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1st Term Examination



Section A

Choose the correct option

  1. The area of Home Economics that deals with using what the family has to get what it needs is called (a)economics (b)home knowledge (c)home care (d)home management
  2. Home Economics deals with (a)how people live in the family (b)what people need in the family (c)how to satisfy people’s needs (d)none of the above
  3. One of the family areas deals with planning available space in a house (a)housing (b)building (c)interior decoration (d)exterior decoration
  4. Home Economics are related to (a)few subject (b)only Biology (c)only Chemistry (d)many subjects
  5. All the following are true except (a)wise buying consumer (b)education (c)family relation – family living (d)textile and clothing
  6. The subject that helps a Home Economist to understand the effects of heat on food is (a)economist (b)mathematics (c)physics (d)chemistry
  7. Person who created new styles of clothing is called a fashion ________ (a)model (b)designer (c)advertiser (d)creator
  8. One of the following does not belong to the group (a)dietitian (b)nutritionist (c)caterer (d)cook
  9. A pattern illustration develops (a)patterns (b)paper pattern (c)laundry (d)design
  10. People that work as promoter in industries that manufacture household equipment are called (a)advertising and promoter (b)institutional housekeeping (c)designers (d)management
  11. At the Junior Secondary School level (Basic Education 7 – 9 ) Home Economics is offered as (a)simple subject (b)three different subject (c)four different subject (d)seven subject
  12. Which of these does not belong to these group (a)home making (b) Home Economics extension (c)Hotel management (d)journalism
  13. Home Economics aims at improving (a)career (b)family life (c)university (d) Home Economist
  14. Each hair grows from a narrow tube in the skin called hair (a)follicle (b)pit (c)organ (d)scalp
  15. The sense organ for smelling is the (a)hair (b)hand (c)nose (d)eyes
  16. Which of the following prevent dryness of hair and scalp (a)shampoo (b)spray (c)brush (d)oils
  17. One of the following is wrong (a)eye for sight (b)ears for hearing (c)tongue for tasting (d)nose for touching
  18. The nerves that travel form the nose to the brain are called (a)nose nerves (b)a factory (c)nostril nerves (d)sensing
  19. Which of the following is also important for balance (a)skin (b)nose (c)ear (d)eye
  20. One of the following contains sweat glands and blood vessels (a)epidemic (b)dermis (c)sweat pore (d)peridermis


Answer all questions

  1. State five parts of the eyes

(b)Explain three functions

  1. State five functions of food

(b)Mention four importance of healthy feeding habits


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