1) is the sum of all the processes by which the body takes in food. (a)Diet (b)Nutrition (c)Health
2) Proteins carbohydrates and vitamins are some of the classes of (a)Food nutrient (b)Food take in (c)Food
3) is a meal containing all the essential classes of food. (a)Inadequate diet (b)adequate diet (c)insufficient diet
4) Adequate diet prevents and (a)Infections and diseases (b)teeth and bones (c)Vitamins and proteins
5) An effect of inadequate diet is (a)Poor appetite (b)good appetite (c)Rich appetite
6) is the chemical substance present in food which living things need for growth (a)Food (b)Drinks (c)Nutrient
7) Nutrients can help human being repair worn out and cells (a)tissues (b)toilet paper (c)water
8) When we cook, boil, or fry food it helps to kill (a)Micro (b)Micro – organisms (c)Micro organization
9) We preserve our food in order to prevent (a)Sewage (b)wastage (c)luggage
10) is the sealing of food in a sterilized can. (a)canning (b)salting (c)smoking
11) and are methods of food preservation (a)Dating and drinking (b)Salting and refrigerating (c)canning and eating
12) Starchy foods can also be referred to as (a)Carbohydrate (b)Protein (c)Vitamin
13) Meat and beans are examples of food. (a)Fat and oil (b)Protienous (c)Water
14) Margarine and butter are examples of (a)Protein (b)Vitamin (c)Fat and oil
15) and are examples of vitamins (a)Meat and fish (b)apple and orange (c)Rice and Yam
16) Swimming is an activity (a)Safety (b)adequate (c)aquatic
17) Do not eat or chew near the pool is a in swimming (a)School rule (b)safety rule (c)metre rule
18) Swimming requires proper safety (a)Precaution (b)Drinks (c)Food
19) One of these is not a fruit (a)Apple (b)Mango (c)butter
20) is not part of the classes of food (a)Vitamin (b)product (c)protein
1) Balanced diet can also be referred to as
2) Proteinous food helps our body to
3) is a class of food that protects the body from diseases
4) The class of food that transports nutrients and waste product is known as
5) gives us energy for our daily activities
6) One importance of nutrients to the body is it
7) Examples of starchy foods are and
8) We convert food by cooking boiling or
9) is an aquatic event
10) We should take a before going into the swimming pool
1) What is food preservation?
Name 3 methods of preserving our foods. (I) ______________________________ (ii) _______________________
iii. ______________________________________________________
2) What is food preparation?
List 3 ways of preparing food: a) b)
3) Define Swimming?
Write out three safety rules in Swimming: a) ______ b) c) _____________ (d)____________________________
4) List four importance of nutrients to the body. a)
b) c)
5) Write two effects of inadequate diet: a) b)
Give two examples of these classes of food
Fats and Oil

