Complete with the most suitable word from the brackets
1) The lesson come at about noon today. (Forth, fourth)
2) The was told in a building. (storey, story)
3) of the made the trip (nun, none)
4) My fears to touch an (ant, aunt)
5) Five of the members the election (Council, cancel)
Underline two word which are related in each list below
6) blue moon rain colour rice
7) teacher chalk biscuit clock, knife
8) Ikeja Ogun, Lagos, Adamawa, Akure
9) Shoe book spoon sandal tie
10) Policeman, Carpenter, Patient, criminal, school
Arrange the following from the least to the greatest
11) 882 782 567 101 1001
12) egg chair shoe house car
13) frog tadpole shark mosquito whale
Re – arrange the words in these sentences to make them sensible
14) Finish work I have my
15) where my bags are?
16) This good food is
17) Rest take the work day’s after
18) My teacher very well teaches
19) breakfast it is time to take
20) All eat cows grass
Arrange the sentences below in correct order
21) School everyday ( )
you should ( )
bring ( )
your biro to ( )

22) about six months ( )
was sick for ( )
uncle koga ( )
before he died ( )

23) in the future ( )
you can be a doctor ( )
you must work ( )
very hard before ( )

24) motor car will ( )
not run ( )
Daddy said ( )
without petrol ( )
Choose the appropriate word in the bracket that can replace the underlined words.
25) My brother’s son is my (friend, nephew, aunt)
26) My father’s grandfather is my (grand father, father – in – law, great grandfather)
27) Andrew gave a gift to his uncle’s son (cousin, neighbour, brother)
Choose the best option that gives the use of each items listed
28) brush, paint (a)playing (b)dancing (c)painting (d)sowing (e)drawing
29) yams, basket, hoe, matchet: (a)cooking (b)farming (c)fishing (d)trading (e)digging
30) net, boat, hook, bent: (a)fishing (b)planting (c)making a rope (d)painting (e) sewing a dress

Underline the correct answer
1) means having a job to do to earn a living (a)employment (b)occupation (c)working
2) One who works for other is known as (a)a messenger (b)an employee (c)an employer
3) One who does his own work and not for other is (a)self reliant (b)self employed (c)sufficient
4) The total sum of money which a worker earns at the end of every month is called (a)salary (b)income (c)wage
5) can be paid daily (a)salary (b)income (c)wages
6) The amount of money paid to a particular works after completing a particular job is called (a)salary (b)income (c)wages
7) The process of sending and receiving messages or information is known as (a)transportation (b)communication (c)text messaging
8) The use of talking drum is a means of communication (a)modern (b)traditional (c)faster
9) GSM is a means of communication (a)Modern (b)traditional (c)mass
10) One of the following is not an electronic means of communication (a)Telephone (b)Radio (c)Handbills
11) Accident that occurs at home are called (a)rail accident (b)domestic accident (c)air crash
12) If some rubs his body against a hard or rough objects, he will have (a)bruises (b)bites (c)burns
13) When someone is hurt by fire, he will suffer (a)burns (b)scald (c)heat
14) A situation in which people are injured and property damaged without anyone planning it is called (a)accident (b)incident (c)situation
15) Taking too much of a drug than is required is called (a)drug insult (b)drug abuse (c)drug trafficking
16) Paracetamol and Panadol are examples of (a)pain relievers (b)stimulants (c)pain inducers
17) Drugs that give more energy and make people more awake are called (a)stimulants (b)pain relievers (c)antibiotics
18) When we take drugs carelessly, it is called way of taking drugs (a)improper (b)proper (c)immodest
19) Drugs which we take from a doctor’s prescription is way of taking drug (a)proper (b)improper (c)immoral
20) Indian hemp is the street name given to (a)marijuana or cannabis (b)Paracetamol (c)kolanut
21) Engaging in body exercise reduces (a)hunger (b)stress (c)play
22) If we exercise our body regularly, it promotes (a)better sleep (b)restlessness (c)hunger
23) One strategy of preventing drug abuse is engaging in behaviours that our mental well –being (a)promote (b)disturb (c)flatter
24) We must abstain from drug abuse because of substances contained in most of the drugs (a)harmful (b)sweet (c)bitter
25) Pollution occurs (a)on land only (b)in the air only (c)everywhere
Fill in the blanks with the correct answer
1) A vehicle emitting smoke is causing pollution .
2) Dysentery is disease .
3) Lung disease can be caused by .
4) Anything that makes our environment dirty and unsafe for human use is known as
5) The type of pollution caused by people who play loud music is called pollution.
6) The person that starts the communication is called
7) The means of communication is also known as
8) The full meaning of GSM is
9) Means of communication that can reach many people at the same time is called
10) is a situation of not having a job to do to earn a living
11) One who bakes cakes for people is a
12) Someone who works for himself/herself is called
13) The system of communication used by our fore fathers is means.
14) A job is for which payment is made.
15) A regular amount collected at the end of every month for work done is called
Attempt the questions below
1) What are the consequences of unemployment in our society (mention 4)
i. _____ii. _____________________
iii. _____________________________________________iv. __________________________________________________

