearing
(i) ________________ (ii) __________
(iii) ________________ (iv) ___________



1) All of these are examples of civil society groups except (a)National Democratic Coalition (b)Elias International schools (c)Association for Child Health (d)Development of Africa Inc.
2) All of these are functions of civil society groups except (a)bribery and corruption (b)protection of consumer rights (c)protection of human rights (d)checking government exercises
3) One of these is not a TYPE of civil society groups. (a)Interest group (b)organisational-based group (c)deviant civil association (d)Cooperative society
4) HRW means u (a)Human right Week (b)Human Road Week (c)Human Right Watch (d)Human Reasoning Week
5) Which of these is the right way of using drugs? (a)use the prescribed dosage (b)Take drugs from strangers (c)Use according to instructions of a doctor
6) Civil society groups exist to (a)To build hospitals and markets (b)To conduct elections (c)to manufacture goods
7) CD as a civil society group stands for (a)Christ’s Death (b)Caffeine Dosage (c)Campaign for Democracy (d)Centre for Diseases
8) All of these are problems of civil society groups in Nigeria except (a)Unity of purpose (b)Political instability (c)political illiteracy (d)Inadequate funding
9) education is the knowledge about the proper use of drugs and the effects of their abuse (a)Sex education (b)Drug education (c)Computer education (d)Adult education
10) Taking more than the quantity of drugs prescribed by doctors is (a)drug education (b)drug overdose (c)Adultery (d)Cheating
11) One of these is a wrong way of using drugs (a)Get the doctor’s prescription (b)Do not take expired drugs (c)Use drugs when you are not sick (d)None of the options given
12) Good healthy habits can be promoted through (a)Bad habits (b)Creative Arts (c)Personal hygiene (d)none of the options
13) Bad healthy habits include one of this (a)Personal hygiene (b)Poor personal hygiene (c)Keeping dirty environment (d)None of the options
14) are the rules, regulations and sanction guiding the use or trafficking of drugs (a)Drug laws (b)Sex education (c)politics (d)social studies
15) is a business that involves by buying and selling of drugs without permission from necessary authorities (a)Drug education (b)Drug trafficking (c)drug abuse (d)drug sale
16) All of these are consequences of illegal drug business (a)Imprisonment (b)Payment of heavy fine (c)free education (d)untimely death
17) NDLEA means
18) Two consequences of drug trafficking are and
19) Two ways of promoting good healthy habits are and
20) Two bad health habits are and
21) Two of the proper ways of taking drugs are and
22) Two of the wrong ways of taking drugs are and
1) State 4 Nigerian agencies that help to enforce drug laws in Nigeria
(i) _____________________ (ii) __________________
(iii) _____________________(iv) __________________
2) State the 4 types of civil society groups
(i) _________________ (ii) __________________
(iii) _________________ (iv) ___________________

3) State 4 examples of Civil Society Groups
(i) _______________________ (ii) _____________
(iii) ______________________ (iv) __________
4) State 4 wrong ways of using drugs
(i) __________________ (ii) ______________
(iii) _________________ (iv) _____________
5a) State 2 functions of Nigerian Police force regarding drug offenders
___________________________________ II.________________________________________
b) State two functions of Federal and state ministries of health
(i) _____________ (ii) _______________