1) Which of these foods contain carbohydrate? (a)beans (b)Vegetables (c)Rice
2) is one of the food we can find in our locality (a)Yam (b)Pizza (c)Lettuce
3) Fish belongs to one of these classes of food (a)Protein (b)Vitamin (c)Fats /Oil
4) The food we eat contain called nutrients (a)Poison (b)Chemical (c)Rodents
5) provide the body with the needed materials for growth and development (a)nutrient (b)nuisance (c)neutral
6) gives the body energy needed for daily activities (a)Protein (b)Carbohydrate (c)Fats
7) Vitamins and minerals protect the body from (a)Safety (b)Health (c)diseases
8) belongs to a class of food that insulate the body (a)Water (b)Vitamin (c)Fats/Oil
9) Corn can be used to prepare (a)Corn flakes (b)cucumber (c)egg
10) One of these is not a fruit (a)banana (b)Orange (c)Onion
11) An example of a tuber is (a)meat (b)potato (c)mango
12) Eating only one type of food can result to (a)Sound health (b)Good health (c)Mal nutrition
13) Lack of protein can cause a deficiency called (a)Kwashiorkor (b)Dysentery (c)Diarrhea
14) Scurvy can occur as a result of deficiency in (a)Vitamin A (b)Vitamin B (c)Vitamin C
15) Having rough and reddish skin can be as a result of (a)Scurry (b)Pellagra (c)Ricket
16) Water is very important because it aids (a)balance (b)Vitamins (c)digestion
17) Fish and meat belong to food group (a)body building (b)protective (c)Energy giving
18) Butter and margarine belong to the and group (a)Protein (b)Water (c)Fat and Oil
19) Garri and rice are examples of food (a)Energy giving (b)maintenance (c)protective
20) Body building foods can also be referred to as (a)Carbohydrate (b)Vitamin (c)Protein
1) and are common foodstuffs in our locality
2) is one of the function of food nutrient
3) can be used to prepare Yam flour (Amala)
4) is a class of food that helps the body to grow.
5) Vitamins and minerals belong to and food group
6) is a sickness which can occur as a result of eating only one type of food
7) Lack of vitamin D can make a child to have
8) Deficiency in protein can cause a disease known as
9) Examples of energy giving food are and
10) Fruits and vegetables belongs to food group
1) List ten common foodstuffs in our locality: (i) __________________________ (ii) _________________________
iii._________________________iv. ________________________v. _____________________vi. _____________________
vii. ______________________________viii. ______________________ix. ___________________ x. ___________________
2) The major minerals are ________________ ______________________, __________________, _________________
3) List three classes of food and give one example each
(a) ______e.g _________ (b) e.g ____ (c) e.g ______
4) What do we use food stuffs for? ___________________________________________________________________
Write out two types of food stuff we can prepare with the following
5) Eating only one type of food can result to various kinds of diseases. List any 4 and write out the effects
Diseases Effects
A) ___________________________ __________________________________
B) ___________________________ __________________________________

1) What is the name of Adeola’s daughter?
2) What is the name of the town in which Dorothy was born?
3) What happened to Dorothy and her mother?
4) Where was Adeola’s body found
5) Which town was Dorothy taken to?
6) was the name given to Dorothy by the fisherman and his wife
7) Who was referred to as Maami
8) Who always tell the children story at night?
9) What is the name of the fisher man’s Junior wife?
10) Why did Dima refer to Dorothy as the daughter of the river goddess
11) What is the name of Dima’s friend
12) What advice did Doja give to Dima?
13) What did Dima do to Dorothy’s food?
14) What punishment did the fisherman give to her?
15) What happened to the food?
16) Which class was Dorothy promoted to?
17) What is the name of the fisherman?
18) Who helped Dima and Aisha when they were driven out?
19) Where was Dorothy and Aisha taken to after eating the food?
20) Dorothy was given by the local Authority after her common entrance
21) She gained admission into the university of science and Ita-ode
22) What happened in Dorothy’s fifth year in the university?
23) Where was Dorothy posted for her National Youth Service?
24) She was posted to the for her primary assignment
25) Aisha took up appointment as a in one of the departmental stores in town.
26) The shop owner like Aisha because of her and handwork
27) Who was Dorothy’s biological mother?
Write 3 moral lessons learnt from the literature book



1) Write your name in the first page (Surname and other two names)
2) My school is 30th this year. It is marvelous
3) Anyone that reads well, goes higher in life
4) Higher ground is our portion in Elias






1) involves the use of crude methods and tools to do things (a)Developed technology (b)Underdeveloped technology (c)Advanced technology
2) are technology that make our lives easier (a)Machines (b)objects (b)Things
3) Examples of underdeveloped technology are (a)ship and telephone (b)aeroplane and computer (c)hoe and cutlass
4) is the ability of something to do work (a)Technology (b)Energy (c)Blood
5) Which of these is not a form of energy? (a)sand energy (b)Light energy (c)Electrical energy






Use the above picture to answer questions 6 – 11
6) A is (a)arrow (b)light (c)line
7) B is (a)Carbon dioxide (b)Sun (c)Carbohydrate
8) C is (a)Oxygen (b)Light (c)Nitrogen
9) D is (a)Carbohydrate (b)Carbon dioxide + water (c)light
10) E is (a)Moon (b)star (c)Sun
11) The type of energy that the picture shows is (a)sound energy (b)Light energy (c)Mechanical energy
12) is the natural source of light. (a)Sun (b)Electricity 9c)Phone
13) energy is light electrical, wind, thermal and sound energy. (a)Potential (b)Kinetic (c)Technical
14) Light energy reflects off (a)blood (b)objects (c)air
15) energy appears in the form of motion (a)Potential (b)chemical (c)kinetic
16) lower our standard of living (a)Developed technology (b)Underdeveloped technology (c)Advanced technology
17) Developed technology has made our lives (a)difficult (b)stressful (c)easier
18) Potential energy is also known as energy (a)stored (b)working (c)running
19) Working energy is energy (a)store (b)kinetic (c)life
20) Which of these technologies is underdeveloped




