Simile (Choose the correct option)
1) The monitor is as sharp as a (Cutlass, razor, knife)
2) As as wolf (generous, kind, greedy)
3) As rude as (peacock, hen, dog)
4) Which two things do you always find in a house (door, garage, garden)
5) What goes up and never comes down (aeroplane, balloon, nothing, age)
6) Mention two things you always find with a police on duty ,
What is the name given to the young of the following
7) Fish (calf, fishes, fry)
8) Sheep (ewe, lamb, cub)
9) Cow (cub, calf, fox)
Rearrange the words in the following sentences to make sence
10) has September thirty day
11) the setting was sun in the west
12) is hobby my swimming
Read the following sentences carefully and choose which one should come first, second and third (1, 2, 3)
13) (1) The teacher flogged us
(2) We were late to school
(3) The teacher was angry with us
14) (1)He got angry with the dog for this
(2)The dog bit his sister
(3)He beat the dog with a stick
15) (1) I bought a book
(2) I went to the bookshop
(3) my father gave me some money at home
Complete the following
16) King is to Queen as god is to
17) Bride groom and
18) Nephew and
Choose the correct option to fill the sentences below
19) All Cows eat grass because (a)they all like eating grass (b)grass have good taste (c)they can easily digest grass
20) We put on clothes (a)so as to feel warm (b)to cover our nakedness (c)to show fashion
21) Aeroplanes fly because (a)It is designed to fly (b)it has no tyres (c)It is very fast
22) As bold as a (goal, criminal, lion)
23) As quiet as a (dove, mouse, chicken)
24) Thirty is ten than a score (over, times, less, more)
Pick a word that cannot be formed from the word in capital letter
25) HEADMASTER (a)death (b)stream (c)threads (d)shred (e)task
26) Threshold (a)shelter (b)soldier (c)holder (d)short (e)holster
27) The people who in the south of Australia are called Eskimos (a)leave (b)left (c)live (d)leaf (e)leaves
28) My friend asked me to him my pencil. (a)Learn (b)lend (c)borrow (d)carry
Choose the word which can not be connected with the one in the capital letter
29) Zoo: (a)Lions (b)Pilots (c)snakes (d)Rabbits (e)Crocodile
30) EXAMINATION: (a)Examiner (b)Candidate (c)Hall (d)Ball (e)Pen







Comprehension Passage
Once upon a time, a dog was carrying a piece of meat in his mouth. Although his home was far away, he wanted to keep the meat to eat there. He did not want to have to share it with anyone.
On his way home, he came to a bridge over a river. He walked across the bridge, still carrying his piece of meat carefully in his mouth. Half way across, he stopped to look at the water flowing under the bridge. He was surprised! There was another dog with a piece of meat in his mouth in the water below! He did not realize that it was his own reflection.
The dog wanted to have that piece of meat as well. ‘if I can get that, I will have two piece of meat, “ he thought. ‘ I will make that dog drop his meat and run away”.
So he snapped at his reflection. As he opened his mouth, the piece of meat fell out. It dropped into the water below and was carried off by the river.
The dog tried to catch it but it was too late. His meat had gone. And so, the dog had nothing to eat when he got home.
1) Where was the dog going?
2) Why was he carrying a piece of meat?
3) How did he cross the river?
4) What did he see in the water beneath the bridge?
5) What did he think this was?
6) What did the dog have to eat when he got home?
7) What lesson does this story teach us?
Write true or false
8) The dog wanted to share his meat with the dog in the water
9) The dog fell into the water
10) The dog had more meat to eat
Write three questions as indirect speech
11) “ How are you feeling today?” asked his mother
12) “ Do you know where the library is”? asked the boy
Write these in Direct speech
13) The boy said that he was feeling tired
14) The teacher said that we should sit down
Fill in the right article (a, an, the)
15) baby is in cot
16) There is elephant in jungle
17) umbrella is used for covering
18) apple on table
Correctly punctuate the following sentences
19) my father is a lawyer
20) i have a book pen paper and a table
21) get out of here

Fill in the correct word
22) As gentle as a
23) As white as
24) As simple as
25) As brave as a
26) As cunny as a
Replace the underlined words with the right synonyms
27) Western countries celebrate the beginning of the New year on the 1st of January

28) They decided to stop any bad bad habits they have.

29) Looking after a baby can be a hard work.
Give the antonyms of the following words
30) asleep
31) beginning
32) different
33) sunset
Use the right conjunctions in brackets to join these sentences (but, because, although)
34) I wore a rain coat. I still get wet
35) It’s nearly exam time. I am studying hard
36) I ran home quickly. It was late
37) She practiced hard. She did not wii the match
Use the correct word to fill the sentences
38) The transport was not (fair, fare)
39) The ladies went the farm (to, too, two)
40) I the book I left it at home (bought, but)

Answer any one (1) of the questions
1) Write an essay on ‘ what I want to be in future’
2) Write a composition on ‘How I spent my last Holiday’
3) Write a letter to your friend who lost his grand parent.