1) A sewing machine operated by hand is called a (a)Treadle sewing machine (b)Hand sewing machine (c)Electric sewing machine (d)None of the option
2) A sewing machine that involves the use of the legs or feet is called (a)Treadle sewing machine (b)Electric sewing machine (c)Hand sewing machine (d)None of the option
3) is a part of a sewing machine used to holds the fabric firmly in place for stitching (a)Bobbin winder (b)Needle (c)Presser foot (d)Spool pin
4) holds the fabric tight against the presser foot and pulls the fabric along for stitching (a)Needle pin (b)Feeder dog (c)Tension disk (d)stitch regulator
5) is used to hold the spool of the thread in position (a)Bobbin case (b)Balance wheel (c)Tension disk (d)Spool pin
6) When this is loosened, the needle is disconnected, and it stops the machine from moving. This is a (a)Stitch regulator (b)Stop motion screw (c)Bobbin winder (d)Balance wheel
7) All of these are advantages of a sewing machine except (a)It saves time (b)it produces rough and untidy sewing (c)It improves efficiency (d)It makes sewing easy and convenient
8) A is worn on the finger that pushes the needle to protect the finger (a)Needle (b)Scissors (c)Tailors chalk (d)Sewing thread
9) A is used with needles for holding fabric together (a)thimble (b)Needle (c)sewing thread (d)Dress maker pin
10) The tailor’s tool that comes in different colours and is used to mark tracings or points on fabrics is known as (a)Tailor’s chalk (b)Dress maker’s shears (c)Sewing machine (d)Scissors
11) A is used to hold two or more fabrics together before sewing (a)Dressmaker’s pin (b)Scissors (c)Tailor’s chalk (d)Dressmaker’s shears
12) The tailor’s tool that is used to take body and fabric measurement is (a) Ruler (b)Tape measure (c)sewing thread (d)a note book
13) A is used for measuring the length and width of fabrics while sewing (a) Tape measure (b)Thimble (c)Ruler (d)Sewing thread
14) When you take measurement of the body from the nape of the neck to the waist, the measurement is called (a)The hips (b)The bust (c)skirt length (d)Back length
15) When you take the measurement of the fullest part of the chest, you are said to take the measurement of (a)The hips (b)The bust (c)The waist (d)skirt length
16) measurement is taken from the waistline to the knee or to the heel (a)Back length (b)the bust (c)skirt length (d)The hips
17) measurement is taken from the waist line to the heel (a)Trousers length (b)Skirt length (c)Back length (d)The bust
18) When you take measurement around the waistline, you take measurement of the (a)The bust (b)The hips (c)The back length (d)The waist
19) Measurement of the largest part of the body below the waist line is the measurement of the (a)the waist (b)The hips (c)the bust (d)The trousers length
1) State 4 types of income yielding crafts. (i) ____ (ii) _____________
__________________________________________ IV. _______________________________________
2) State 4 importance of income yielding crafts
(i) ____________ (ii) _____________
(iii) _____________________________________ iv. __________________________________________
3) List 4 of the materials you need to sketch a simple apron
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
(4) State4 parts of a sewing machine
(i) ____________(ii) (iii) (iv)
5) State 4 measuring or sewing tools
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

1) is the story of the life of a person (a) Autobiography (b)Biography (c)Argumentative Essay (d)A narrative
2) A/An is the story of the life of a person but written by the same person (a)autobiography (b)narrative (c)biography (d)An argumentative essay
3) All of these are/were Christian leaders in Nigeria except (a)Samuel Ajayi Crowther (b)William F. Kumuyi (c)Sunday Mbang (d)Miles Monroe
4) One of these was taking away as a slave at a tender age (a)Sunday Mbang (b)Mary Slessor (c)Samuel Ajayi Crowther (d)Moses Orunolade Tunolase
5) One of these was the founder of Cherubim and Seraphim (a)Sunday Mbang (b)William F. Kumuyi (c)Moses Orunolade Tunolase (d)Joseph Ayodele Babalola
6) The founder of Deeper Life Bible church is (a)William F. kumuyi (b)Joseph Ayodele Babalola (c)Samuel Ajayi Crowther (d)Sunday Mbang
7) One of these was proclaimed cardinal by John Paul II. (a) Sunday Mbang (b)Anthony Olubunmi Okogie (c)William F. Kumuyi (d)Joseph Ayodele Babalola
8) One of these leaders is still alive and healthy (a)Joseph Ayodele Babalola (b)William F. Kumuyi (c)Moses Orunmolade Tunolade (d)Bimbo Odukoya
9) CAN in the Christian community means (a)Christ Apostolic Nation (b)Christ Assembly Nation (c)Christian Association of Nigeria (d)Christians Affairs Nigeria
10) CMS stands for (a)Christian Missionary Society (b)Christians Missionary states (c)Christ Marches to save (d)Christian Missionary schools
11) Autobiography or biography contains all of the following information except (a)positions of the planets (b)date of birth (c)place of birth (d)occupation or career
12) A/An is the job or profession a person wishes to do or practise through his or her life (a)Education (b)Religion (c)Career (d)Practice
13) Christianity came into Nigeria in the (a)5th century (b)15th century (c)10th century (d)21st century
14) The first set of Christians to visit Nigeria were the (a)Americans (b)South Africans (c)Portuguese (d)Malaysians
15) All of these are people that help to start Christianity in Nigeria except (a)Henry Townsend (b)Samuel Ajayi Crowther (c)William de Craft (d)David Beckam
16) All of these are indigenous Christian Churches in Nigeria except (a)Cherubim and Seraphim (b)Christ Apostolic Church (c)Holy Ghost centre (d)Methodist church
17) The founder of Methodist church is (a)William F. Kumuyi (b)Moses Orunolade Tunolase (c)Sunday Mbang (d)Joseph Ayodele Babalola
18) One of these was popular known for the use of WATER and PRAYER for healing (a)Joseph Ayodele Babalola (b)Moses Orunolade Tunolase (c)William F. Kumuyi (d)Sunday Mbang
19) translated the English bible and Anglican Hymn book into Yoruba.
20) Samuel Ajayi Crowther was born in the year and died in the year
1) State 4 indigenous Christian Churches in
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
2a) State 2 contributions of Samuel Ajayi Crowther (i) (ii)
b) State 2 contributions of William F. Kumuyi (i) (ii)
3a) What is a Career?
b) State 2 examples of career (i) (ii)
4) State the year Joseph Ayodele Babalola was born and the year he died
Year of birth
Year of death
State one major contribution of Joseph A.Babalola:
5i) CAC stands for
ii) ECWA stands for
iii) CMS stands for
iv) CAN stands for











