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1st Term Examination



Section A

Choose the correct option

  1. __________ are threads which are obtained by twisting several fibres together (a)yarns (b)wefts (c)warps (d)fabrics
  2. __________ is a long, finished or self knitted edge of a fabric (a)selvedge (b)weaving (c)gram (d)yam
  3. __________ are threads that run horizontally or lengthwise on a fabric (a)fibres (b)yarns (c)wraps (d)wefts
  4. The two main classes of fibres are (a)plant and synthetic fibres (b)man-made and synthetic fibres (c)natural and plant fibres (d)natural and man-made fibres
  5. _________ burns easily and smells like burning paper (a)linen (b)cotton (c)silk (d)wool
  6. ________ are cellulose – based fibres (a)viscose rayon and nylon (b)nylon and cellulose acetate (c)polyester and nylon (d)viscose rayon and cellulose acetate
  7. Which of the following is not a factor to be considered when purchasing a sewing machine (a)durability of the machine (b)availability of the machine spare parts (c)money to buy the machine (d)electric and automobile machine
  8. Which of the following types of sewing machine is the most expensive? (a)treadle sewing machine (b)electric sewing machine (c)hand wheel sewing machine (d)industrial designing sewing machine
  9. Which of these is not a part of a sewing machine? (a)balance wheel (b)spool pin (c)sewing table (d)stop motion screw
  10. The upright metal rod that holds the thread up in a sewing machine is called a (a)face plate (b)stitch regulator (c)spool pin (d)presser foot lever
  11. __________ is not a type of fullness (a)zip (b)dart (c)tack (d)pleat
  12. A ______ is a combination of a fastening and an opening (a)press-stud (b)zip (c)hook (d)button hole
  13. Which of the following is not an example of synthetic fibre (a)viscose (b)charcoal (c)rayon (d)acetate
  14. The following are reasons for studying textile except that it enable one’s area (a)the origin, properties and uses of fibres (b)different dresses for different occasions (c)the grains of a fibre (d)the cultural fashion of one’s area
  15. Which of these is not a stain removal? (a)vinegar (b)soap (c)lemon juice (d)mentholated spirit
  16. __________ is located on top of the sewing machine and is used to hold the sewing thread in position (a)electric motor (b)needle clamp (c)spool pin (d)needles head
  17. An electric motor is important in the operation of (a)hand wheel machine (b)treadle sewing machine (c)electric sewing machine (d)food – operated sewing machine
  18. Devices attached to openings which closes the points are (a)elastics (b)press studs (c)facings (d)fastening
  19. Special features made on garments for easy wearing and removal are called (a)darts (b)facings (c)finishing (d)openings
  20. The durable method of finishing necklines and armholes edges of a garments by (a)facing (b)finishes (c)necking (d)edging


  1. (a)State three uses of textile

(b)State two reasons for studying textiles

  1. (a)Mention four parts of a sewing machine

(b)List two common faults in sewing

  1. (a)Define garment construction

(b)State five steps in laundry


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