1) and (2) are different forms of technology
3) The main energy source comes from the
4) energy uses a wave motion
5) is a technology used at home
6) Underdeveloped technology lowers our standard of

7) This is an energy

8) This is a energy


9) energy is used to make food for plants


This object is an example of energy

1a) What is energy
1b) Mention the two forms of energy (a) (b)
2a) Define Machines
2b) Give two examples of developed technology used for transportation (a) (b)
3a) Give two examples of undeveloped technology used in Agriculture :a) b) _________
3b) Give two characteristics of underdeveloped technology: i) ii)
4a) Mention four different forms of energy : i) ii)
iii) Iv)
4b) Mention the different sources where light energy come from
i) ___________________ ii) ____________________
5a) Give two examples of developed technology used in music
a) (b)
5b) Draw any two developed technology





1) is a person or group of persons chosen to carry out a particular role or function on behalf of the people. (a)Messenger (b)Constituted authority (c)King
2) Obas, Emirs and Ezes are examples of (a)Political leaders (b)Traditional rulers (c)religious leader
3) One of these is a head of organization (a)Principal (b)Emir (c)Imam
4) Highway codes are found on our roads (a)Cars (b)signs (c)lines
5) People that walk beside the road are called (a)Road workers (b)Road walk (c)Pedestrians
6) Which of these pictures is a sign of highway codes
a) b) c)



7) An example of a political leader is a (a)Principal (b)president (c)Emir
8) One of these is an example of national symbol (a)Highway codes (b)The mace (c)Political leader
9) contains and states how a particular country is to be organized and governed (a)The mace (b)The coat of arm (c)The constitution
10) should guide our conduct and behavior all the time (a)The constitution (b)The mace (c)The National anthem
11) Every citizen should know how to recite the (a)Elias anthem (b)National anthem (c)African anthem
12) The National passport can be renewed when it expired (True/false)
13) Example of other symbol is (a)The national pledge (b)Traditional leader (c)The mace
14) One of these is not a sign on the road (a)stop (b)children crossing (c) playing on the road
15) last for a long period of year. (a)other symbols (b)National symbols (c)day
16) Traditional leaders are found in (a)the communities (b)the church (c)the mosque
17) Political leaders are chosen based on (a)laws (b)rigging (c)partiality
18) maintains law and order (a)criminal (b)Hoodlum (c)constituted authority
19) One of these is not a religious leader (a)Oba (b)pastor (c)Ifa priest
20) is a travelling document (a)Certificate (b)National passport (c)Receipt
1) and types of constituted authority
Fill these highway codes with the information they signify


3) The National symbols last for a long period of time while last for a short period of time.
4) is respected by standing up when it is being recited.
5) is an example of traditional leaders under other symbols
6) We need constituted authority to maintain and
7) should not be squeezed stain with oil or kept in the bras and pant
8) President, governors and chairman are examples of leaders
9) are signs found on our roads
10) Everybody should know how to recite and abide by its wording
1) Write four other symbols in Nigeria
a) (b) (c) (d)
2) Give these reasons why constituted authority is needed
a) (b)
3) Mention two ways by which each of these National symbols are respected or can be respected;
i) ii)
4a) Give two differences between the National symbols and other symbols
i) ii)
4b) Give two examples religious leaders
i) ii)
5) Give four examples of Heads of organization
a) b)
c) d)