2) Define the following
Wages: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Salary : __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Income : _________________________________________________________________________________________________
3) Explain forms of accident
i. _____ii. _____________________
iii. _____________________________________________iv. __________________________________________________
4) What is pollution?
What are the types of pollution? ___________________________________________________________________________
5) What is communication?
State at least four channels of communication
i. _____ii. _____________________
iii. _____________________________________________iv. __________________________________________________


Underline the correct answer
1) may be defined as human knowledge that uses tools, systems to help make lives easier (a)Computer (b)Internet (c)Technology
2) A is a device, such as a hammer, that we hold in our hands (a)phone (b)tool (c)spoon
3) are things that can be natural or human –made (a)materials (b)tools (c)technology
4) invented the first printing press (a)Johannes Gutenberg (b)Thomas Edison (c)Alexander Grahan Bell
5) The first ball point par that did not leaked was invented in (a)1903 (b)1935 (c)1876
6) The full meaning of IT is (a)Introduction Technology (b)Information Technology (c)Input technology
7) A is a small mechanical or electronic tool that helps to make work easier by doing a particular job. (a)Device (b)Gadget (c)Computer
8) A is an electronic device that uses information or data (a)Gadget (b)Internet (C)Computer
9) Any device that people use to communicate or entertain themselves with is called (a)Television set (b)IT gadget(c)DVD set
10) A is a portable computer that is smaller than a desktop computer but provides the same function (a)Laptop (b)tablet (c)Android phone
11) The GSM started in Nigeria in August (a)2001 (b)2010 (c)2006
12) is power (a)knowledge (b)Energy (c)Strength
13) passed from one moving part to another. (a)knowledge (b)Energy (c)Power
14) energy is what we need for movement (a)power (b)light (c)kinetic
15) energy stored in charged particles (a)Chemical (b)Electrical (c)Heat
16) energy is a form of energy that our senses can detect. (a)light (b)Heat (c)Sound
17) is the primary and the clearest source of energy (a)Sun (b)Fire (c)Light
18) energy is what the plant use to grow. (a)Nuclear (b)Kinetic (c)Solar
19) is made by sticking thin layers of wood together (a)plywood (b)furniture (c)chipboard
20) is made of thousands of tiny pieces of wood glued and pressed together (a)chipboard (b)plywood (c)Hardboard
21) is used for tapping nails into wood. (a)Hammer (b)Nails (c)Mallet
22) is used to make the surface of the wood smooth (a)paint (b)glue (c)sand paper
23) is used for sawing metal (a)Hacksaw (b)G- clamp (c)mallet
24) is used for gripping objects, twisting and cutting wire. (a)Pliers (b)Tinsnips (c)Hacksaw
25) Rocks which contain a large amount of metal are called (a)Gold (b)Ores (c)Diamond
Supply the correct answers to the questions below.
1) Copper, gold and Iron Ore come from
2) Copper, gold and Iron ore are
3) is used to cut thin sheet metal
4) A is a set of things that work together to get a job done.
5) The light bulb that glowed for a long time and did not burn out was invented by
6) Technology makes work
7) is an example of product of technology
8) The full meaning of GSM is
9) The full meaning of ICT is
10) The fixed parts that make up a computer are called
11) energy is energy that an object has because of its motion or position.
12) The is a source of solar energy
13) Hydro – electric power stations produce electricity from and supply almost 20% of the world electricity.
14) is used to smoothen the rough surface of a wood
15) is an example of metal
THEORY (Attempt all)
1a) What is Technology?
b) State three importance of Technology :(a)
(b) __________________ (c) ____________
c) Give two products of technology used in
(i) Communication & Information : _________________________________________
(ii) Health services :____________________________________________________
(iii) Transportation :___________________________________________________
(iv) Homes /domestic :_________________________________________________
3a) State at least five (5) forms of energy
(a) (c) (e)
(b) (d)
3b) Explain the two sources of energy
(a) (b)
3c) Mention three uses of energy
(a) (b)
4a) What is shape construction?
b) List the materials used in shape construction ______________________________________________________________
c) Mention the methods involved in shape construction. _______________________________________________________
5a) What is a building?
b) List five materials used for building
(a) (b)
(c) (d)
c) Mention four types of bulding
(a) ________________ (b) ___________________
(c) ____________________ (d) ________________





