1st Term Examination SOCIAL STUDIES JSS 3

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1st Term Examination



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Section A

Attempt all questions

  1. Human trafficking is the trade in __________ (a)drug (b)humans (c)animals (d)herbs
  2. Child trafficking is common in _________ (a)Africa (b)Europe (c)Asia (d)none of the above
  3. Women who are taken from a particular country to another by traffickers could be used for __________ (a)prostitution (b)drug trafficking (c)terrorism (d)all of the above
  4. Which arm of government could make laws to curb trafficking of children and women? (a)press (b)executive (c)judiciary (d)legislature
  5. Foreign media programmes expose children to _________ (a)Benin culture (b)Nigerian culture (c)senatorial culture (d)foreign culture
  6. Children should be prevented from watching some adult programmes because of their vulnerable nature (a)true (b)false (c)A&B (d)all of the above
  7. Harmful traditional practices has been in existence since ancient time (a)true (b)false (c)A&B (d)all of the above
  8. Forced or early marriage is an example of harmful traditional practice (a)true (b)false (c)A&B (d)all of the above
  9. _____ and ________ are the main victims of harmful traditional practices (a)true (b)false (c)A&B (d)all of the above
  10. Showing love to someone should be natural (a)true (b)false (c)A&B (d)all of the above
  11. __________ is a strong feeling of affection (a)hatred (b)love (c)war (d)sorrow
  12. __________ exist where there is love (a)sorrow (b)happiness (c)tears (d)none of the above
  13. True friendship is built on __________ (a)trust (b)failure (c)lies (d)dishonesty
  14. Which is used by Christians as unconditional love of God (a)agafe love (b)agape love (c)aganpe love (d)agaga love
  15. The most populous country in the world is ___________ (a)Nigeria (b)Togo (c)China (d)Brazil
  16. The last population census in Nigeria was conducted in ________ year (a)2015 (b)2014 (c)2006 (d)2004
  17. Over population can hinder growth (a)true (b)false (c)A&B (d)all of the above
  18. NPC means ________ (a)Niger Population commission (b)Nigeria Population Commission (c)National Population Commission (d)New Port Commission
  19. Parent can regulate the movement of their children by teaching them good _____________ (a)morals (b)stealing (c)wrestling tactics (d)lies
  20. When goals are set one becomes _________ (a)hardworking (b)lazy (c)poor (d)none


Answer any four questions

  1. (a). Define goal setting

(b). List five achievements when goals are set

  1. (a). Define peace

(b). Describe the two types of peace

  1. (a). What is harmful traditional practices

(b). List five harmful traditional practices

  1. (a). Define decision making

(b). List five ways in which decision making can be helpful to an individual

  1. (a). Define population

(b). What is population census

(c). List five ways in which over population can be controlled