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Section A (answer all questions from this section)

  1. Informative is one of the function of _____a). Drama b). Music c). Drawing d). Dance.
  2. The study of cultural and creative art revealed the total way of life of the people. a). True b). False    c). Either d). Neither.

3  Fine art is a branch of ______a). Literary Arts b). Performing Arts c). Visual Arts d). Dancing Arts.

  1. ______ is used to clean pencil effects. a). Charcoal b). Crayon c). Eraser d). Pastel.
  2. Team work is related to ______a). Discipline b). Cooperation c). Worker’s d). Film.
  3. _______ is the arrangement of sounds that are pleasant to the ear. a). Sounds b). Voices c)

   Design d). Music.

  1. The rudiments of music are the musical_____ a). Note b). Alphabet c). Sign d). Concept.
  2. Time signature in music refers to______ a). Grouping of beats b). Grouping of symbol c)

   Grouping of music  d). Grouping of signature.

  1. How many alphabets of letters represent the musical note. a). 4 b). 7 c). 5 d). 2.

10  Art portfolio is ______a). A container for keeping Art work b). A box for keeping wood. c). A bag for keeping pencils d). A storage for water.

  1. The following are example of crafts products EXCEPT ______ a).Textile  b) Graphics c). 

    Basket d). Cane chair.

  1. Calabash decoration is an aspect of_____ a). Design b). Textile c). Craft d). Graphics.
  2. Basic shape include one of the following. a). Triangle b). Zigzag c). Spiral d). Scroll
  3. The materials for leather work is gotten from ______ a). Leave b). Calabash c). Animal skin d).   Crude oil.
  4. The equal mixture of colour Red and Yellow will give us _______a) Orange b) green c) Violet      d) Wine.
  5. The components that make up drama include the following EXCEPT ______ a). Music b) 

     Work c) Plot d) script.

  1. The person who write drama scripts is called __________ a). Artist b). Playwright c). 

    Musician d). Graphics.

18   ______  is the ancient traditional artistic practice a) Blurring  b) Art works c) dotism

  1. d) Craft works.
  2. One of these materials is used in bead making. a) Tape measure b) Wax c) Raffia  d) Adze

20  _____ is an aspect of FINE ARTS.  a) Textile design  b) Painting c) poetry d) Dance.

21  One of this is a Performing art  . a) Drama b)  Painting c) Poetry d) Ceramic.

22  The first and most important element of art is _______ a) line b)  Textile c)  Dots  

  1. d)    Drawing.

23  The word “ARTS” originated from _______ word.  a) Latin b) English c) Greek 

  1. d) America.


24  One of the following an example of craft product.  a). Cain chair  b) Tie/dye.   

            c).   Knitting.   d).    Printing 

25  One of the following is a set of primary colours.  a).    Yellow, Red & Blue. 

  b).   White, Black &Yellow. c).   Green, Blue & Violet. d).  Red , Blue & white

26  Nigerian craft is the type of crafts produced by the people in _____ a) Ghana b) Osun 

  1. c) America d) Nigeria. 

27  People watching drama presentation are called ____ a) People b) Crew c) Audience

  1. d) Actors.

28  Therapeutic means _______ a) Rejoicing b) Healing   c) Drama  d)  Raffia .

  1. Another’s name for life drawing is _____ a) human drawing b)  Nature drawing c) Figure 

      drawing   d)  Still life drawing.

  1.   RHYTHM in drama refers to _____ a) The heart of the play b) the sound of music c) The 

      beginning of the play d) The actress in the drama.

31   Visual art can be classified into____ & ____. a). Textile & Batik b). Painting & Drawing 

         c). Fine & Applied d). Sculpture & Graphics.

32   A branch of Art that is connected with appealing to man sense of beauty and emotion is  

        ______a) Graphics art b) Applied art c) Fine art d) Literary art

33   An actor is __________ character in a play.  a )  Female b )  Male  c) Dancer  

  1. d) Audience.
  2. Basket weaving is the act of using ______ to form an object a) palm fraud b) Raffia
  3. c) Plank d) Clothes.

35   The followings are Basic shapes EXCEPT  a). Triangle b) Rectangle  c) Spiral d) Square.

36   Informative is one of the function of _____ a). Drama b). Music c). Drawing d)  Dance.

37   ______ is the arrangement of sounds that are pleasant to the ear. a). Sounds b). Voices c). 

     Design d). Music.

38   ________ is any body movement to a musical rhythm a) Sound b) Ruling c) Shading 

  1. d)    dance.

39   The following are the materials needed for collage EXCEPT a) drum b) gum c) Starch 

  1. d)    glue

40   A type of drama that ends with a sorrowful mood is called ________ a) Tragedy 

  1. b) Comedy c) Musician d) Tragicomedy. 

41   What category of people is called artist a) everybody b) Painters and sculpture

  1. c) None of the above d) Creative writers only.

42   Performing art is divided into a) Acting, painting &writing. B) Weaving, printing & 

      Singing c) Drama, music & dance d) Drama, Knitting & Dance.

43   The art of making assemblage of different object on a flat surface is _______ 

  1. a) Drawing b) Mosaic c) Collage d) Weaving.

44   ________ is a literary arts.  a).  Sculpture.  b).  Painting.  c) poetry.  d).  Dance.

45   Music is classified under _____  art a) Visual b)Music c) Performing d) Group. 

46   The following are examples of geometrical shapes EXCEPT a)  centerline b) circle 

  1. c) square d)  rectangle .

47   _________ is a principle of Design/ Arts. A)  Colour b) Balance c) Line d) Texture.

48   Craft works are distributed through _____  a) Visual distribution b) Literary works 

  1. c) Markets  d) vision

49   In Africa, music reflect in all human ________  a). Works b). Activities c).Education 

       d). All of the above. 

50   The word “MUSIC” originated from _______ word.  a). Latin b). English c). Greek d). 



Section B (answer 3 questions only)

1)  What is Contemporary Dance?

  1. b)  Using a well labeled diagram, explain the branches of visual art.

2)  List and explain any three functions of DRAMA

  1. b)  Mention four occasions that calls for music making within the African society. 

3)  What is paper craft

  1. b)  Discuss any two elements of Drama.

4)  Explain the concept of SENSES OF BELONGING.

  1. b)  Highlight any five materials needed for modelling with paper Marche.

5)  Define collage.

  1. b)  List any two types of collage and three materials needed for collage.


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