Underline the correct answer
1) is used to clear land and cutting wood (a)Cutlass (b)Axe (c)Hoe
2) is used for weeding, making heaps, beds and ridges (a)shovel (b)hoe (c)spade
3) is used for transplanting seedlings from nursery bed to the field. (a)Hoe (b)Shovel (C)Hand trowel
4) is used for cutting down trees and spitting woods. (a)Cutlass (b)Pick axe (c)Axe
5) are made up of scissors like metal blades and used for trimming ridges. (a)shears (b)sickle (b)pick axe
6) are used to give farm animal feed and water (a)Troughs (b)scoop (c)plates
7) Cast net is also called net (a)throws (b)hook (c)scoop
8) is used to carry farm produce. except (a)Canoe (b)Basket (c)Barrow (c)Chair
9) Unwanted plants in an area is called (a)water leaf (b)weed (c)fungi
10) is the act of removing unwanted plant. (a)weeding (b)mulching (c)Harvesting
11) serve as feed to animals (a)spear grass (b)weed (c)Plants
12) Using certain insect to destroy weeds is method of control (a)Biological (b)Natural (c)Cultural
13) The use of herbicides to kill weeds is a method control (a)Physical (b)Biological (c)Chemical
14) Mulching, crop rotation are examples of method to control weeds. (a)Cultural (b)Biological (c)Mechanical
15) can be used on large farms (a)Cutlass (b)Cultivator (c)Cows
16) is an example of weeds (a)Spinach (b)Bitter leaf (c)Carpet grass
17) use canoe to carry fishing nets and fishes. (a)Fishermen (b)Fish mongers (c)Captain
18) is a small metal container with one wheel at the front. (a)Motor bike (b)Wheel barrow (c)Harvesting knife
19) is made up of a curved sharp metal blade and short wooden handle used for harvesting rice and cocoa. (a)Hand trowel (B)Sickle (c)hammer
20) is used for digging land and stony soils. (a)Pick axe (b)mallet (c)shovel
21) is used to level vegetable beds (a)Garden forks (b)Rake (c)Hand fork
22) Weeds can be found on land and on (a)field (b)water (b)house
23) Weeds compete with crop plants for water and from the soil. (a)nutrients (b)Photosynthesis (c)Sunlight
24) is used for pruning branches of trees. (a)sickle (b)pruning saw (c)hack saw
25) are the instruments that farmers used on the field (a)farm produce (b)farm animals (c)farm tools
Supply the correct answers in this section
1) is used for light tillage and loosing of the soil.
2) has a short wooden metal handle and prongs and its used for harvesting groundnut
3) is used for splitting woods
4) is the covering of crops with dry leaves to prevent scorching of sun.
5) is the trimming of the plant edges to give shapes.
6) is made up of curved and sharp metal hook, line, pole and sinker
7) Weeds can be found on and in
8) is usually set at the bottom of the water
9) protect the soil from dryness.
10) Some weeds are used for of our environment
11) Crop rotation, planting of weed – free seeds are examples of method to control weeds
12) The use of cutlass, hoe etc are methods of controlling weeds
13) is the agro chemical to kill weeds
14) Farm tools should stored in a cool place.
15) is used for moving small loads of soil, potted plants and seedlings.
THEORY (a)Attempt All)
1a) What is animal farm tools?
b) Give at least four (4)examples of animal farm tools.
(a) (b) (c) (d)
2) mention at least four (4)crop farm tools and their uses.
(a) (b) (c)
3) What are weeds?
b) Give at least four importance of weeds.
(a) (b)
(c) (d)
4) Explain the four methods of controlling weeds.
5) Explain or describe three animal farm tools.
b) List the types of fishing hook ___________________________________________________________________________