1) Road accident can cause damage of (a)ship (b)vehicle (c)plane
2) One of these can not cause road accident (a)driving carefully (b)over speed (c)bad tyres
3) is a hand covering that is worn when one wants to take care of a wounded parts of the body (a)Socks (b)Cap (c)glove
4) First aid box has colour and (a)red/yellow (b)green/red (c)blue/red
5) FRSC means: (a)Federal republic of Security Commission (b)Federal Road system corps (c)Federal Road Safety corps
6) One of these abbreviations is not a security agency (a)BLT (b)SSS (c)FRSC
7) Road accident can cause one of these (a)death and Joy (b)Destruction and pain (c)Celebration and Jubilation
8) is the immediate simple medical care given to a sick or injured person before he or she is taken to the hospital for treatment (a)Treatment (b)First aid (c)Second aid
9) deals with drugs (a)The military (b)State security (c)NDLEA
10) completely get rid of corruption in public and private sectors. (a)NSCDC (b)SSS (c)ICPC
11) One of these combinations of items cannot be found inside the first aid box (a)Iodine, plaster and glove (b)bandage, plaster and cotton wool(c)Eraser, Scissors and nail
12) The person that gives first and is called (a)Doctor (b)first man (c)First aider
13) Wear your gloves is the step in a simple first aid treatment (a)third (b)first (c)Last
14) The last step in a simple first aid treatment is (a)report the accident to the police (b)wear your gloves (c)Clear the wound part with scissors
15) The Nigerian police force was formed on (a)1st November 1930 (b)1st January 1930 (c)1st April 1930
16) The military is made up of the , , and (a)Police, Army and Airforce (b)Army, Navy and Airforce (c)Airforce, custom and police
17) One of these can cause road accident (a)Carelessness (b)carefulness (c)obedience
18) is a mechanical problem that can cause road accident (a)Over speed (b)drunkenness (c)Brake failure
19) are organizations or departments of government that are incharge of protecting persons, buildings or country from danger or crime. (a)Security agencies (b)Security organizations (c)Security committees
20) Letter ‘C’ in FRSC stands for (a)Cooperation (b)Committee (c)Corps

1) Accidents that occur on the roads are called
2) First aid treatment is given to a sick or injured person before he or she is taken to
3) SSS means as one of the security agencies.
4) The last step in a simple first aid treatment is
5) is an antiseptic liquid applied on cuts in the skin or wounds to prevent infection
6) Over speeding and over loading can cause
7) First aid box has colour and
8) Military is made up of , and
9) Methylated is an antiseptic liquid that can be used to clean wounds.
10) and are examples of security agencies.
1a) Define First aid:______________________________________________________________________________
b) Mention three objects that can be found in a first aid box
a) (b) (c)
2a) Mention three causes of road accident
a) (b) (c)
3) Give meaning of these abbreviation under security agencies (i)FRSC (ii)SSS (iii)NDLEA
4a) Draw a First aid box


b) What happen in the first and last step of simple first aid treatment __________________________________________

1) An unselfish love does not do (a)good (b)evil (c)right
2) loved David and saved him Saul (a)Paul (b)Isaac (c)Jonathan
3) was Abraham’s nephew (a)Luke (b)Lot (c)Sarah
4) One Simus was Philemon’s (a)Slave (b)Master (c)teacher
5) The king of Philistines who quarreled with Isaac was (a)Dan (b)Gerard (c)Abimelech
6) Jonathan gave his robe and other items to (a)Saul (b)David (c)Abigail
7) means living with other people in peace and unity (a)coexistence (b)peaceful coexistence (c)Disagreement
8) Laban was uncle (a)James (b)Joshua (c)Jacob’s
9) wealth made Philistines to be Jealous (a)Isaac’s (b)Abraham’s (c)Lot’s
10) A letter was written to Philemon by to forgive One Simus (a)Paul the apostle (b)Saint John (c)Jesus
11) made peace with Paul and his disciples (a)Abraham (b)Barnabas (c)Amos
12) is the ability to be calm and to put up with all situations especially unpleasant ones. (a)Reward (b)forbearance (c)Demonstration
13) Fellow peace with all men and holiness without which no one will see the Lord? This can be found in (a)Luke 12:14 (b)Genesis 12:14 (c)Hebrew 12:14
14) was the son of Abraham (a)Peter (b)Isaac (c)Joshua
15) is love (a)God (b)Judas (c)Angel
16) A friend in need is a friend (a)in the house (b)in deed (c)In Gowon
17) is bad, loving is good (a)Kindness (b)Helping (c)Selfishness
18) Philemon was a good Christian in a town called (a)Philippi (b)Colosse (c)Ethiopia
19) Esau and were brothers (a)Peter (b)Moses (c)Jacob
20) God loves people who love (a)trouble (b)peace (c)hatred
1) dug wells that were filled up by Philistines.
2) is the desire to live at peace with other in the society
3) showed love to David
4) in need is a friend indeed
5) Onesimus met and became Christian
6) Jacob, the son of Isaac made peace with his brother
7) involves avoiding arguments and settling quarrels, fight, war etc between two people
8) Paul met Jesus on his way to
9) The perfect peace maker is
10) Abimelech was the king of
1a) Mention three people in the Bible who were peace maker (as it is in your note) __________________________________
1b) What does Matthew Chapter Five verse Nine say? ________________________________________________________
2a) With whom was each person mentioned below had peace with
Esau and Philemon and Abraham and
Isaac and
2b) Define peaceful co-existence
3a) Mention two kind of love that should exist among Christians.
(a) (b) (c)
3b) Why did Abimelech the king of philistine drive away Isaac ._________________________________________________
4a) Mention three ways by which Jonathan showed love to David
a) b) c)
5) Why was Jacob afraid of his brother, Esau? ______________________________________________________________