1) The Holy spirit is the third person of the (a)saint (b)Trinity (c)garden
2) The holy spirit makes us Christians (a)Faithful (b)rebellious (c)cruel
3) The Holy spirit makes us to preach the gospel (a)afraid (b)scared (c)bold
4) Before Peter received the Holy spirit, he denied Jesus Christ times (a)three (b)one (c)two
5) When the Holy spirit fills us, we desire to do only what is (a)good (b)fake (c)dangerous
6) was a deacon at a church in Jerusalem (a)Segun (b)Stephen (c)James
7) Stephen was stoned because he stood for the (a)truth (b)lies (c)deceit
8) The unfaithful servant his one talent to his master (a)scattered (b)returned (c)kept
9) If we don’t use our talents, it will be from us (a)added (b)taken (c)returned
10) is a statement that is right (a)truth (b)false (c)Deceit
11) The Holy spirit helps us to the truth (a)forsake (b)Ignore (c)understand
12) Christians heard the knowledge of truth because there are so many teaching (a)false (b)new (c)judicial
13) It is only the that can reveal the truth (a)devil (b)Holy spirit (c)friend
14) The feeling of goodness and kindness towards another person is (a)hatred (b)deceit (c)love
15) We need to love because (a)God is love (b)we must eat (c)we will win contract
16) Jesus’ death on the cross is an evidence of his to us. (a)Love (b)hatred (c)fear
17) In the parable of the good Samaritan, the man was travelling from to (a)Jerusalem to Jericho (b)Lagos to Ibadan (c)Alimosho to Oke-odo
18) The good Samaritan cleaned the man’s wound with and (a)coke and fanta (b)wine and oil (c)spirit and Dettol
19) Love is like life and hate is like (a)death (b)food (c)drink
20) We get for everything we do (a)snack (b)money (c)reward
21) and sold their land and kept part of the money (a)James and John (b)Ananias and Saphira (c)Daddy and Mummy
22) Laziness in school brings about (a)high level (b)failure (c)good gift
23) The Holy spirit helps Christians to be (a)united (b)divided (c)fighting
24) With the Holy spirit in us, we can avoid actions (a)eating (b)sinful (c)general
25) And all who believed were together and had things in common (a)all (b)few (c)some
1) The Holy spirit is the
2) The Trinity consists of God the , , and u
3) Reward means
4) The treated the dying man’s wounds
5) Love is the feeling of
6) Truth is
7) The Holy spirit helps us to
8) was a deacon stoned to death
9) The returned the one talent to his master.
10) When we do good, we get
11) Laziness to work brings about
12) died for our sins to display his love for mankind
13) The first person to see the wounded/dying man was the
14) The dove is referred to as
15) When Peter received the Holy spirit, he preached and
1a) Who is the Holy spirit _____________________________________________________________
b) Give 2 ways in which the Holy spirit influences us (a) (b)
2) Relate the parable of the good Samaritan _______________________________________________________________
3) What is ‘Truth’? _________________________________________________________________________________
b) Why is the knowledge of ‘Truth’ important to Christians? _______________________________________________
4a) Describe ‘Love’________________________________________________________________________________
b) Give 2 reasons why we should love one another . i. __________________________________________________
ii. ___________________________________________________________________________
5 What do you understand of the term “Reward’? _______________________________________________________