Underline the correct answer
1) was a blind beggar (a)Zacchaeus (b)Bartimeaus (c)Judas
2) Jesus was leaving when he met a blind beggar by the roadside (a)Jerusalem (b)Jebba (c)Jericho
3) was a chief tax collector. (a)Bartimeaus (b)Zacchaeus (c)Magdalene
4) The chief tax collector climbed a tree to see Jesus. (a)Bartimeaus (b)Zacchaeus (c)Simon
5) Jesus met the tax collector when passing through (a)Jericho (b)Jerusalem (c)Samaria
6) posed demons and were casted out (a) Zacchaeus (b)Virgin Mary (c)Mary Magdalene
7) Show to one another draw us nearer (a)Love (b)Feeling (c)Lust
8) The day Jesus entered the Chief tax collector’s house, entered the house (a)Salvation (b)Salutation (c)Samaria
9) and
10) were set aside for the great commission (a)Paul and Barnabas (b)Paul and Silas (c)Paul and Simeon
11) The Holy spirit would not allow Paul and Silas to go to (a)Samaria (b)Macedonia (c)Asia
12) Paul saw it in a vision a man pleading to come over to and help (a)Asia (b)Nineveh (c)Macedonia
13) Holy spirit directed Philip to go and preach at (a)Samaria (b)Asia (c)Macedonia
14) and
15) were sent to Samaria by the church in Jerusalem (a)Peter/John (b)Paul/Silas (c)Peter/Paul
16) and
17) were put in Jail for preaching the gospel (a)Paul/Silas (b)Paul/Barnabas (c)Peter /Paul
18) is one of the evidence of a new life (a)Obedience (b)gluttony (c)Lust
19) is one of the fruits of a new life (a)Prayer (b)Patience (c)Anger
20) Jesus promised to send a after the had gone (a)slave (b)servant (c)comforter
21) Children of God are the of the earth (a)Salt (b)Sugar (C)Sour
22) God makes the to shine on good and bad people (a)Sun (b)moon (c)star
23) Jesus told us to own enemies and pray for them. (a)hate (b)love (c)kill
24) The blind beggar shouted Jesus, son of have mercy on me (a)God (b)David (c)Joseph
25) The blind beggar wanted to receive his (a)alms (b)garment (c)sight
Supply the correct answer to fill the blanks below
1) was a blind beggar
2) was a chief tax collector
3) The chief tax collector climbed a tree to see Jesus
4) The blind beggar threw away his when Jesus called him
5) Bartmeaus begged to receive his
6) was possessed of demons and were casted out
7) promised to return all he had forcefully collected from people.
8) and
9) prayed and sang in the prison
10) Among those who gave their lives to Christ when Philip preached was Simeon, the
11) and
12) are examples of the fruits of the Holy spirit
13) and
14) are examples of the fruits of new life
15) Being humble is one of the evidence of a
1) What are the fruits of Holy spirit (List them all) _________________________________________________________________
b) State two evidence of the guidance of the holy spirit in your life i. ______________________________________________
ii. ______________________________________________________________________
2) Explain how Jesus loves all the people: ________________________________________________________________________
b) Mention two functions of salt . i. ____________________________________________ii. ______________________________
c) Write what you can do to show that you are the salt of the earth. _________________________________________________
3) What does new life mean? __________________________________________________________________________________
b) Give three evidence of a new life: i. ___________________________________________________
ii. ____________________________________________________iii. ____________________________________________________
c) List three characteristics of a new life. i ___________________________________________________
ii. ____________________________________________________iii. ____________________________________________________
4) Who is the Holy spirit : ___________________________________________________________________________________
b) List the gifts of the Holy spirit. ___________________________________________________________________________
5) What is the memory verse in Acts 1:8 : _____________________________________________________________________





1) means (a)U – turn (b)bend sign (c)round about ahead

2) are writings or pictures made on pieces of wood or metal that gives information or warning to road users. (a)Zebra crossing signs (b)Traffic jam signs (c)Road traffic signs
3) is a sign that is ahead (a)junction (b)stationed vehicle (c)hospital

4) is a sign made across a road informing users to stop for pedestrians crossing (a)T- junction (b)Zebra crossing (c)bend sign
5) is a sign of (a) school children crossing (b)over taking (c)over speeding