Underline the smallest from the list below
Example: Lorry , Car, bus
1) Apple Pawpaw, Kolanut
2) River Ocean Pond
3) Cottage, Palace, Mansion
Underline the largest from the list below:
Example: Dog, Horse, Bee
4) Village, Country, town
5) Bus, Aeroplane, Car
6) Grasshopper, Mosquito, Ant
Give one name for each list,
Example: Gold, Silver, Petroleum = Mineral
7) Sheep, Goat, Lion =
8) Flat, Bungalow, Mansion =
9) Spoon, Fork, Knife =
10) Two, Four, Ten =
A man who serves food in a restaurant is a Waiter
11) A person who sells fish is a
12) A doctor who treats eye disease is an
13) A person who studies languages is a
Teacher and pupil: Lecturer and Student
Pick the correct answer from the brackets.
14) Farmer and hoe; Doctor and (net, syringe)
15) Water and liquid; Iron and (solid, hard)
Study the first pair before you complete the second pair
Example; Intent tent; Imprint, print

16) Refer, prefer ; Lace,
17) Team, Tea; Mend,
18) But, Cut; Map,
Example; Ora n ge
o (m, n, t)
19) So d
e (l, p, o)
20) Sho (p, l, m)
Example: A place where wild animals are kept is called a Zoo
21) A place where water is stored in large quantity is called a
22) A place where orphans are kept is called a
23) A place where milk is made into butter or cheese is called a
Study the pair
E.g Boy and girl: above and Below
24) Dull and bright; bitter and
25) Dry and wet; difficult and
Underline the correct rhyming words in the brackets
Example: Pear (peel, pail, pair )
26) Rain (rinse, ran, reign)
27) Dye (did), die, day)
Example; He and she; Brother and sister

28) Bachelor and Spinster; waiter and
29) King and queen; good and
30) He and she; Ram and









Communicating in the past long ago it was difficult to communicate over long distances. People did not have telephones like we have today. Smoke signals could be seen from far away. If someone wanted to send a smoke signal, he or she had to build a fire. Then they had to wear a blanket over the fire to form patterns with the smoke signals. The member of smoke signals and the spacing between the signals sent different messages.
Drum beats
Drum beats could be heard many kilometres away. The sound travelled from one village to another. The person sending the message would beat the drum in a special rhythm. Important messages would be passed on from village to village. Warnings like “Under attack” or foreigners arriving” were communicated with different drum rhythms. Answer these questions about the information’s.
1) Which methods of communication are described? ____________________________________________
2) What is used to form the smoke signals? ____________________________________________________
3) How far away could drum beats be heard? ______________________________________________________________
4) What kinds of warnings were sent by drum beats? _______________________________________________________
5) How would the person sending the message beat the drum? _______________________________________________
6) How would important messages be passed? ‘____________________________________________________________
7) What kind of warnings are communicated? _____________________________________________________________
Fill in the blanks with the antonyms of the underlined words
8) Is that an answer or a 9) Her clothes are cheap but her shoes are
10) Snow is White and coal is
Replace the underlined words with their synonyms
11) He made a few mistakes in his test
12) The naughty boy was chased by some dogs
13) He stood in the centre of the class
Fill in the blanks with the correct words given in the brackets
14) I was because I could not the book I borrowed. (fined, find)
15) Please while I take your said the girl to the child (weight, wait)
Write a word that sounds the same as the one given.
16) Cheque ___________________17) Cell _____________________
18) Mail
Give the feminine or masculine gender of the following
Masculine Feminine
19) Gentleman
20) Son in law
21) Mrs
Write M for masculine, F for Feminine and N for Neuter
22) Pencil Tigress
23) Brother Chair
24) Policeman mother