1) The acts expected of an individual and to which he/she is morally and legally bound is called (a)Activities (b)Records (c)Duties/Obligations
2) All of these are expected duties of pupils at home except (a)respect (b)obedience (c)malice
3) Pupils are expected to their properties (a)care for (b)destroy (c)sell
4) One of the obligations of citizens to the government is (a)selling of votes (b)payment of taxes (c)fighting on the road
5) is a national symbol (a)school bag (b)school bus (c)the National flag
6) We should the national symbols (a)disrespect (b)destroy (c)respect
7) The word ‘Compatriots’ from the Nigerian National Anthem means (a)Citizens of the same country (b)elderly people (c)People in government ‘
8) The award of ‘OON’ stands for (a)Oba of Niger (b)Officer of Nigeria (c)Officer of the Order of the Nigeria
9) One of these are recipients of National Honours/ awards (a)Aliko Dangote (b)James John (c)FataiLawal
10) The white colour in the Nigeria National Flag stands for (a)Unity and peace (b)fine cloth (c)Good Nation
11) Citizens are expected to (a)fight during elections (b)vote during election (c)destroy government property
12) groups are groups of people with common goals and interest (a)pressure (b)pleasure (c)precious
13) Pressure groups help to promote (a)social studies (b)social justice (c)society evils
14) One of these is not an example of pressure groups (a)classmates (b)ASUU (c)NLC
15) is the unwillingness to work or do a job for a living (a)suffering (b)pride (c)laziness
16) One of these is an act of Laziness (a)sleeping on duty (b)coughing (c)sneezing
17) Hardwork can be encouraged through (a)sack (b)increase in payment (c)punishment
18) The failure to treat people fairly in known as (a)social injustice (b)leadership (c)communication
19) Laziness can be discouraged through (a)applaud (b)Denial of promotion (c)smiling
20) Social injustice can be communicated to leaders through (a)fighting (b)strike action (c)sitting down
21) education helps children to know what is right or wrong (a)moral (b)quantitative (c)Telephone
22) One of the ways by which Moral education can influence the activities of Civil societies is through (a)Honesty (b)fighting (c)quarrelling
23) One characteristic of civil societies is (a)checking abuse of power (b)checking if leaders are hungry (c)going about their businesses
24) Members of civil societies are expected to be (a)divided (b)quarrelling (c)united
15) is an example of Civil society in Nigeria. (a)OPC (b)Teachers (c)Traders
1) NDLEA stands for
2) One of the duties of a pupil in the school is
3) A good citizen of a country must
4) If the citizens fail to perform their obligation there will
5) Some recipients of national awards in Nigeria include and
6) Pressure groups are
7) Examples of pressure groups include , and
8) NUJ stands for
9) ASUU stands for
10) Laziness can be discouraged through
11) Hardwork can be encouraged through
12) Example of a lazy act is
13) Moral education means
14) People who are lazy at work should be
15) Social injustice can be communicated to leaders by
1) Give 4 duties of a pupils at home and in school
(i) (iii)
(ii) (iv)
b) Write out 4 obligations of citizens to the government
2a) What are pressure groups?
b) Give 4 examples of pressure groups
(i) (iii)
(ii) (iv)
3) Write out the Nigerian’s National Anthem
4) Write the full meaning of
(i) NUT _____________________________________________
(ii) NURTW _____________________________
(iii) NUJ
(iv) ASUU
5) What are Civil Societies? ____________________________________________________________________
b) Give 4 Civil society groups in Nigeria
(i) (ii)
(iii) (iv)







1) Clothing is one of the basic necessity of life. (a)True (b)false (c)I can’t say
2) All these are examples of clothing except (a)shawl (b)book (c)skirt
3) can be worn to perform domestic chores (a)Apron (b)Canvas (c)head gear
4) Pupils wear to school. (a)towel (b)boxers (c)school uniform
5) To make an Apron, and are needed (a)Needle/thread (b)card board/marker (c)pen/pencil
6) The major material for making an Apron or tray cover is (a)Slippers (b)fabric (c)wool
7) To make a tray cover, a pattern is first made on a (a)brown paper (b)sugar paper (c)textbook
8) If we take care of our clothes, they look (a)dirty (b)tattered (c)neat
9) One of the ways we can care for our clothes is (a)to was immediately after use (b)pile up for two weeks (c)to rub sand on them
10) A place where clothes are neatly folded and arranged is the (a)cupboard (b)blackboard (c)wardrobe
11) We can keep our clothes neat using the (a)hanger (b)shoe rack (c)dustbin
12) It is good to keep clothes in a well area (a)choked (b)dirty (c)ventilated
13) A major material for taking care of fabrics is (a)soap/detergent (b)scouring ponder (c)sand
14) A is used for ironing clothes (a)gas cooker (b)lantern (c)pressing iron
15) A can be used to wash clothes (a)tray (b)laundry machine (c)bicycle
16) and are used to repair lose buttons or bear on a cloth (a)pin/paper (b)plaster/cello tape (c)needle/thread
17) You spread clothes on to dry (a)bed (b)clothes line (c)electric pole
18) is used to remove tomato stain on cloth (a)Vinegar (b)palm oil (c)wine
19) can also be used to remove stains from clothes (a)sweet (b)baking soda (c)cake
20) A is used to make marks on fabrics (a)teachers’ marker (b)tailor’s chalk (c)H.M’s pen
21) is used to measure fabrics (a)scissors (b)blade (c)tape measure
22) A machine is used in making neat clothing articles (a)sewing (b)planting (c)cover
23) Should coloured clothes be washed together? (a)Yes (b)No (c)It doesn’t matter
24) To clean fabrics, the first material to get is (a)acid (b)water (c)garri
25) is used to make designs on fabrics (a)embroidery thread (b)crayons (c)water
1) , and are examples of clothing articles
2) We put on clothes to
3) , and are materials needed to make simple articles
4) To make a simple article, you first draw a sketch on a
5) If we take proper care of our clothes, they
6)` Hang clothes on
7) If you no longer need clothes, you
8) Keep clothes in a
9) , and are examples of materials used in caring for clothes
10) A bleach is used for
11) can be used to remove tea or coffee stains from fabrics
12) You spread clothes on the to dry
13) Maintaining your clothes make them
14) The laundry machine is used for
15) Scissors is used for
1) Describe clothing Article: ___________________________________________________________________________
b) Give 5 examples of simple articles
(i) (iii) (v)
(ii) (iv)
2) List the steps to follow in making either an Apron or a tray cover
3) Write 4 ways we can maintain our clothes.
(i) (iii)
(ii) (iv)
4) List 8 materials needed for maintaining / caring for our clothes
(i) (ii) (iii)
(iv) (v) (vi)
(vii) (viii)
5) Name the materials used in removing stains from clothes: ____________________________________________