6) We should always keep to the side of the road when walking on the road. (a)left (b)right (c)middle
7) Road users should always slow down at to allow pedestrians to cross (a)Zebra crossing (b)Bus stop (c)motor park
8) One of the problems of road users is (a)Impatience (b)honesty (c)hunger
9) is an agent that enforce traffic regulations(a)FRSC officer (b)Security (c)Mr Israel
10) Rules and Laws made to control the movement of people and vehicles are (a)Traffic signs (b)Traffic regulations (c)Traffic warders
11) Shows that road users are approaching a (a)Junction (b)hospital (c)school
12) Road traffic regulations are made for the of the people and vehicle (a)Safety (b)Income (c)enjoyment
13) is an unexpected occurrence that claims lives and properties (a)traffic (b)accident (c)unconsciousness
14) is a person who is involved in a sudden incident that lead to injury or death. (a)An accident victim (b)A virtuous woman (c)A disobedient child
15) is the treatment giving to a victim before the arrival of a medical personal (a)First aid treatment (b)modern aid treatment (c)Traditional aid treatment
16) We should be towards accident victims (a)Caring (b)wicked (c)cheated
17) A sudden bad happening is called (a)victim (b)an accident (c)bad luck
18) We wear clothes to cover our (a)shame (b)nakedness (c)face
19) Clothes also keep us (a)warm (b)cold (c)tall
20) Imam would wear (a)wig (b)cassock (c)turban
21) A will wear cassock (a)Imam (b)Nurse (c)Priest
22) In hot weather, we put on clothes (a)Thick (b)light (c)cellophane
23) Cardigan are worn during weather (a)Hot (b)cold (C)Harsh
24) helps our clothes to be neat (a)Ironing (b)hanging (c)squeezing
25) Security agents put on (a) Uniform (b)Cardigan (c)cassock
Supply the answer to the blanks in the questions below.
1) and _______________ are put on by lawyers.
2) Traffic regulations help to check_________of vehicles.
3) A priest will wear a
4) Arabian flowing dresses with are worn by Imam.
5) Clothes are worn to protect our bodies from
6) LASMA means ___________________________________________________
7) is one of the ways to attend to accident victims
8) VIO means
9) FRSC means
10) The full meaning of NURTW is
11) LASMA are found in state
12) TRACE are found in state
13) Man O’war is a corps.
14) Deceit is one of of road users
15) Traffic regulations prevent road
THEORY (Attempt all)
1) What are the signs of road traffic? (Mention at least 4) i. ___________________________________
II. ____________________________________iii. __________________________iv. ________________________________
2) What is an accident? State 2 causes of accident. _________________________________________________________
3) State at least four(4) agencies that enforce traffic regulations. i. ___________________________________________
ii. __________________________________ iii. ____________________________iv. __________________________________
4) Give three reasons why we wear clothes. I ____________________________________________________________
ii. _____________________________________________ iii. _________________________________________________

b) Mention two types of clothes worn in cold weather . I _____________________________________
ii. ________________________________________________________
5) State three occupations and the kind of clothes they wear.
i. _______________________________________________________ ii. ___________________________________________





1) are the various systems of combat training that were practised for self-defence (a)Martial arts (b)creative arts (c)Fine arts
2) One of the fighting styles is (a)Karate (b)slapping (c)bullying
3) Aikido and Kendo are based styles (a)weapon (b)gun shot (c)stabbing
4) Martial arts increases (a)Cholesterol (b)Self esteem (c)Consciousness
5) is a form of grapling fighting type. (a)Martial art (b)wrestling (c)Aikido
6) The history of wrestling can be traced back to its roots in the (a)Greek (b)Romans (c)Mediterranean
7) The earliest Olympic festivals in wrestling took place around (a)704Bc (b)407Bc (c)740Bc
8) Traditional wrestling is done on the (a)water (b)sand (c)rock
9) Modern wrestling is done in (a)ring /court (b)Stadium/field (c)swimming pool
10) Wrestling was used by the to develop soldiers into warriors. (a)Romans (b)Mediterranean (c)Greeks
11) The front crawl is also called the (a)First step (b)freestyle (c)start style
12) is performed from a prone position. (a)Breast strokes (b)Front crawl (c)free style
13) A is a producer of infection in a host (a)Fungi (b)symptom (c)pathogen
14) A is an abnormal condition in the body of humans and animals which does not allow the bodies to function normally. (a)Pathogen (b)sickness (c)Disease
15) are small micro organisms that are found everywhere (a)Bacteria (b)Fungi (c)Viruses
16) are small organisms that are either saprophytic or parasitic. (a)Bacteria (b)Fungi (c)Viruses
17) means organisms that feed on decaying substances (a)Bacteria (b)Virus (c)Saprophytic
18) Antibiotics like are obtained from some moulds (a)penicillin (b)Paracetamol (C)Combatrin
19) is an airborne disease (a)Malaria (b)tuberculosis (c)vomiting
20) Example of diseases spread by food is (a)Malaria (b)Cholera (c)Coughs
21) is a water borne disease (a)Typhoid fever (b)Yellow fever (c)Malaria
22) Adequate nutrition is one of the ways of diseases (a)preventing (b)inviting (c)accommodating
23) Any substance other than food that by its chemical affect the structure of a living organism is (a)drink (b)drug (c)alcohol
24) drug are used to induce sleep (a)stimulants (b)Narcotic (c)Seduction
25) are drugs we use to make our body more active (a)Stimulants (b)Narcotic (c)Paracetamol
Supply the blanks with the correct answer
1) is the excessive use of drug without the knowledge or regard to accept medical practice.
2) A is a prescribed amount of medicine one can take at a time.
3) is an example of stimulant
4) is an example of Narcotic
5) are drugs use to eliminate panic or tension
6) includes disease preventive measures.
7) is an example of airborne disease
8) is an example of waterborne disease
9) is an example of diseases spread by insects
10) do not perform any useful function in the life of the living organism they infect.
11) is also called forward crawl
12) Folk, Creek, and freestyle are types of
13) is an example of striking style in martial arts.
14) Kendo is a based style
15) are trained for competition or physical health and fitness.
1) What are the importance of martial arts? (mention at least four(4) ________________________________________________
ii.___________________________________ iii.______________________________ iv._______________________________
2) Mention types of wrestling: ________________________________________________________________________________
b) State at least 3 importance of wrestling (i) _____________________________________________________
ii. _________________________________________________iii. _____________________________________________
3) What are the skills in swimming? __________________________________________________________________________
4) What is a pathogen? __________________________________________________________________________________
b) Define Disease: _____________________________________________________________________________________
5) State at least four (4) disease preventive measures: (i) ___________________________________________________
Ii. _________________________________________iii. __________________________________ iv. _________________________
b) Mention substances regarded as drugs ______________________________________________________________________