SECTION A: Answer all question
1) Who had refused to marry the king? (a)Jumobi (b)Omolewa (c)Iyando (d)Arewa
2) The two hunters that scare the two ladies at the river side were (a)Modede and Ogunmode (b)Kolade and Gboyega (c)Ikosi and Ale (d)Agboola and Ranti
3) The King of Ale kingdom is (a)Kolade (b)Modede (c)Ogunmode (d)Gboyega
4) and were Iyanda’s and Jumobi’s parent (a)baba G. Mama G. (b)Baba A. and Mama A. (c)Baba. J and Mama J. (d) Baba D. and Mama D.
5) Why was Agboola worried and tired of living in Ale kingdom? (a)He was sick (b)They wanted to kidnap his wife (c)The king is forcing him to give him his daughter to marry (d)He had lost his farm
6) Who was Arewa? (a)Agboola’s wife (b)Kolade’s wife (Ogunmode’s girl friend (d)Modede’s sister
7) Agboola consulted a for help with his problem with the king (a)priest (b)Herbalist (c)Lawyer (d)the elders
8) Agboola was told to do a daily sacrifice of a for five days (a)white goat (b)white cock (c)white dove(d)white pigeon
9) The commander of the army of Ale kingdom is (a)Ranti (b)Modede (c)Abisogun (d)Agboola
10) The king planned to destroy the whole family of (a) Asiko (b)Abisogun (c)Agboola (d)Ogunmode
11) The king of land was buried alive (a)Itan (b)Ale (c)Okiki (d)Ikosi
12) Abisogun and Agboola were (a)relatives (b)friends (c)rivals (d)Army officers
13) Whose heads did the king order Abisogun to bring? (a)The parents of Iyand (b)The parents of Omolewa (c)The parents of Arewa (d)The parents of Faramade
14) “Life is not a long lane without a (a)hole (b)door (c)bend (d)car
15) “Blood is thicker than “ (a)wine (b)sand (c)air (d)water
16) Who stabbed herself to death (a)Omolewa (b)Arewa (c)Iyanda (d)Jumobi
17) King Gboyega overthrew king (a)Asiko (b)Aramide (c)Adekitan (d)Abisogun
18) The former king’s wife was (a)Faramade (b)Arewa (c)Iyanda (d)Jumobi
19) “Hunter Tamilore, is it true you are not my father?” Who said this? (a)Adekitan (b)Gboyega (c)Ayboola (d)Oyemade
20) tongue was cut by the king’s men (a)Babatunde (b)Tamilore (c)Kukoyi (d)Adekitan
21) Abisogun was (a)banished (b)hanged (c)beheaded (d)imprisoned
22) “I can’t wait to avenge the death of my father” (a)Abisogun (b)Oyemade (c)Ranti (d)Tamilore
23) King Gboyega was killed by (a)Abisogun (b)Ranti (c)Oyemade (d)Tamilore
24) Faramade was found and accommodated by (a)Asiko (b)Babatunde (c)Kukoye (d)Tamilore
25) Abisogun was found in the forest by (a)Oyemade (b)Faramade (c)Tamilore (d)Asiko
1) Iyanda and Jumobi were from compound
2) The King’s errand boy was
3) The Chief priest was
4) The king order Chief Asiko to be imprisoned because
5) The brother of king Gboyega was
6) Oyemade’s father was
7) Arewa’s husband was
8) The Chief or head warrior of Ale land was
9) and were hunters who frightened the ladies
10) Agboola gave Jumobi’s father some to support their family.
11) Omolewa was engaged to to be his future wife
12) and were chiefs of Ale land
13) refused to marry the king
14) and planned to run away from Ale kingdom
15) King Gboyega was a kind king Yes or No
1) Give the name of 10 characters in this book
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)`
(v) (vi) (vii) (viii)
(ix) (x)
2) How did king Gboyega die?
3) How did Agboola and Arewa die?
4) Give a brief summary of The Heartless King