1) The building where people live is called a (a)barn (b)canal (c)house
2) A is an example of traditional house (a)mud house (b)roller coaster (c)mansion
3) is modern house (a)thatched house (b)mansion (c)hut
4) Houses can be acquired through (a)stealing (b)grumbling (c)personal savings
5) One of the reasons people do not own house in Nigeria is (a)poverty (b)too much money (c)bad market
6) One of the features of adequate housing is (a)too many rooms (b)proper ventilation (c)pit toilet
7) Can hinder growth in children (a)fire (b)illness (c)food
8) is the period when both boys and girls develop fast and show signs of becoming men and women (a)private (b)public (c)puberty
9) is one of the changes that occur in boys (a)change in voice (b)change in hair (c)longer throat.
10) is one of the changes that occur in girls (a)too much food (b)head get bigger (c)breast enlargement
11) can hinder development of girls (a)early pregnancy (b)eating fufu (c)drinking juice
12) To be physically fit, you have to (a)eat junk foods (b)eat nourishing foods (c)drink dirty water
13) Regular exercise can help one to be (a)snoring (b)physically fit (c)sleeping on duty
14) When standing or sitting, maintain (a)bad posture (b)bending posture (c)good posture
15) The use of medicine wrongly is (a)drug use (b)drug abuse (c)drug ban
16) is one of factors that contribute to Drug Abuse (a)Peer pressure (b)peer apple (c)peer force
17) can result from abuse of stimulants (a)mental disorder (b)smiling (c)knowledge
18) A drug addict often appetite (a)gain (b)lose (c)find
19) A drug addict can be a (a)doctor (b)school dropout (c)good friend
20) Drugs can be sourced from these except (a)pharmacy (b)petty traders (c)under bridge
21) We can promote good behaviours by (a)keeping bad friends (b)avoiding dangerous activities (c)joining bad group
22) agriculture is the use of machines in agriculture (a)mechanized (b)mechanic (c)micro
23) are used for pulling heavy loads on farm (a)trailer (b)truck (c)tractor
24) are used to spray water in drops on plants (a)shower (b)sprinklers (c)harvester
25) One of the advantages of mechanized Agriculture is that (a)It save time (b)it wastes money (c)it makes you weak
1) A house is
2) , and are types of houses in Nigeria
3) One of the reasons why people do not own house in Nigeria is
4) and are features of an adequate housing
5) Drug abuse is
6) can contribute to drug abuse
7) is one of the effect of abuse of stimulants
8) Drug abuse can lead to
9) and can cause Air pollution
10) We can control air pollution by
11) A disaster is
12) Disasters can be or
13) Examples of disasters include , or
14) Harvester are used for
15) Grinders are used for
1) What is Mechanized Agriculture: __________________________________________________________________
b) List 5 examples of machines used on the farm (i) (ii) (iii) (v) (iv)
2) What is disaster: _________________________________________________________________________________
b) List the types of disaster with examples : (I) ___________________________________________________________
ii. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
3) What is drug abuse : _____________________________________________________________________________
b) State 3 effects of drug abuse (i) (ii) (iii)
4) Give 5 different types of houses (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)
b) List 4 features of an adequate housing
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
5) What is Air Pollution? ___________________________________________________________________________
b) List four causes of Air pollution : i. ___________________________________ii. ______________________________
iii. __________________________________________________ iv. _____________________________________________