1) is a flat seam showing no stitches on the right side (a)French seam (b)Lapped seam (c)Open seam
2) Another name for open seam is seam (a)plane (b)plain (c)plan
3) There are types of stitches (a)10 (b)5 (c)2
4) Uneven tacking is also known as (a)tall and short (b)fat and slim (c)long and short
5) stitches is a long hand stiches that can be used in place of straight machine stitch (a)hemming (b)back (c)running
6) stitches are usually removed after the permanent stitches have been applied (a)Temporary (b)Permanent (c)Decorative
7) stitches can be used to sew fabric permanently (a)Tacking (b)Temporary (c)permanent
8) Permanent stitches cannot be from fabrics (a)remoted (b)removed (c)tacked
9) is the art or work of ornamenting fabrics with needle work (a)Decorative stitches (b)Permanent stitches (c)Temporary stitches
10) is an example of decorative stitches (a)Hemming (b)Back stitches (c)Blanket
11) This is a/an tacking (a)even (b)uneven (c)tailor’s

12) This is a/an stitches (a)Running (b)hemming (c)back
13) This is a stitches (a)blanket (b)long and short (c)running
14) This is known as stitches (a)chain (b)blanket (c)feather

15) This is (a)Uneven (b)even (c)Herring- borne
16) Examples of permanent stitches are back stitch and (a)hemming (b)tacking (c)Even
17) stitches are used to enhance the beauty of garments and materials (a)Embroidery (b)Open (c)close
18) is the junction where two or more pieces of fabrics, leather etc are held together using stitches (a)sewing (b)seam (c)stitches
19) seam is neat and very narrow and is used for very light materials like blinds. (a)French (b)plain (c)lapped
20) seams are used for heavy materials. (a)French (b)lapped (c)plain
Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.
1) is an example of material used in lapped seams
2) seam is used for very light materials.
3) seam is used to join edges of fabrics like sides and underarms of garments.
4) Embroidery enhance the of garments
5) Back stitch is a form of stitch
6) stitch is a form of temporary stitch
7) is the movement of needle and thread into and out of cloth in order to secure two pieces of fabrics
8) is used to protect the finger when sewing.
9) are used for passing thread through fabrics
10) is used to mark materials

THEORY (Attempt all)
1a) Define Temporary stitches: _____________________________________________________________________________
b) Give 3 examples of temporary stitches: i. _______________________________ ii. __________________________________
iii. ________________________________________________________
2a) Write two uses of temporary stitches: i. __________________________________ii. ________________________________
b) Write two uses of permanent stitches : __________________________________ii. ________________________________
3a) What is a stitch? _______________________________________________________________________________________
b) Mention the two types of stitches we have: i. __________________________________ii. ________________________________
4a) Define decorative stitches : ______________________________________________________________________________
b) List three types of decorative stitches we have . ____________________________________________________________
5a) Define seam? _____________________________________________________________________________
b) Mention three types of seams . i. _______________________________________
ii. ________________________________________________ iii. ________________________________________________________