1) All of these are hard drugs except (a)heroin (b)paracetamol (c)cocaine (d)marijuana
2) One of these is an example of synthetic drug (a)Malaquin (b)Alligator pepper (c)honey (s)salt
3) Honey and garlic are examples of (a)hard drugs (b)synthetic drugs (c)Naturally occurring drugs (d)none of the options
4) One of these is an example of SOCIO- ECONOMIC effect of drug or substance abuse (a)poor work/school performance (b)indebtedness or other financial problems (c)loss of weight (d)violence
5) One of these is an effect of the abuse of cocaine (a)Typhoid fever (b)AIDS (c)stroke (d)Gonorrhoea
6) All of these are the effect of sedatives except (a)Asthma (b)Lack of Coordination (c)Disorientation (d)Anxiety
7) Heroin is also known as (a)book (b)gbana (c)coflin (d)sand
8) Cocaine is also called (a)Fanta (b)coke (c)gala (d)biscuit
9) All of these are effects of NORMAL use of drugs except (a)the sick person is relieved (b)The person regains strength (c)The person develops respiratory infection (d)such method of drug use makes a sick person healthy
10) A strong feeling of vomiting and feeling sick is a sign of (a)leukaemia (b)bruises (c)nausea (d)bad breath
11) Excessive use of drugs leads to all of these except (a)weak organs (b)the body gets exposed to all forms of diseases (c)madness or death (d)increased strength and health
12) All of these are factors that lead to the abuse of drugs except (a)Educational factor (b)Social factor (c)physical factor (d)Psychological factor
13) The presence of drug in the environment is an example of factor that leads to drug abuse (a)Social (b)physical (c)psychological (d)none of the options
14) People abuse drugs due to the pleasurable effects of such drugs. This situation can be regarded as a factor. (a)Social (b)physical (c)Psychological (d)religion
15) When we abuse drugs because of peer pressure or the influence of friends, such drug abuse is grouped under factor (a)religious (b)psychological (c)physical (d)social
16) All of these are registered sources of drug supply except (a)Pharmaceutical industries (b)beer parlours (c)hospital (d)patent medicine store
17) Registered sources of dugs supply are the ones approved by the (a)Parents (b)priest (c)government (d)the traditional rulers
18) One of these is an unregistered source of drug supply. (a)Herb sellers (b)patent medicine stores (c)Hospitals (d)Pharmaceutical industries
19) Drug traffickers are also called (a)Drug educators (b)drug couriers (c)Drug makers (d)Drug mothers
20) All of these are ways to keep the body in shape and balanced except (a)Eating balanced diet (b)Taking a very high dosage of drugs (c)Exercising the body regularly (d)Allowing our body to rest
1) State 4 agencies responsible for enforcing drug laws in Nigeria
(i) (ii)
(iii) (iv)
2) State 4 example of punishment given to drug offenders in Nigeria
(i) _________________ (ii) ___________________
(iii) ________________ (iv) _________________
3) State 4 unregistered sources of drug supply
(i) _____________ (ii) ____________________
(iii) _________________ (iv) ________________
4) State 4 ways we can use to stop drug abuse among youth
(i) (iii)
(ii) (iv)
5) State 4 examples of naturally occurring drugs: (i) ____________(ii)
(iii) (iv)


Simplify (4b+3) + (5-2b) (a) 3b + 5 (b) 2b + 8 (c) 4b+ 4 (d) 6b +2
Solve 26 -3 x a x + (20-5) = 11+3 x 7. Find a (a) 3 (b) 1 (c) 5 (d) 7
Find the value of in 14 – (2 x ) = 8 (a) 22 (b) 24 (c) 6 (d) 3
The sum of angles on a straight line equals ____(a) 360o (b) 270o (c) 180o (d) 90o
If you place the minute hand and the hour hand at 12, through which how many degrees with the hour hand move from 12 to 7 (a) 30o (b) 120o (c) 210o (d) 360o