1) is an example of a naturally occurring material (a)wood (b)Organisms (c)science
2) can be made from woods. (a)Cat (b)baby (c)shelves
3) and are products of metals (a)gate/coin (b)Paper/pen (c)dog/cat
4) Materials can be natural or (a)Supernatural (b)under natural (c)artificial
5) The way and manner with which items are preserved and protected is called (a)maintenance (b)spoilage (c)risk
6) We can maintain our home furniture by (a)Jumping on them (b)polishing them (c)hitting on them
7) One of the ways our classroom can be maintained is by (a)scratching the walls (b)hitting the floor (c)painting the walls
8) Regular of our iron gates can make them last longer (a)oiling (b)spitting on (c)banging
9) is the process of being safe and free from harm. (a)Ceremony (b)driving (c)safety
10) An unsafe environment can lead to (a)Party (b)happiness (c)accident
11) Accidents are events that can cause harm/injury (a)unexpected (b)expected (c)reasonable
12) Accidents can be prevented by (a)ignoring rules (b)following safety rules (c)being disobedient
13) One of these can cause accident in the classroom (a)unarranged class (b)papers (c)waste bin
14) instruments are used to make standard and accurate drawing (a)scratching (b)drawing (c)tailoring
15) All these are examples of drawing instruments except (a)pencils (b)T – square (c)Y- square
16) The item below is a




(a)Sleeping board (b)arranging board (c)drawing board
17) A is used to draw circles and area of circles (a)compass (b)pampers (c)paupers
18) is the ability to do work or make things happen. (a)sleep (b)food (c)energy
19) Energy can be converted from one form to another. (a)True (b)false (c)I don’t know
20) A can convert chemical energy to heat energy (a)Kerosene stove (b)chair (c)bottle water
21) The units of temperature scale can be in (a) ͦS, ͦ Y, ͦ K (b) ͦC, ͦ F, K (c) ͦ B, ͦ A, ͦE
22) is the degree of hotness or coldness of an object or a body (a)Calculator (b)telephone (c)Temperature
23) 100 ͦC is equivalent to (a)212 ͦF (b)70 ͦ F (c)12 ͦF
24) can be used to generate current for electricity (a)paper (b)battery (c)Cellotape
25) is an example of a conductor. (a)wood (b)paper (c)metals
1) Energy is the
2) , and are forms of energy
3) Electricity can be used for and
4) and can convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.
5) Safety is
6) and can cause accidents at home
7) To prevent road accidents, we should
8) and can make the floor slippy
9) Examples of drawing instruments include , and
10) Examples of safety devices are , and
11) Clothing materials can be maintained by
12) A thermometer is used for
13) and are standard units of temperature
14) and are examples of electricity conductors
15) Non- conductors or insulator are materials that
1a) What is Safety?
b) List 4 causes of accidents at home or in the school?
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
2a) List 8 drawing instruments with their uses





b) Draw/sketch any 3 drawing instruments



3a) What is (i) Energy: ____________________________________________________________________________ (ii)temperature : ___________________________________________________________________________________
b) Mention 4 forms of energy
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
4a) List 4 sources of electricity
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
b) Mention the two types of electricity
(i) (ii)
5) List 5 examples each of
(i)Conductors : ______________________________________________________________________________
(ii)Non- conductor : _________________________________________________________________________


1) cause damage to crops (a)fishes (b)bed bugs (c)pests
2) Pests can either be pests or pest (a)paper /carton (b)rice/beans (c)field/storage
3) are examples of field pest (a)birds (b)mango (c)mosquito
4) Beans can be damaged by (a)weevils (b)mosquito (c)caterpillar
5) Yam beetle infest (a)garri (b)cassava (c)yam
6) Bush fowls can seed (a)plant (b)eat (c)arrange
7) are very small plants that do not have leaves and flower (a)fungi (b)housefly (c)grasshopper
8) is an example of fungi (a)black worm (b)bedwom (c)mushroom
9) are organisms that cannot be seen with ordinary eye (a)birds (b)babies (c)bacteria
10) are roundworms that live in the soil (a)Neemtree (b)Nematodes (c)frogs
11) is a disease of the maize caused by fungi (a)maize smut (b)maize baby (c)maize mum
12) A plant infested by virus can have growth (a)rapid (b)great (c)stunted
13) is a disease of groundnut (a)maize rosette (b)groundnut fat (c)groundnut rosette
14) The measures used to fight pests are called measures (a)fighting (b)general (c)control
15) The use of different farming methods to reduce pests is the practice. (a)language (b)cultural (c)dancing
16) Hand picking and trapping of pest is an example of (a)Physical/mechanical measures (b)maths/English measure (c)friend/foe measure
17) can be sprayed in the farm to kill pest (a)mineral cides (b)pesticides (c)fertilizers
18) can be used to feed on insects or pests on the farm (a)bully (b)eaters (c)predators
19) A is an organism that lives and feeds in/on the body of another organism (a)friend (b)parasite (c)father
20) Parasites can be or parasites (a)Indomie/noodles (b)endo/ecto (c)in/out
21) Worms are examples of (a)endo parasites (b)ecto parasites (c)indomie parasites
22) Ticks are examples of (a)endo parasites (b)ecto parasites (c)clock parasites
23) Sleeping sickness is caused by (a)susufly (b)sisifly (c)tsetse fly
24) We can get from farming (a)food (b)hiccups (c)phone
25) is an example of farming (a)papery (b)poultry (c)panel beating
1) are the records of the activities that take place on the farm
2) Farm records can be used for
3) , and are types of farm records
4) Benefits of farming include and
5) and are types of farming
6) A poultry means
7) Parasites are
8) Types of parasites are and
9) and are examples of diseases of farm animals
10) Housefly can transmit
11) Pests are
12) Examples of pests include and
13) Control measures of crop pests are , , and
14) Chemical control measure is the use of
15) It is to eat infected animals
1a) What are (i)pests : _____________________________________________________________________________ (ii)parasites : ________________________________________________________________________________
b) Mention 4 examples of diseases of farm animals
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
2a) What are farm records?
b) List 6 examples of farm records
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi)
3) List 4 control measures/ practice of crop pests
(ii) (iii) (iv)
4) Briefly describe (i)endo parasite __________________________________________________________________
(ii)ecto parasites:_______________________________________________________________________________________ (iii)diseases : __________________________________________________________________________________________
5) List 4 agents causing crop diseases : (i) ______________________________________________
ii. ____________________________________________iii. _________________________________________
iv. _____________________________________________