Read the passage carefully and then answer the comprehension which follow.
Emeka is Chike’s older brother. He sat for the Common Entrance Exam in May. His father promised to buy him a present if his exam result was good.
If you get a good result, I’ll buy you a new bike, his father told him. On the day the exam report arrived, Emeka was not in. His father looked angry as he fling the result on the table.
Look! Emeka did badly in his exams, “he said loudly to Chike’s mother. Chike stopped playing his video game. He listened to his parents as they discussed Emeka’s result. His mother left what she was doing and picked up the results. I’m disappointed.” She said. “He should have done better. If he had studied harder, he would have passed the exam.”
“He watches too much Tv,”said his father. “If he had done well, I would have bought the bike for him as I promised. “I am going to have a word with him when he arrives,” said his mother.
Immediately Emeka came in, Chike wasted no time in telling him. Dad got your result,” he whispered. “Great!” said Emeka. If I have good result, I’ll get a new bike.”
1) What present did Emeka’s father promise him?
2) What must Emeka do to get the present?
3) What was Chike doing when the result arrived?
4) Did Emeka do well in his exam?
5) What should Emeka have done to pass the exam?
6) What does Emeka’s father said Emeka does instead of studying
7) Is Emeka going to get a new bike? Why/Why not
8) Did Emeka know that he had a bed result?
Complete the similes below
9) As proud as
10) As feeble as a
11) As sweet as
Fill in the blanks with: What, Who, Whom, Whose, Which, When, How, Why or where
12) is the longest ruler among the three?
13) To did this house belong?
14) child is that?
15) is your sister working?
Change the following statements into questions using the word given in brackets.
16) The girls are in the garden (where)
17) I will give you the book in the evening. (When)
18) Lami was sleeping in the library (who)
Complete the statements with a question tag.
19) Babatunde is worried, ?
20) My mother couldn’t come, ?
21) You haven’t voted, ?
Give the expected answers to the following questions.
22) It is raining, isn’t it?
23) They won’t be coming, will they?
24) She hasn’t met you yet, has she?
Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ where necessary
25) Do you need spoon to eat your rice?
26) He saw earthworm on his shoes.
27) football match was postpones. All players were very sad.
Underline the correct verb in the following sentences
28) Hard work (is, are) important to be successful.
29) My uncle (live, lives) in Perth.
30) Someone (is, are) singing in the concert.
31) There (is, are) a lot of excitement in their house
Form adjectives from the words given below.
32) beauty : _________________________________________________________
33) danger : ______________________________________________________
34) anger :_______________________________________________________
Give the feminine or masculine of the words below.
Feminine masculine
35) Spinster
36) Dog
37) Hero

Change the following sentences to the passive voice. leave the doer of the action.
Example: I closed the door and window
The door and window were closed
38) No one can understand him. ________________________________________________________________
39) The boys caught the rabbit __________________________________________________________________
40) Somebody has taken the new shoes. ____________________________________________________________
Write on any one from the topics below
1) My Nation
2) My Class
3) Write a letter to your friend to invite him or her for your birthday party (10mks)





1) Denzel was years old when he entered Secondary school (a)eight (b)eleven (c)ten
2) Mr. Samson Odion had his company close to river (a)Niger (b)Owapa (c)Benue
3) Mr was Mr. Samson old friend (a)Adelaja (b)Adebayo (c)Adeboye
4) Owapa River is located at (a)Abeokuta (b)OgUN (C)Obada
5) and are Denzel classmate. (a)Tise/Kola (b)Kola/Julius (c)Julius/David
6) used to give Denzel some money to hold. (a)Julius (b)Kola (c)Adelaja
7) Denzel’s mother was a (a)trader (b)fisherman (c)fish monger
8) was another friend of Denzel on the field. (a)Julius (b)Niran (c)Kabuki
9) Denzel was a skilful (a)Trader (b)Attacker (c)Footballer
10) Denzel became a when he saved a boy from the ritualist (a)thief (b)chief (c)hero
11) Denzel stole from a farmland (a)farm crops (b)farm tools (c)farm land
12) is Denzel’s elder sister. (a)Bimbo (b)Boma (c)Bimpe
13) Denzel’s elder sister is skilful in dressing. (a)hair (b)fashion (c)cake
14) was another sister of Denzel (a)Boma (b)Rookie (c)Brenda
15) was Denzel’s mother (a)Boma (b)Rookie (c)Hafsat
16) was Denzel’s mother distance cousin (a)Hafsat (b)Rookie (c)Rogi
17) Denzel’s mother was married to another man called (a)Anigba (b)Kola (c)Kofi
18) was Denzel’s father (a)Anigba (b)Odion (c)Kofi
19) Denzel got a construction site at GRA (a)Obada (b)Anigba (c)Ikolaba
20) Denzel was nicknamed with the way he worked (a)Mr worker (b)Mr machine (c)Mr Lucky
21) was the site supervisor (a)Mr Gbengu (b)Mr Odion (c)Mr. Denzel
22) helped Denzel in lifting his dream. (a)Engineer (b)Regi (c)WAEC
23) Denzel scored in UME (a)223 (b)232 (c)322
24) Denzel was qualified to study at Rayard University. (a)Medicine (b)Scientist (c)Law
25) is one of the younger sister of Denzel (a)Uju (b)Regi (c)Gbengu
1) How did Denzel become a celebrity?
2) What was Denzel’s reason for relocating to Lagos?
3) Why was Denzel sacked from the bakery?
4) Who are Denzel’s siblings?
5) What was Boma Lucky about?