Find the value of x (a) 36 (b) 5 (c) 18 (d) 72

_________ is a solid with four or more plane faces (a) polygon (b) polyhedron (c) quadrilateral (d) quadrant
A polygon that has nine sides is called a ___(a) decagon (b) nonagon (c) pentagon (d) octagon


the diagram above is a ______(a) scalene triangle (b) equilateral triangle (c) isosceles triangle (d) none of the options

36mm 9mm

52mm 13mm
What is the scale factor of the reduction in the above diagrams. (a) 1:5 (b) 1:2 (c) 1:4 (d) 1:3
11. On a map, 3cm represents 15km. Give the scale of the map (a) 1:1,500,000 (b) 1:150 (c) 1:5 (d) 1:15000
12. The scale of a map is 1:12000. How many kilometres does 1cm on the scale represent? (a) 12km (b) 1km (c) 3km (d) 120km
The line above are _____lines (a) perpendicular (b) parallel (c) intersecting
(d) none of the options

14. The following properties are through of ____all the four sides are equal, opposite angles are parallel and all are 90o. (a) triangle (b) trapezium (c) square (d) pentagon
15. A triangle with there equal sides is a/an ______triangle (a) right-angled (b) isosceles (c) scalene (d) equilateral




Use the graph above to answer question 16 to 18.
16. the most number of cars were sold in ____ (a) April (b) May (c) June (d) Feb
17.The number of cars sold in January was ____(a) 24 (b) 6 (c) 12 (d) 18
18. The total number of cars sold in the six months____ (a) 120 (b) 100 (c) 30 (d) 24
19. Find the MEDIAN of this set of number: 4,1,5,8,9,7,3,6,2 (a) 1 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5
20. find the mean of the following amount of money: N329, N3,530 , N1900 and N250 (a) N1502.25 (b) N6009 (c) 250 (d) N1604.11
21. In a set of numbers, the one that appears the most is called the ____(a) mean (b) mode (c) median (d) range
22. The mean of 2,y, 5 and 6 is 16. Find y (a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) 1

The shape is a ___(a) hexagon (b) octagon (c) pentagon (d) decagon

24. A triangular prism has ______faces _____vertices and _____edges (a) 4,5,8 (b) 5,7,6 (c) 4,4,4 (d) 5,6,9
25. A square has ___ lines of symmetry (a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 3
Simplify 4m + 6y + 5m- 2y – 3m. ____________________________________________________________
What is the cost of r oranges when one costs N5? __________________________________
Ete is now t year old. How old will she be in 3years time? ___________________________________
d3 + d3 + d3 + d3 = ___________________
_________ is used to measure angles. __________________________
The sum of angles in a triangle equals _________________
Interior opposite angle always add up to _________________

Po What is the value of Po? ______________________

____________ is a close figure with three or more sides
Two examples of a POLY HEDRON are ______ and ____________________
________polygons have all the sides and angles equal.
An eight -sided polygon is called a ________________
_______ is an accurate drawing of an object or surface with reduced or enlarged dimension
On a map 2cm represents 10km . Give the scale of that map. _________________
The scale of a map is 1:19000. How many kilometres does 1cm on the scale represent? _____________
The scale of a map of Nigeria is 1:700,000. Calculate the distance between Abuja and Akure of the distance on the map is 6cm. convert the distance to kilometres (km).
One property of a rectangle is _____________________________
An example of a quadrilateral in which opposite sides are equal is ______________________
A square has __________ diagonal (state the number)


This is a ______triangle

Find the mean of the numbers above _______________________
Find the median __________________________________
Find the mode ___________________________________


state the number of degrees covered by the shaded part of the clock. ____________


‘Octa’ means _______________________


1. Using SUBSTITUTION method solve the following simultaneous equation. x + y = 4
2x – y = 5
2. The number of points obtained by a set of students for their school activities is shown below
1 0 2 2 4 3 1 3 4 2
2 3 3 4 2 3 5 3 4 0
Complete the table below
Number of points (score)
Tally marks
Number of students (frequency)













3. line XY, construct line CD parallel to line XY.
4. Using the diagram of the face of a clock, show these angles. (i) 180o (ii) 270o






Study the samples given and solve the questions under each.

Sample A: 4 3 = 4 x 34+3 = 127 9 3 = 9 ÷ 33 = 1

5 3 = (2) (2 2) 4= (3) 50 5 =

4. (125 5) x (12 3) = (5) 204 = 51

Sample B:




6. 7. 8. 9. 10.






11. (12) (13)



14. (15)



Sample D:





16. 17. 18. (19)





Sample E:


21. 22. (23)

24. 25.






(27) (28)



29. 30.