Example As brave as a lion
25) As easy as 26) As gentle as a
27) As green as 28) As meek as a
Rewrite and punctuate the following
29) Oh I am sorry
30) Where are we going
31) I am going to visit my grand parents
32) Didnt they give you the book?
Give the young ones of these animals
33) Eagle 34) Horse
35) Goat 36) Frog
Write the homes of these people and animals
37) Priest
38) King
39) Spider
40) Bee
Write a composition on any of the following:
A) What I would like to be in future
B) My State
C) A letter to your uncle telling him you would like to spend the holiday with his family.


















How many squares are in this shape? (a) 5 (b) 16 (c) 14

2. 9cm
4cm The perimeter of this shape is _____(a) 13cm (b) 36cm (c) 26cm

3. 2500grams = __________ kilograms (a) 25 (b) 2.5 (c) 250
4. The standard unit of measuring capacity is _____ (a) the millitre (b) the litre (c) the centimeter
5. How minutes are in 1hour 30minutes? (A) 90minutes (b) 130 minutes (c) 60 minutes
6. Equilateral triangle has ______lines of symmetry (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 of these shapes does not have line of symmetry (a) square (b) equilateral triangle (c) scalene triabgle
8. Pictogram is represented in ____(a) colour (b) picture (c) grams
9. A mode is the number of items that occurs the ____(a) least (b) most (c) middle
10. WE weigh with _____(a) scale (b) ruler (c) tray
11. How many centimetres from 1 to 5 in your ruler? (a) 6cm (b) 15cm (c) 20cm
5cm The area of this shape is _____ (a) 50cm2 (b) 15cm2 (c) 30cm2

13. _______ is the total distance around the outside of a shape object or surface. (a) area (b) perimeter (c) symmetry
14. 2000grams + 1000grams + 500grams =______ (a) 3500kg (b) 3.5kg (c) 35kg
The time in this clock says (a) 10:02 (b) 10:10 (c) 2:10


16. Which of these shapes has two lines of symmetry ? (a) square (b) equilateral triangle (c) rectangle
17. 2.5
= 10 , = 5 or
Calculate this with the pictures above (a) 30 (b) 32.5 (c) 35.2

18. 250ml = ________ ɭ (a) 1/3 (b) ¼ (c) 1/5

This object is called ___(a) hook (b) weight (c) scale


20. The object in question number (19) is used to ____(a) weigh (b) cut (c) carry
1. ________________________ and ___________________are used in measuring curved line







2. The area of this shape below is ___________

3. fill in the hands according to the time given under the clock


Quarter to 12
4. We have __________days in the last three months of the year
5. 8 ½ kg= _____________________grams
6. 2000g + 2000g + 1500g = _________________kg
7. Square has -___________________lines of symmetry
8. Use the pictograph above to answer question 9 and 10


9. The mode of the data is ____________________________
10. In which of the height has no pupil? _________________________
1a. Draw these shapes – square, equilateral triangle and rectangle and show their lines of symmetry.
b. How many minutes are there in 2 ¼ hours?

2. How many ?


b. How many grams make 2.1kg?________________________________
3. Calculate the perimeter of these shapes below
a. 6cm

7cm 7cm
4. Accurately measure the length and breadth of your question paper. Length ________cm , Breadth _________cm

b. Find the perimeter of this curved shape

Favourite subjects of some pupils








1. 2.




Sample: 15 7 – 8 24 30 + 1

12 16 – 4

4. 20 30 – 10 (5) 21 18 + 6 (6) 14 10 + 7






Sample: (9)

11. 12. Sample:


13. 14. 15.





16. 17. 18 19.



20 Example:



21. 22. 23







25. 26. 27.


28. 29. Example;










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