Use the diagram below to answer the following questions. A diagram showing the production of vehicles between 1990-1994







1. In what year were the least number of vehicles produced _____________________
2. How many buses were produced in 1990?? _______________
3. What year has the highest number of cars? ___________ __________________
4. What is total number of vehicles produced in 1992 and 1991? _____________________________
5. In 1994, the number of buses produced were ______________________________
6. What is the difference between the number of cars produced in 1991 and 1992? ___________________________




7. 8. 9. 10.



Examples: 4 * 5 = 4, 8, 12, 16, 20
11. 3 * 6 = _______________________________ 12. 8 * 4 = _______________________________________
13. 350 * 4 = _________________________________14. 120 * 3 = _______________________________________
15. 250 * 4 =___________________________________


16. MINE + CAN = ___________________________17. DAZ – A= ___________________________________
18. EZED X H = ___________________________________


19. ECHO – O = ______________________________ (20) IACHI X E = _________________
(21) 22.


Example: 12 = 510 (23) 963 = 7 (24) 654 = 9
Example: (25) (26)


Example: (27) (28)

29. 30.

Underline the correct answer in this section
1. What is the length of a square whose area is 169cm2 (a) 6cm (b) 9cm (c) 13cm (d) 16 x 9cm
2. A rectangle has the breadth of 8cm while the length is twice the breadth. What is the area of the rectangle? (a) 16m2 (b) 64cm2 (c) 182cm (d) 128cm2
3. Find the difference between 7km and 4km 516m. (a) 2.484km (b) 3.516km (c) 3km (d) 2.516km
4. What time say? (a) 12.20pm (b) 12.40pm (c) 20.12pm (d) 1.15pm




______ is the name of the triangle (a) equilateral (b) isosceles (c) scalene (d) complementary

6. ____has opposite sides equals. (a) isosceles (b) square (c) rectangle (d) triangle
7. is the shape below (a) cone (b) cylinder (c) oval (d) drum

8. ____ cm is equal to 1m (a) 100 (b) 10 (c) 1000 (d) 1m
9. 3 ¼ km in metre = (a) 75m (b) 750cm (c) 250cm (d) 700cm
10. 2/5 m in cm is ____ (a) 20cm (b) 40cm (c) 400cm (d) 200cm
11. 50cl = (a) 5l (b) 500ml (c) 50ml (d) 500l
12. 100cl = (a) 5l (b) 1l (c) 25l (d) 500ml
13. How much less is 300ml than ½ l? (a) 2 ½ ml (b) 200ml (c) 150ml (d) 250ml
14. Which of the months of the year has 28days? (a) February (b) April (c) June (d) novmeber
15. How many months has 31 days (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 5
16. if today is Thursday, which day will it be in a week and four days time? (a) Monday (b) Tuesday (c) Wednesday (d) Sunday
17. How many weeks are in one (1) year? (a) 42 (b) 52 (c) 54 (d) 12
18. _____ are days in every leap year. (a) 365 (b) 366 (c) 496 (d) 465
Is an/a ______triangle (a) equilateral (b) isosceles (c) scalene (d) triangle

20. the shape is _____(a) cube (b) cuboid (c) cylinder (d) parallelogram

21. The number or item that occurs the most often in a data set is called ___(a) mean (b) mode (c) favourite (d) median
22. find the mode of the data below: 4,7,8,3,8,6,4,8 (a) 4 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 6
23. Find the mean of the data below 4,7,8,7 (a) 6 ½ (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) 8
24.Find the sum of 3.25m and 1.5m (a) 4.75m (b) 4.25m (c) 4.05m (d) 4.35m
Fill in the blanks with the correct answers
1. Find the mode of the data set 13,14,10,13,19,13,11,19,17,18
2. = ________

3. The time is _____________________


4. there are ________number of months with 30days
Is a _____________angle.

6. is ______________than 90o

7. __________ has 4lines of symmetry and equal angles
8. The formula to find the area of a square or rectangle is _______________________
9. What is the length of a rectangle with 48cm2 when the breadth is 8cm? ___________________
10. find the length of a square with an area of 81cm2.
11. simplify 2.9l x 6._______________________
12. How many ½ l can be found in 7l.__________________________
13. What is 2/5km in metres? ____________________________________
14. Find the difference between 2.36m and 1.12m.___________________________________
15. Convert 173 cm to m. _______________________________________
1a. Change 6795m to km.
b. How many hours are in 3days
2. how many litres of milk will serve 18 patients when each person will take ½ l?
b. What are the months with 30days?
3a. Draw an open cube of 3cm.
b. multiply 923g by 4
4. what is the mass of three bags of rice if one bag weighs 60kg?
5. How many ½ l are in 12l?
b. convert 8602m to km.



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