1) has to do with the food we eat and how it nourishes our body (a)junks (b)exercise (c)Nutrition
2) is the main source of energy in the body (a)fuel (b)salt (c)carbohydrates
3) aids digestion of food in the body (a)minerals (b)water (c)soda
4) and are sources of protein (a)rice/yam (b)meat/egg (c)juice/lemon
5) Fruits and Vegetables provide the body with (a)issues (b)vitamins (c)ceremony
6) When food nutrients are not present in the right proportion in diet, it is called (a)antinutrition (b)misnutrition (c)mal nutrition
7) A is a meal that contains all the classes of food in their right proportion (a)Indomie diet (b)juice diet (c)balanced diet
8) Kwashiorkor occurs in children as a result of deficiency (a)protein (b)water (c)soft drink
9) is a symptom of rickets in children (a)F – leg (b)bowed legs (c)cow legs
10) Lack of vitamins C in the body can cause (a)weak gums (b)strong bones (c)giant body
11) Judo was founded by professor (a)Calabar (b)Jigoo Kano (c)Katsina
12) Judo became an Olympic sport in (a)1901 (b)1964 (c)2009
13) Judo is a form of (a)self – defence (b)street fight (c)domestic violence
14) A is awarded for the winner in Judo (a)Cocacola (b)koka (c)Cocoa
15) is a type of swimming strokes (a)jump crawl (b)system crawl (c)front crawl
16) is a type of swimming stroke performed by lying on one’s back (a)back stroke (b)backward (c)backsoldier
17) A is a state of being unwell (a)well- being (b)sickness (c)forming
18) is an example of symptom (a)vomiting (b)dancing (c)laughing
19) diseases are contagious or infections (a)community (b)communication (c)communicable
20) is a non-communicable disease (a)hypertension (b)food monger (c)jealousy
21) A is any substance that affects the functions of a living thing. (a)drink (b)drug (c)dialogue
22) The use of drugs without doctor’s prescription is drug (a)cursing (b)abuse (c)quarrelling
23) Drugs can be taken through (a)injecting (b)insinuating (c)seeing
24) is a tobacco product (a)tea (b)cigarette (c)paracetamol
25) Drug abuse can lead to (a)high crime rate (b)balanced diet (c)high moral value
1) A drug is
2) Drug abuse is
3) , and are examples of over the counter drugs
4) Drugs can be taken by , or
5) Tobacco products includes , and
6) A disease is
7) Diseases can be or
8) and are examples of communicable disease
9) , , and are examples of swimming strokes
10) is a rule of Judo
11) Judo helps to
12) Judo was founded by
13) and are examples of Nutritional deficiency diseases
14) Malnutrition means
15) , and are good sources of carbohydrates
1a) What is Nutrition?
b) List the six classes of food with two (2) sources each i. ______________________________________________
ii. _________________________________ iii. ______________________________ iv. ____________________________
v. _________________________________________ vi. ______________________________________
2) Mention 4 Nutritional deficiency disease with one symptom each
i. _________________________________________________ii. __________________________________________
iii. _______________________________________________iv. ____________________________________________
3a) Give 3 importance of Judo : i. _______________________________________________________
ii. ________________________________________________ iii. _________________________________________
b) State 4 Rules of Judo .
i. _________________________________________________ii. __________________________________________
iii. _______________________________________________iv. ____________________________________________
4) Mention 5 types of swimming strokes
i. _________________________________________________ii. __________________________________________
iii. _______________________________________________iv. ____________________________________________
v. ________________________________________________________________
5) Explain briefly with examples
(a)sickness : ___________________________________________________________________________________
(b)communicable disease : _______________________________________________________________________
(c)Non- communicable disease : __________________________________________________________________
(d)Drug abuse : ________________________________________________________________________________
1) The other side of life is authored by (a)Adesuyi O. (b)Fajuyigbe K. (c)Dele Ajuwon
2) is a spoilt child (a)Lucy (b)Lycee (c)Lots
3) Abeni was a (a)gardener (b)cook (c)laundry man
4) Lycee was given of which she complained of (a)Plantain and egg (b)rice and stew (c)yam and water
5) Lycee’s mother was of her misbehaviors (a)insupport (b)not in support (c)applauding
6) Lycee slapped the gate man because (a)he was dancing on duty (b)he ran away (c)he didn’t hear the
sound of the horn on time
7) Lycee was reported to her for slapping the gatemen(a)uncle (b)cook (c)father
8) Lyceee’s parents were at her behaviours (a)worried (b)happy (c)joyful
9) Lycee’s father made her understand that (a)He was from a rich family (b)he was not born with a silver
spoon (c)he became rich the day before
10) ‘Fire on the mountain’ means (a)The house was burning (b)the mountain was burning (c)there was a serious
issue that needs attention.
11) Lycee’s father promised to give his wealth to the (a)Cynthia (b)Charity (c)Ebube
12) Mr and Mrs Jones were reported to involve in a (a)Car accident (b)Ship wreed (c)Plane crash
13) Lycee quickly got over the death of her parents because (a)she had much money in her account (b)She was
working well (c)she had great aunties and uncles
14) Most of the domestic staff after the mourning was over (a)slept (b)left (c)stayed
15) was the last staff to leave the house (a)Saida (b)Hikmat (c)Abeni
16) Abeni became a person after she left Mr and Mrs Jones house (a)Worse (b)better (c)wayward
17) Lycee was sent packing from their house because the banks claimed the house was used as a (a)collateral
(b)quality control (c)subsidy
18) was able to save Lycee and accommodate her (a)Abeni (b)Sikera (c)Saka
19) Lycee was able to get a good job (a)yes (b)No (c)of course
20) Lycee her lessons (a)discarded (b)played with (c)learnt
1) Lycee was a
2) Lycee parents are
3) The domestic staff in the Jones’ mansion are the , , and
4) Lycee’s parents were involved in a
5) Lycee’s mother her behaviours
6) The lawyer claimed that Mr Jones made his next of kin
7) Mr Jones promised Lycee to give all his assets to
8) Abeni became a when he left Lycee’s house
9) Abeni decided to leave Lycee’s house because
10) Who is the next of kin to Lycee’s mother
11) Lycee was advised to go and see her aunt because
12) saw Lycee on the road
13) Lycee was thrown out of the mansion because
14) took Lycee back to their mansion
15) Lycee met with her again
1a) Who was complaining in the text? __________________________________________________________________
b) What was the complaints about? __________________________________________________________________
2a) What bad behavior did Lycee do? __________________________________________________________________
b) What does Lycee’s mother mean by there is ‘Fire on the mountain? _______________________________________
3a) What did Lycee’s father promise to do with his wealth? __________________________________________________
b) What plan did Mr and Mrs Jones come up with? _________________________________________________________
4a) Why did Abeni finally decided to leave the Jone’s mansion? _______________________________________________
b) What dream did Lycee have? ________________________________________________________________________
5) What moral lesson did you learn from the story ‘The other side of life’? ____________________________________






1. Temperature is the degree of ___and_____of an object/body (a) rise and fall (b) hotness/coldness (c) rain/sun
2. the device used for measuring the temperature of an object is the ____(a) barometer (b) hydrometer (c) thermometer
3. What is the rise/fall in temperature between 20oC and 40oC (a) rise , 20oC (b) rise , 60oC (c) fall 20oC
4. Convert 50oC to its equivalent in o Fahrenheit (a) 122oF (b) 102oF (c) 50oF
5. Which of these are parallel lines (a) (b) (c)


6. Which of these shapes have parallel lines (a) (b) (c)


7. Two lines are perpendicular ( ) when they meet at ____angles (a) different (b) right (c) left
8. ____line is parallel to the grounds (a) vertical (b) horizontal (c) curve
9. A right angle is ____(a) 80o (b) 70o (c) 90o
10. This is a/an ____triangle (a) equilateral (b) right angled (c) scalene

Calculate the sizes of the angles marked x.

x= (a) 56o (b) 65o (c) 70o
12. (a) 60o (b) 75o (c) 111o


13. a and b are called ____angles (a) same (b) supplementary (c) reverse


14. a and c are called ____angles (a) vertically opposite (b) the same (c) horizontal
15. one of these is not a 3-dimensional shape (a) rectangle (b) cube (c) pyramid
16. a cube has ____number of faces (a) 10 (b) 3 (c) 6
17. Which 3-D object will this net make?

(a) pyramid (b) cube (c) cylinder


18. The ____is half of a diameter (a) square (b) pie (c) radius
19. What is the diameter of this circle

(a) 4cm (b) 1 ½ cm (c) 6cm

20. The diameter of a circle is 12cm . Find its radius (a) 1cm (b) 6cm (c) 24cm
21. The perimeter of the shape below is

35cm (a) 214cm (b) 7235cm (c) 35cm

22. The formular for finding the perimeter of a plane shape is (a) 2 x L (b) 2( L+B) (c) 2L+B

23. Convert 29 to a number in base 2. (a) 111012 (b) 100112 (c) 100002
24. Add 1012 + 1112 (a) 00112 (b) 11002 (c) 10102
The test marks of six pupils in a school are 16,20, 18,20,15,19
25. Find the mean of the scores? (a) 18 (b) 20 (c) 5
26. What is the mode of the data. (a) 15 (b) 20 (c) 19
27. Find the median of the set of data 5,6,4,8,1,3,5,6 (a) 1 (b) 5 (c) 8

28. If represents 50 and represent 25. What is the value of

(a) 100 (b) 125 (c) 75

29. The collection, organisation, classification, presentation, analysis and reporting of data in a systematic may is known as ___(a) history (b) statistics (c) English
30. All these are examples of data people normally collect, interpret and report except? (a) weight of pupils (b) birth data (c) food

1. An angle with 90o is called a ______________________
2. An equilateral triangle has all its three sides ______________________
3. ____________, _______________ and ____________are examples of a 3-dimensional shapes
4. The radius of a circle whose diameter is 12cm is _________________________
5. The mean leverage of these set of data 7,8,5,3,2 is _____________
6. The _____is used to measure temperature.
7. 212oF is equal to ______in oC

X= ___________

9. The shaded part of this circle is called _________________


10. The line that is perpendicular to the ground is called a ________line.
1. Write the aid of your compass, draw a circle with a radius of (a) 1cm (b) 2cm (c) 3cm


solve for x
3a. Add 110112 + 1012
b. Subtract 11012 – 1112
4. Draw the nets of a (a) cube (b) ii (b) cuboid
5. Give 3 properties each of (i) a square (ii) a rectangle











Study the following carefully and answer the questions that follow:
1. (9; 81) ; (_________ ; 625) ; ( 30 ; 900)
2. _____________; 9 ) ; (5 ; 15) ; ( 7; 21)
Samples: (3)




= 7 = 4


Examples (7)

8. Samples:

9. 24, 48 _______, 96
10. 200, _______, 600, 800

Sample: (11)


12. Samples:

13. (14)


Samples: 2! = 2 x 1 = 2 4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24
15. 5! = (16) (5! – 3!) + 2! =
(17) (18)







21. (22)


Sample (23) 10, 15, 20 🡪 (24) 8, 24, 40 🡪

The table below shows the number of pupils that took part in a mathematics test. Use the table to answer the questions below.
Number of pupils

25. if the pass mark is 50, how many pupils passed the test? ______________________
26. which mark has the least number of pupils? ________________________
27. What is the sum of pupils that scored above 50? ___________________
Samples: (28)


29. (30)



21. 10 15 20 🡪 22. 7 35 42 🡪




4. 5.










= ________________


15. 825 850 _________900
The graph below show the temperate recorded in the first six months in a particular year in a town. Use the graph to answer.






16. In which month was the highest temperature recorded? _______________________
17. what is the temperature recorded in the month of March? _____________________
18. The total temperature recorded for these six months is ____________________
19. What is the least temperature reading recorded ? ____________________________
20. In which month was the temperature reading recorded 40oC? ___________________

The table below shows the number of pupils that took part in a mathematics test.
Use the table to answer question 26-30.

No of pupils

26. If the pass mark is 50, how many pupils passed the test? ______________
27. Which mark has the least number of pupils? _____________________
28. What is the sum of pupils that scored above 50? ________________
29. If the pass mark is 50. Find the percentage of pupils that passed the test. _________________________________
30. How many pupils took part in the test? _______________________